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The Quizlet Android team has been hard at work updating the app - inside and out! Now we need your help to test it out before we launch to the public.

Easier access to sets, classes and folders
We've revamped the navigation of the Android app to make sets, classes, and folders easier to find so that you can get to studying even faster.

Material Design updates
We've updated the design of the Android app to match Google's new Material Design principals. The look and feel should be shiny and new.

A new look for search
Instead of mixing sets, classes, and users into one search results feed, we've separated them out into three distinct tabs to make browsing easier.

Under the hood overhaul
We've re-written the entire backend of the Android app for better performance, reliability and a smoother experience overall.

Join the beta!
To join the beta, please fill out this form and we'll get in touch soon!


  1. Ninjamunch15

    1st High five and first comment!!

  2. Gymrat7

    Second comment second high five :D

  3. studying2besmart PLUS


  4. Beazuz


  5. KristineLu

    8th comment!

  6. wanliss TEACHER

    9th Comment!

  7. MemVerseFanatic

    10th comment and 12th high five!

  8. frankblob

    11th comment! WoooHooo!

  9. Chrisy01

    12th comment!!!!!

  10. JPellerino

    Lucky number: 13th comment!

  11. krp0920

    14th comment and 21st high five! Pretty impressive, right? :)

  12. mje20011

    15th comment and 23rd high five. Yay I guess...

  13. pebblefish

    alphabet order, please.
    I've requested many times.

  14. Kai-Marsh

    16th comment!!!!!!!!!! + 26th high five

  15. AvengerCapAmerica

    deeez nutzzzz #28

  16. RH_N

    Great 32nd high five

  17. marshmallowdragon

    Not even worth mentioning but... 19th comment. :(

    19 - CRIBBAGE! ;) How many of you understood that?

  18. r_n

    how does that work? i filled out the form but nothing happend!

  19. Lu_Rob

    You know what I don't like about the NEW Quizlet? Is that they took away the option to leave comments on the set. I used to like doing that...

  20. Lu_Rob

    @Kai-Marsh- How do you get a gif as your picture??!!

  21. jocelynwong431


  22. swimmersck

    24 comment! And 49th high-five.

  23. Magic360


  24. Magic360

    26 and hi five 50

  25. veadifroupiw

    27th advocacy comment

  26. veadifroupiw

    29th comment

  27. HuhWat

    @r_n you don't have to fill out a form, they only pick cool people who write what number comment they are. Sorry bud :(

  28. Jude24to25

    Any chance that you could easily port this over to Windows Phone as a universal app? :-D We're dying for a quality flashcards app on the Windows Phone platform :-(
    Maybe you could use Project Astoria as a way to do this. I would love to help beta test such an app!

  29. junekwon

    my sets are easy~
    try now!!
    also, come into my class, anyone!
    anyone can be my member

  30. bravejulia

    33rd comment

  31. SapphireSky7


  32. mauriceatkinson

    Any chance of a windows phone app?

  33. JedidiahWilson

    36 and 108!

  34. am0110

    37th comment, cool app!

  35. am0110


  36. mikechase3 PLUS

    When can we set up a system of downvoting and upvoting in comments? I think we need that.

  37. radioactiveion

    45 comment

  38. radioactiveion

    this is so cool

  39. titilam

    47th comment

  40. titilam

    yeyyyyyy im so happy you guys should include those features in apple

  41. Callum_Dixon7

    69TH high five troll

  42. Karina_Abraham

    We should be able to reply to other comments! Although, that could cause wars between people.... But then keep the 2 comment limit!

  43. Duxball_35

    161 high five

  44. sammyar

    i just wanted to say, its kind of pointless to say 1st high five, or 3rd comment, we really don't care (btw 163 high five)

  45. sammyar

    and 53rd and 54th comment, titilam thx for counting the first 47 for me

  46. Malcolm_Hayes70

    54 and 55th comment

  47. ys12

    56th comment

  48. hamin2015


  49. hamin2015

    Is good

  50. lucky2424

    I am 188th high five NEW RECORD jk

  51. MacMarkova PLUS

    Nice job, but all my gadgets are unfortunately on Windows.

  52. Joethepro99

    Yeah I don't know what comment # this is

  53. Akiyama_Izayoi

    61th comment

  54. bvenice


  55. lilywaffles123

    Congrats, Quizlet!

  56. greatgatsbear


  57. RoseKnight

    NO WAY. There's an app for this?!?! AWESOME!!! I gotta get this!
    Congratulations on the app release, Quizzy!

  58. DavidArgueta224

    Will this app work offline/without wifi for android?

  59. matti_phyre

    Cool but i lik apple
    #apples dont grow on trees

  60. matti_phyre

    235 high five 2+3=5 like wow

  61. Gipfeliman

    Would be cool if you could manage the class as the admin in the app. I always missed this function ^^.

  62. MKG07

    actually i do 249th high five whoohoo

  63. shotgunlord21

    250th high five!!!
    By the way, how come I can see the become a beta tester button on my Iphone app?

  64. andrea_trammell PLUS

    You should input the Test option for the APP. It's a great feature.

  65. lamar_mvp

    Johanna is pretty

  66. lamar_mvp

    Joanna I meant

  67. bolen1

    Thanks for making a Quizlet app, Joanna. It will definitely help of a lot of people.

  68. coltonjudd

    Too small of a screen for really good studying. Quizlet allowed me to help remember the US states better. thx Quizlet. Oh yeah I got 100% on all quizzes so thx again Quizlet

  69. Cutest_dog_ever

    please go on this website

  70. Cutest_dog_ever

    welcome to quizlet

  71. aungthuya


  72. ThatOneGavin

    Got the app its great

  73. superb1

    Earlier was better. Now I can't download new sets and they aren't chronological.

  74. haven_carty

    Would be great if you could add microphone recordings and even photos on the app for plus members.

  75. deathreaper596277


  76. deathreaper596277


  77. VeeRose3

    Awesome! I don't have a kindle but this is cool! Good job, Quizlet!

  78. SAMthree

    I wish the app had the test feature...

  79. Anudi5

    It z cool................................................................

  80. jeremymann22


  81. geoniamhy

    Giancarlo Daniele.jpg

  82. Nicholas_Sedlock

    Q U I Z L E T ◊◊

  83. marksofmatthew

    ps I almost never decline join requests

  84. abbybeauty


  85. Proverbs_2_6

    NO HIGH FIVE! Android is the worst!

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