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5 foods you need to fuel your brainpower

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Did you know that food can impact your concentration, productivity, and performance? Whether you want to improve your nutrition for the new school year or stay focused during your study sessions, paying attention to your diet is a smart move. Stock up on these brain-fueling items before your next study session.

1. Nuts

Walnuts and almonds make excellent study fuel. The fats in the nuts are tied to healthy brain cell reproduction.

2. Berries

Berries are rich in brain-friendly antioxidants. Put some blueberries in a sandwich bag and freeze them for a refreshing snack when your mind gets weary.

3. Grains

Healthy carbs like oatmeal or whole-grain bread are associated with increased serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps you relax and focus.

4. Fish

When you need a quick dose of serious fuel, open a can of tuna or salmon. The acids in fatty fish are connected to stronger brain activity and brighter moods.

5. Peppermint candy

Peppermint is linked to recall. Pair a peppermint candy or cup of tea with Quizlet’s Learn mode, which is designed for active recall. With that combo, you can get even the most slippery concepts to stick.

What are some of your favorite foods that help you with school? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. talalyousef

    Oo im going to give the peppermint one a try! And hope it helps because it gets complicated trying to memorize stuff some times.

  2. jose53912

    I remember my teacher giving us peppermint candies before a test. I definitely will be trying that one!

  3. anonomys21

    I heard that dried fruit is also good for you brain fruits like: Raisins, apricots, prunes and dates. With less moisture, dried fruits contain less vitamin C than their fresh counterparts, but pack a bigger punch in terms of fiber, potassium and copper. The concentrated levels of nutrients in dried fruit helps heal damaged brain cells.

  4. Ashley123890

    sounds great

  5. NovaAlphaInferno PLUS

    good to know, Thx

  6. Rescolee

    Thanks for the needed information

  7. Anne470


  8. zzenzenn

    eating berries while studying is better than anything else in the world tbh

  9. Abigail_Dolby

    Didn't know bout the peppermint. Will def try!

  10. LewisJ1920

    mmm i love salty salmon

  11. Elon_Nabatanzi

    This might be helpful, I am going to get used to taking all of the above. I've been using only two frequently.

  12. exavila1974

    Peppermint candies!!! Wow and I love those candies. I will consider it.😀

  13. Lana_Koser

    I love berries so I’ll definitely give that a try before a test

  14. Eye_of_the_Tiger8216

    I think the sharpness of the peppermint wakes up our brains. Rosemary helps with memory to, so smelling it can really help. Also can't forget the vegetables. Cucumbers and tomatoes are my favorites, but lettuce is awesome as well.

  15. Priscilla_Anchondo

    Nuts I love eating and snacking on it

  16. Felix1567

    I will definitely be trying the peppermint and berries,

  17. hwills05

    I like how I have literally none of these at my house haha

  18. LilyYu12

    Ooh, peppermint candies!!!! 😍😍😍

    I hope all of y'all have an amazing school year 🥰

  19. dconserve

    sounds good

  20. Bella110-0

    Ooo berries! I love strawberry’s and blueberries. :)

  21. AlexanderMedina12

    That will probably help for my us. servey class

  22. pallas37

    I really like when Quizlet sends me study tips and tricks like this

  23. RealIMGROOT2

    Definitely didn't know about fish, or frozen blueberries! I heard gum helps you concentrate too. Good article!

    During my 4th grade final, my class got peppermint candies, and I got perfect scores in reading and writing. Definitely helps!

    I'm going to go try freezing berries now. xD

  24. king-kong-oof

    Number one, nuts, really? dont you think thats kind sussy imposter among us... might try this next legue of legends match so i can get max concetration you know what im saying. Now touch grass+ratio+unsubscribing+not helpful

  25. overallestimate PLUS

    probably need some more protein in the list. The brain uses glucose primarily, but you need proteins in order to keep the insulin from spiking or you will be high and lowing all study shesh.

  26. Anthony_Martinez5184

    ok ill try it

  27. Katelynn_Finley7

    going to try the peppermint and nut one

  28. Benji4835

    my most favorite food that helps me think in school is pizza

  29. Benji4835

    my second favorite food that helps me think is chocolate covered strawberries

  30. shakirajeevan

    Foods that help me with school are eggs nuts and fruits.

