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My new buddies! (I've got the helmet)Hello Quizlet! It's been awhile, hasn't it? I've had a busy summer, and I thought you might like to hear about it. :) I had the great opportunity to spend 2 months volunteering for AmeriCorps and the Student Conservation Association. It was the best way I could spend my summer; it was refreshing, educative and very enjoyable.

The first month I spent in Pearlington, Mississippi, a town that was wiped away by Hurricane Katrina. Our SCA crew had ten people from all over the U.S., and we stayed in a small bunkhouse with another SCA crew of ten. Every day we went to work on various construction projects for victims of the hurricane. I don't think very many people realize this, but the Gulf Coast area is still a huge mess two years after Katrina. They've made a ton of progress, but many many people are still living in their FEMA trailers. So we were helping local residents rebuild their houses by framing, hanging drywall, siding, mudding & taping, and various other constructions tasks.

Me nailing in scaffolding. Note that all the houses down there are built on huge stilts for the floodsAfter Mississippi, we flew over to Acadia National Park in Maine for another month of work. Our projects were very different in Acadia - we worked on trails instead of houses. We built bogwalks, cut back brush on miles and miles of trail, cleaned up beach trash, and constructed a heavily-used wheelchair-accessible trail. Acadia is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been - check out our photos of Maine to see if yourself.

That's me in the foreground. We were building bogwalks for a muddy trail.For any high schoolers out there interested in conservation and volunteering, I highly recommend you check out the SCA website. They do big crews over the summer (usually only a month long) but they also do weekend crews during the school year in many major cities. As a 3-year veteran to SCA, I can unequivocally say that it's changed my life in many positive ways.

One more thing - I created a website (because that's my favorite thing to do...) for all of my crew's photos. Not everyone has posted theirs yet, but there are some damn good ones. You can also check out the album of just pictures of me if you're interested.

Playing with the dryers...

Having some fun on one of our scarce laundry breaksSo now that I'm back, what's next for Quizlet? Lots of stuff!

I'm going to try to make this the year of big growth for Quizlet. I'm hoping to bring a few more people into the company (send us an email if you're interested). I've got plans for new features and organization. The first big task on the to-do list is an overhaul of the search page, which is getting pretty clunky with the plenitude of data you all have entered. By the way, Quizlet just passed the 40,000 registered users mark the other day. Sa-weeet!

School started here in California last week, so senior year here I come! Mmm I have to apply to college soon (in case you're wondering, I'm gunning for MIT)...Hopefully all that won't be too distracting.

Also, a big shout-out goes to my friend Neil who looked after Quizlet for me over the summer! As far as I can tell, Quizlet ran even smoother than I expected while I was gone.

Hope you guys are well, and I'm looking forward to another exciting year of Quizlet with everyone. Later!


  1. Neil Kelty

    Andrew -

    I know from talking to you, you had lots of fun. BTW, the website looks awesome.

  2. Margaret

    Nice pictures, and welcome back! I am looking foward to another awesome school year with Quizlet!!

  3. Grant

    aka "runaway-man"

    Welcome back Andrew! That looks like a ton of fun. Next year, when I'm in high school I might look into that.

    Congrats on the 40k mark! And good luck with MIT!

    I've been using Quizlet for what seems like a year (but only about 150 days, including summer, not that I used it in Summer :D)

    I introduced my intire grade to your awesome site! Thanks for the study help!

    And just an interesting fact that I'm sure you know, Cajun is short for Acadian! You knew that though...

    I wish that I knew how to program, but I've only dabbled in HTML. Good luck, and good night.

  4. Andrew

    Grant - whoa I didn't know that about the word Cajun. Funny I didn't find that out in Louisiana (we were right on the border so we went there a lot) *or* Acadia. Thanks ;)

  5. Grant

    Before the American Revolution, the Acadians lived in Maine, untill the battle of Foretress Louiburgh, when they had to go south to Louisiana.

    8th grade history at a prep school :(

  6. Grant

    I just logged on during break to study for my French quiz, and it turns out my school blocked everything but text on Quizlet because of people chatting.

    So much for studying for French during break :(

    Anyways, would it be possible to make a very simple downloadable version that doesn't require a connection to the internet to use?

  7. Fyorl

    @Grant: That's a pretty decent idea actually. It could be built using the new Adobe Air platform (which probably doesn't mean much to you but will mean something to Andrew).

    If you put it on a usb-drive or something thennyou take it back home and have it sync up with the main quizlet site so you get all the new sets/corrections and anything you make gets put up there.

    @Andrew: Sounds like an awesome way to spend your holidays. Must be a very satisfying and rewarding experience doing conservation work.

    Incidentally since I'm 'gunning' for Cambridge University this year, my school's organising a trip over to the USA and we'll get to see MIT among other things. Should be interesting if I can afford the trip.

  8. Grant

    Adobe Integrated Runtime?

