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Quizlet’s brand refresh shines a light on students’ hard work

Quizlet HQNews · Posted by Brad  August 17, 2021

By Brad Ramsey, CMO and Sean Daily, Senior Director of Brand Studio

Today, we’re excited to launch our new brand look-and-feel, celebrating the hard work of students everywhere. We applaud the all-nighters, the snack-filled study sessions, the flashcards and self-quizzes during a commercial break.

Much of the real learning that happens in high school and college is about struggle, not results. Grades may offer an affirmation of success on a paper or test, but they don’t always reflect a student’s hard work. To succeed, students need to learn much more than a set of facts or skills. They must graduate with powerful learning strategies they can apply to their first job and throughout their career.

Students own the journey

With Quizlet, students don’t just have support for the memorization of facts. With personalized study modes, enhanced creation tools, and a Learning Assistant powered by artificial intelligence, they can attain ownership of the learning process itself. However you study, we take the guesswork out of your coursework, captured in our new tagline: Learn it. Own it. Quizlet.


This call-to-action functions almost like a mantra, punctuating every step of the student journey. It applauds students’ struggles and relishes the true victory that grades cannot reflect: that of owning your own learning process. It inspires students to see study as a path of self understanding, empowerment and transformation.

A refreshed logotype, a grown-up Q

Our new logotype is recognizably Quizlet. But the reimagined Q is now more unique and ownable. It’s as if our logo grew up and went to college.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Untitled.png
The new Q has the look of a speech bubble, evoking our commitment to student voices and to highlighting their opinions, discussions and recommendations.

The Q flexes further, functioning as a portal and window into the lives of our students. It’s the first step on each learner’s journey to mastery. It can spotlight celebratory moments and invite people in to learn more about students’ and educators’ experiences.


How Quizlet shows up

Quizlet’s new imagery and language embody our belief system. Our visuals and copy aspire to three core principles. We are:

1) Expressive + Energetic
We show up big and bold, in honor of the vibrancy and resilience students bring to making their learning journeys a success.

2) Relatable + Empowering
Authenticity is our fundamental connection to students. We strive to inspire, and be inspired by, the individuality of Gen Z learners.

3) Smart + Approachable
We are simple but never simplistic. We create easily accessed, intuitive experiences, proving that utilitarian design can be beautiful and effective.


Brighter colors, bold images

Our new color scheme is bolder and brighter, allowing us to be as expressive and unique as the students we serve. We emphasize photography, depicting authentic moments in students’ lives. Our images, colors and language are designed to meet students where they are, infused with positivity and energy.

We also know that students’ lives can feel like a work in progress and in a constant state of change and revision. Hand-drawn scribbles and underlines bring to mind a students’ notebook, purposely breaking the frame with texture and motion. Bright background patterns move up visually in the frame to convey progression and growth.

Chemistry - Blog 635x400.jpg

The renewed brand recognizes students’ genuine challenges and reminds them that the hard parts are often the best parts, too.

In short, the refreshed Quizlet brand speaks to, and mirrors, the most fiercely independent generation yet. We empower and champion all students to be the successful self-learners they strive to be.



Always excited for a new Quizlet update!


This new logo’s going to be hard to get used to. Hello again, simplified logos.


Always excited for a new update for Quizlet!


Always excited for a new update for Quizlet!


Always excited for a new update for Quizlet!