Every 6 weeks, the Quizlet team spends 24 hours concentrating solely on making the current Quizlet experience better across web, iOS and Android for millions of students and teachers. Here's the highlights of what we fixed this time.

Better Embeds

Clearer instructions for embedding

You can only embed a set on your own website that is public on Quizlet. Until now, there was no way to figure this out (other than searching out FAQs), since we just hid the embed button on private sets. So we changed it to show the embed button on all sets:


And then if the set isn't public, we inform you that you'll need to make it public to embed it.


Embeds won't steal focus anymore

Many of our study modes focus you on the text-input box when you come to the page, which makes sense when the study mode is the only thing on the page. However we recently learned that this behavior was extremely frustrating on a page with lots of other widgets - since this can cause the page to scroll immediately to the Quizlet embed vs. the top of the page. This is now fixed!

Easier to see toggles

The design of our toggle for sorting lists on the website has always been difficult to read visually. It's not clear which side of the toggle is actually highlighted. See this example from the set page:


We've now updated this toggle so that it's much clearer which side is currently active:

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 12.41.17 PM

You'll see this change reflected throughout the website (Set pages, Class pages, Folder pages, etc):


Fixing Quizlet for iOS 8

Our iOS team had a unique set of bugs to work on today - new issues with the latest updates from Apple. Here's an example of our log in screen on the iPhone 6 in iOS 8:


Stay tuned for some big updates to the style and layout for the new devices.

And many more...

In addition to the changes you can see, we also made some great updates to how things work behind the scenes to make sure Quizlet runs as smoothly as possible for all users.

As always please, let us know if you run into any issues using Quizlet.


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    How about we fix the bug called "a new game"?

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    Great Job with the awesome new improvements Quizlet!! Quizlet has grown so much since it started and is still growing strong!!

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    Some of us have to study different languages on Quizlet such as spanish. Try something where the English definitions are said in English and the Spanish definitions are pronounced in spanish. some words don't translated too well if they are both pronounced in English.

  16. AlleyCatBird

    First of all: can you pretty please make a way to study passeges? Like maybe a fill in the blank game or something? It's hard for our school to memorize stuff on quizlet...

  17. laoloughlin

    It would be a huge time saver for me if I could print the sets I create in a much larger format for my word wall. Since I need to print from a pdf, I can't enlarge the font. The set would make beautiful word walls with the pictures I download, but even if I choose large, it is too small for a word wall. Pretty Please!

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    More games would be nice, but yeah squash them bugs! Also, could you add it so that users can post folders to classes! Thanks!

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    And also, what is up with you users and "18th high five! Woo!" or "1st comment"? It's not like your in a bet or in a race with other people to be the 1st one to high-five and comment. If you do end up doing that, think to yourself, "What did I get from saying '1st'?" Congrats, you have won self-confidence. [Insert clapping GIF]

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    Make it so you can favorite users and see when they create a new quizlet (like the 1 that pops up by a class).

  33. RCart12

    Make it so you can favorite users and see when they create a new quizlet (like the 1 that pops up by a class).

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    29th great improvment I think!

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    We should consider getting new game. Maybe something Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune-esque? I would enjoy it much more than scatter or space race.

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    Can we do Jeopardy , but with more than one person playing at the same time unlike space race? Also, 95th high five!

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    Thanks for the fixes Quizlet!!!! Check this out if u bored : http://quizlet.com/49528194/ this is my set plz read and comment on it u rock team!!!!!

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    colors tend to help me memorize better
    Can you please make some type of color schematic or bolding or underlining feature that helps us learn more efficiently?

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    amazing way to study flocabulary

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    I am using Quizlet to learn shorthand.
    On android, even on a big HTCM8 screen, the app is not able to scale my images in the "learn" section. Instead they crop to size which loses the meaning for some words/phrases! As I can use the web to access quizlet.com instead, it's not an issue for me but it would be for smaller screens. Can the developers change the presentation to shrink instead of cropping?

  70. RocBox64

    265th High Five FTW

  71. JudyQL

    Can we have a way that can break a whole world list into smaller ones? It will be easier to just practice several of them at one time, especially when there are hundreds of words to learn.

  72. ggarnhart

    Gonna be honest, I like the iOS bug. The off centered log in screen makes it look unique. Maybe that is just me, but I'd be cool if you kept it.

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    i love quizlet because it gives me all the answers. JK. It is amazing. LOL

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    This is a video by me to help you learn how to use quizlet.

  75. srafantasma TEACHER

    As Blade 711 suggested, it would be nice if we could create folders in classes. SEtting up classes for my students has been INCREDIBLY helpful, but it would be great if I could divide them into units without having to create separate classes, or have them scroll through anywhere up to 2 dozen sets. (My Spanish 1 class has 4 units, which have been divided for them into what is currently 23 themed sets.)

  76. a_G-r-eek137

    I agree. How else am I supposed to separate Spanish from Greek so that I don't click on the wrong thing?

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    Also, can you add more games please? Make them hard too. I'm getting nearly 100,000 points on Space Race.

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    Thank you Quizlet for your amazing study tool! Can you please make a setting where you can hide the upgrading ads? They are annoying and get in the way when I am trying to view class sets. You could add a hide button and allow the user to still access the upgrading choices.

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    What is embedded mode anyways? And YES add a new game!!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!

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    Let's make a new game! Or could you at least publicly show the test scores? Maybe have a toggle so you don't have to do that. A new game/widget could be where you challenge certain people to beat your high score, and it goes back and forth. Or you could do something like the game Trivia Crack. Look at that game and see if it would be good on Quizlet.

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    I should become a programmer at Quizlet. I could do awesome things!

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    I don't know if anyone discovered this, but if you resize the window so it's really small, and then click "scatter", The format is totally different.

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