    Isn't that the programm that lets "you use existing web developemental skills" to create cross platform applications?

    @Fyorl: Good luck with Cambridge. I hope you get to go on that trip to the USA. Incidently, through the Duke TIP programm (7th Grade), last year when I took the SAT I scored in the 70% percentile of college bound seniors, for reading and writing. Good luck!

  9. Fyorl

    @Grant: Yup that's the one. It would suit Quizlet quite nicely as a lot of the existing HTML and javascript (including the Mootools library) could be used almost unchanged in the Adobe AIR app.

    I was only really mentioning the Cambridge thing because Andrew talked about going for MIT in his post. Since we're supposed to be going over there to make some contacts for collaborative projects between Cambridge and MIT (especially since MIT is a technology college and I'll be studying Computer Science) I thought Andrew would be a great place to start.

    I'm not quite sure how the US school-system works. Like I don't really know what age-group 7th grade is or what the SATs are? We have SATs (Standard Attainment Tests) tests over here too but they're not that important and I get the feeling they're slightly different in the US?

  10. Grant

    I'm not an expert on how the ACT and SAT system works, but it is a major factor in getting into a good college.

    And 7th Grade... Here, you start in Kindergarden. then next year
    1st Grade next year
    2nd Grade next year
    3rd Grade next year...
    and so on...
    12th Grade

    Think around 12/13 years oldish for 7th grade.

  11. a_monkey

    hey that was nice what you did I wish that my school was out I already hate it
    but quizlet makes it all better

  12. Grant

    What type of positions are you looking for at Brainflaire?

    Of course I can't do anything considering my age, but I was just wondering.

  13. Andrew

    Grant - good question. At this point I'm looking for people to partner with on a larger scale - to help run the company and get the foundation laid for a successful year of expansion. Infrastructure stuff...

  14. Pyotr

    Just as a suggestion, could you not list all the groups on one page, and instead have a page for each letter? The group page load time is getting horribly long. :(

    Glad you had fun. :D

  15. a_monkey

    pyotr- that is a good idea it is really long I agree with you 100%.

    i am just wondering but can you join any group on quizlet????

    how do you use the smilley faces????

  16. VJ

    Hey Andrew sounds great wat u did. I bet it would be awesome to go to Maine. I've been to Vermont- it was beautiful. I bet Maine was the same (that rhymes!)

    Quizlet rulez

  17. ribymi

    another suggestion why dont u have a page that says if someone is on that why i they forget to get on u dont have to wait for a long time?

    and im glad u had fun :)

  18. Fyorl

    @ribymi: Sounds a bit too social-networky if you ask me...

  19. ribymi

    so. have u ever had to wait 4 some one to get on because they got on late?

  20. Amelia Bedilia

    That pic of u guys in the laundry mat reminds me a lot of the Brady Bunch. It looks like you're from the 70s! ...And you look a lot like Peter Brady! :D

  21. hi guys how is it going

  22. my brother goes to MIT... and can i work for you?

  23. rockingwriter

    i love this site! it's awesome! i'll never fail another vocab test again! speaking of which i should start studying...

  24. Magee

    sick! 40,000! glad your back! good luck for college!

  25. INTELLI94

    WOW!, it looks like you've had a wonderful summer! hopefully, i can join a special teens association one day.

  26. :)

  27. Brandon

    oops andrew i'm doing this won fast my parents love this website i am a sing a the tests

  28. Sarah

    What a great program. Good luck with the MIT application. I'm sure you'll do great.
    I'm planning on using this program as I work through my first year of law school. Would it be possible to add a feature that would let you mark whether you got a card correct or not and then prioritize future reviews accordingly?
    Thanks for building this site, I plan to share it with all of my classmates.

  29. josh

    YO andrew,

    I hope that you do some more to the site. I have been getting A's ever since i started using quizlet. I told a lot of my friends and hopefully that will help the site grow.

  30. Christopher

    I showed my class and my teacher this sight last year, and my teacher asked me to do a presentation on your site and how it works in front of the whole staff! It was really cool. Thanks for having a really cool site!

  31. Jenna

    Hey just wanted you to know that Quizlet is spreading like wildfire through my school. My Latin teacher, my Spanish teacher, my Bible teacher, and just about all the language arts teachers in my whole school. (Kindergarten-High School) Its amazing! In ALL my classes im seeing "USE QUIZLET TO STUDY!" on the board! It is such an amazing program! Thank you, it helped me pass Spanish last year! ^_^

  32. pretty girl

    yeah great summer

  33. VJ

    I wish summer was back... *sigh*

    By the way, this may sound stupid, but i wonder if you might make another quizlet on a python platform than on a java. just a suggestion...

  34. Rachel

    that is the most amazing picture of everyone in the laundrymat or something, c'est magnifique!

  35. cool

  36. penguin club luver

    switch the first two words in my name. there! ok. that picture in the laundry room is hilarious!!! you can do it with phone booths in england too!

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