  31. EC13AK PLUS

    ya these r all rlly good ty Jose!

  32. nxthvn

    jose a goat

  33. gobs8305

    thanks dawg

  34. tsenam78

    Well seems only me who got help with coffee and tea and sometimes chips! Definitely trying all above thanks for sharing! I really appreciate it!

  35. Ruth_Jackson618

    Thank you

  36. Fire_Foxy_12

    Thanks! Will definitely give it a try!

  37. Sorrel17

    Eating rosemary or smelling rosemary oil helps me with focus which in turn helps with memory

  38. Dahlia_Serrato

    Bears must have really great recall.

  39. Melon_Askale

    I like nuts

  40. Sajana2006

    Why does Quizlet keep changing? It's very difficult to keep changing study habits. For example, it used to be that you could easily print off flashcards and a glossary of terms with a free account, yet now, print essentially prints off a screenshot of the set page. Why? Money? You were helping million of students, and I wouldn't be surprised if you have lost many. Also, the Learn feature used to be so much smarter and better, and I don't care if it takes longer to load up. It used to give you a variety of questions, but instead now it repeats a question if you get it wrong, and after answering correctly the next time from short-term memory, it stops asking the question, meaning that it doesn't go into long-term memory. Why Quizlet? Why? At least let some of the OGs use the old systems with the click of a button. Please.

  41. jordenacampbell1

    thanks this is great. I will try the berries

  42. afferris72

    Thank you for this list!!

  43. MelloKon

    I will deffinitly try this. Thank you sir for this blog. Now I shall hop off.

  44. Xochie_ PLUS


  45. Kathryn-Queen

    Nice good Idea Will try it!

  46. vauthier_nora

    Ill try it

  47. Mahoro-al

    i will trying and thanks for this interesting.

  48. fluffycashew


  49. iknowallyoursecrets

    I ate a lot of nuts and i would pack them for snack and study while eating during snack. It helped. 100 on metric conversion, 100 on northeastern states and capitols, 100 on southeastern states and capitols. I've always wanted peppermint candy. Now I have a reason for my mom to buy some! I agree with anonomys21 I think dried fruit would help but also lavender essential oil is very calming and a calm mind definitely helps me learn. Maybe it would help other people learn? I like study mode but I don't like flashcards so i just skip through the flashcards but often I have to change the setting on learn mode because it's hard for me to type the exact answer like I remember in 3rd grade I was reading By The Great Horn Spoon with the class and someone made flashcards on it because we were having a quiz about it and it was, How many friends did so and so and so and so meet on this journey? I wrote the answers but the person just said ... so maybe the flashcards could be helpful?

  50. iknowallyoursecrets

    chocolate is also very helpful with concentrating i know that the brand Endangered Animal chocolate (every chocolate u buy they donate $5 or something to help endangered animals so no, the chocolate is NOT made of endangered animals which I thought it was at first...) which is a sort of delicious dark chocolate I think would work. Light chocolate is sweeter and tastier, but I think dark chocolate helps more.

  51. jockeyokie


  52. Jersey_R6245

    I used to have a bunch of peppermint candies with me during a exam or test. That soon ended when our teacher told us " no more eating during tests, these test that ya'll handed in last time where disgusting. There where crumbs and sticky spots all over them" lucky for me I was not there when they handed in that test that she explained I was on vacation.

  53. jonathan_k_gyc21 PLUS

    oiii sounds good imma try out nuts with tea

  54. IzzyFaith09

    This help a lot! I usually have most of these foods when I’m doing school or any productive, except for fish 😬

  55. KonaStar

    The best thing that I do that I love very much is pistachios, raisins, cranberries, animal crackers, and even a few chocolate chips. It's a great snack that will help you keep thinking.

  56. atheymacie

    That is so cool I will try all of that stuff

  57. giannalewis4


  58. Bailynn_Retzloff

    omg i love peppermint

  59. Joanna_Kim12

    heey.... i still do well.


  60. super1234567898

    I’m gonna try the peppermint !

  61. its_allie135

    ooh extra serotonin im in

  62. devanandanair745404

    what would you reccomend for braces while studying

  63. mimipletschette

    so nice

  64. simplebro098


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