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With the pressure of shipping big projects always on, finding time to fix the small things that go wrong on Quizlet sometimes falls through the cracks. But making sure that the Quizlet experience is as good as it can be for all our users is hugely important.

So for 24 hours last week, the entire engineering team put their current projects on hold and focused on tackling bugs. We fixed 29 bugs on the website and 5 on the iOS app - and we cleaned up a lot of other small issues along the way. These are some examples of the user-facing bugs we fixed.

Audio in Learn doesn't reshuffle terms

In the past, if you clicked "Speak Text" in Learn, it would reshuffle the terms and you'd lose your progress. We fixed this so that you can turn audio on and off as you please:


Adding audio icon to flashcards

We added an audio icon next to the word "audio" so that non-English speakers could more easily take advantage of this feature in flashcards:


Searching for non-English characters

We had an issue with the encoding of non-English characters that made searching for sets with Japanese, Chinese or similar languages a bad experience:


This is now fixed and works normally again.

Formatting never gets erased on edit

If you edit a term that has extra blank lines, saving your edits will not erase those blank lines anymore.

Rotating a fullscreen image on iOS

Rotating your phone while viewing an image fullscreen used to break the UI like this:


And when we ship the next update of our iOS app this will no longer happen.

Pinch to zoom on images on iOS

This feature will also ship in our next iOS update so that you can view all the details of your images.

And 29 more tweaks and fixes...

Planning the next bug day

We're planning to do this on a regular basis to keep Quizlet running as smoothly as possible. Please let us know if you spot any issues and we'll do our best to fix them as soon as possible.

And thanks to the Quizlet engineering team for staying up late squashing these bugs!


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    Great! Can anything be done about the fact that adding audio when in Firefox is frustrating? Only part of a word comes through.

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    I still cannot upload images. I have tried on my Mac and my PC at school. Any ideas?

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