Good morning! It's been a rough day, with Quizlet experiencing its first major downtime ever. Quizlet is now back and rolling as normal. I believe the problem started around 6 AM, and has just been resolved at 12:45 PM. My sincerest apologies go out to everyone who couldn't use Quizlet this morning.

Some errant multi-gigabyte server log files were running up my disk space and causing the MySQL server to not allow new data and eventually just shut off. The good news is that no data was lost, and everything can just pick up where it left off. This isn't really my area of expertise, so I'm digging in and figuring out why all this happened and how I can prevent it in the future. It's safe for the immediate future.

I arrived at school this morning and several friends informed me that Quizlet was down. I fortunately arrived early enough to run home and start figuring out the problem (contacting my host, Joyent) before school. I got back to school (we're taking those stupid STAR standardized tests all this week) and fortunately I was in a room with plenty of computers so I could monitor the bringing-up progress. Then just a few minutes ago Joyent's support staff came to my rescue and got everything back up. I'm on lunch break now, but I'll be available later today to resolve issues. If you have any problems, please send me a message.



  1. Sarah

    I have been trying to get on all day long, thank you so much for getting it back up!

  2. alicia

    I didn't know that it was down, but good job getting it up again.

  3. JP

    Whew! Gawd i was scared!!!!

  4. Basheer

    Wow, its good to know that you are willing to rush back home before going to school. ^_^

    By the way, the Joyent link is broken, although you were probably in a hurry when you were writing this.

  5. Andrew

    Thanks Basheer. Fixed it.

    My little secret is that I live two houses away from my school :)

  6. Nik

    Yea, downtime sucks. But, on the other hand, this is a milestone - of a different kind. Quizlet is at a place were hundreds of people are inconvenienced by a six hour downtime. Sweet.

  7. Aleshia

    Maybe it justed wanted a break; thats why it quit. Isn't that why the site was created so we can have breaks so it wanted a break to. ; P

  8. Aleshia


  9. Pyotr

    Quizlet's first downtime? Sounds like a phrase you'd put on a cake and stick one candle on it. :D

    ...or at least some themed napkins.

  10. Andrew

    If I'd had more time, I'd have photoshopped up a cupcake with one candle on it and the words "Quizlet's #1 downtime!"


  11. Pyotr

    cute :P

    good job on fixing it anyway.

  12. Neil Kelty

    Looks like that proximity of your house to school helps at times :P

    Nice job on the fix. I know this sounds stupid, but may want to double check those error logs as something is probably leaking errors.

    This was happening on one of my sites earlier this year and actually cause the school server to go down...yikes!

  13. Amelia Bedilia

    OMG! U go 2 school!? What grade r u!? How old r u anyway?

  14. Andrew

    Neil, yeah, it definitely helps to be close. I can sneak to my house when I ask to go to my locker to get my forgotten homework! ;) And otherwise, it wasn't the error log that was causing trouble, but the access log. You know, the one that logs every request ever made to Quizlet.

    Amelia, yup! I'm in 11th grade. I'm 17. There's more on Quizlet's <a href="" rel="nofollow">about page</a>.

  15. Cobus

    Thanks for getting this back on again, we are a bunch of medical students using Quizlet to master anatomy and physiology. I must just say, this site is fantastic and has helped us allot.


  16. Neil Kelty

    Ahh, well then - I guess you don't want to check the error log :P

  17. Sue

    oh dude, don't worry about it too much! your schoolwork&gt;quizlet.

  18. Breeauna

    thank You soooooooooooo juch

  19. Mindy

    Great job!

  20. katymogle

    i didn't know it was down. i must have been at school. but thanks for getting it up again before i got on. lol

  21. glad to here u got it fixed :))

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