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Celebrate 50/50 Day in your classroom!

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What would the world be like if it were more gender-balanced? How would it change our homes, our communities and even our planet? From opportunity, to access to equal pay and much more, 50/50 Day is committed to helping everyday people become champions and active participants in positive change.

About 50/50 Day

Over 30,000 groups around the world are already signed up for the second annual 50/50 Day happening on April 26th. Thousands of schools, companies, museums, libraries and homes will be hosting free film screenings and tapping into a global online discussion about how we are going to get to a more gender balanced world that is better for everyone.

How to participate

To bring the 50/50 Day discussion to your classroom, school, family and/or community, sign up at After registering, you’ll receive guidance and more free resources to organize and prepare for your event. On the day, you’ll be able to:

  1. Screen the acclaimed 20 minute film 50/50 (watch it here) or watch the new 2 minute film “What if” (premiering on 50/50 day).
  2. Join a live online Q&A featuring prominent leaders from diverse perspectives discussing how to get to a more gender-balanced world in all sectors of society. View last years lineup here.
  3. Dive into deeper conversation with the help of printed discussion materials.

Quizlet 50/50 Day resources

50/50 Day has partnered with Quizlet to foster in-class discussion and ongoing learning through free study sets aligned to important themes like culture, identity, politics and the history of feminism.

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After screening the 50/50 film, use these sets to:

Have ideas for lessons incorporating these sets? Share them below (make sure to log in to comment).