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Ten years ago today, when I was a high school junior, I published a website called It launched with little fanfare, but the small group of friends I had as beta-testers liked it enough that they began telling their friends. Quizlet started spreading, slowly but surely.

Between 2005 and 2007, I had been working on Quizlet after school and on weekends, building a tool to help myself study. I never intended for Quizlet to be a business. I was just working on a fun project meant for myself and my friends. But over time, I realized Quizlet had potential to be useful to the broader world, and on January 17, 2007, I made it available for anyone to create an account. I had no expectations that I would still be working on Quizlet 10 years later, and that it would come to be used by tens of millions of students worldwide.

Quizlet (and I) have both grown up in the last ten years. It’s a lot more popular than it was in 2007, it’s available in more languages, and offers far more ways to learn. But at its core, Quizlet has always been about helping students practice and master whatever they’re learning.

Here’s a look at the key moments in Quizlet’s history in the last ten years:

Quizlet has come a long way. When it launched, it was only a desktop website (in fact, the iPhone launched 8 days before we did). Today, we support hundreds of devices and screen sizes. Students everywhere are very likely to have a phone in their pocket that could help them study with the Quizlet app. Schools are also changing — affordable devices like Chromebooks and broad availability of wifi means that teachers can play real-time games like Quizlet Live in their classrooms.

At the 10-year anniversary of the launch of, we have more than 50 employees, and people have now created more than 150 million study sets! Every day, we come to work thankful for the millions of students, teachers and lifelong learners who make up our community, and spend their time learning on Quizlet. To everyone involved with Quizlet who has made these last ten years possible, thank you so much.


  1. damianbivens


  2. Samiyah_Smith

    thats great i have always loved using quizlet it is a lot of fun to create and it is fun when you can challenge your friends in different things.

  3. shotgunlord21

    Congrats and thanks again!

  4. Naomitheswimmer PLUS


  5. Naomitheswimmer PLUS


  6. MineC_x

    Thanks a lot for the help, especially for the multilingual support for those foreign language speaker

  7. sfonseka PLUS

    congrats! thanks so much for helping us all study. Andrew, you da man!

  8. Sir_Nugz

    Congrats Quizlet!

  9. dbb75

    Congratulations on the implementation of your vision. Your accomplishments are helping millions of students achieve academic success.

  10. ChelseaS-T

    I love Quizlet!!! thanks for creating it

  11. tolkien25

    Congratulations on 10 years of education and study helps, Quizlet!


    When i discovered quizlet a few years ago , i discovered a miracle for my language class. Merci et joyeux anniversaire!

  13. sclough3014


  14. SteveOpp

    Happy Birthday Quizlet!

  15. abiddlebug

    Quizlet is one of the most useful studying tools.

  16. abiddlebug

    5x5 cards would claim second place...

  17. Kelsey_Gal

    This is such a helpful website. I use it to study for my IB Mandarin class and I pass because of it. Congratulations!

  18. Harry_Potter_July31

    A decade of awesomeness…thanks quizlet for everything!!

  19. Joy__Wells

    This is great! I've always wanted to know Quizlet's story! Thanks Mr. Andrew!

  20. Joy__Wells

    It goes to show you that even though you may be young, you can create anything you want, be anything you want, do anything you want...amazing!

  21. qztan

    I'm glad I joined in this adventure. Quizlet has really helped with my homework for the years I've used it. Bravo for Quizlet!

  22. Philip_Heitkamp

    10/10 site xd dab

  23. Heechan_Kim

    2017 quizlet!!!!
    I am 10 and so is quizlet

  24. Smiley2xx

    Thanks a lot for creating this site! I posted my first own set yesterday without even knowing that today was an anniversary. Quizlet really helped and I'm glad to have found it too. A hurray for Quizlet!

  25. MNANL2020


  26. amazingDuncan2000

    thank you so much for creating Quizlet. it has helped me study so many hardcore classes and be ready in advance for a major quiz or test. I refer all my friends and family about quizlet to help them.

    again thank you so much and congrats :)

  27. saitechinfo

    Congrats Quizlet!

  28. DavidKlompy


  29. konrad_dybcio

    Congratulations, hope this site will stay alive for more than 10 years :)

  30. MikeJP360

    Congratulations Quizlet team !

  31. Awesomeness443

    Quizlet is so awesome! It has been my home page for a year now, I use it all the time. I'm so glad that you and Quizlet are getting all the publicity you deserve!

  32. ProfeGH TEACHER

    THANK YOU for all you do to better this website! It is an indispensable resource for my students. I am grateful you exist!

  33. Manuel_Diaz7654

    Thank you for this awesome website.

  34. mojaam

    Love creating English and Hausa study sets then testing myself on them (and other people's study sets) to further retain my translation skills. Would love to see something like a cloze test and more interesting ideas implemented 2017 and beyond. Keep up the good work Quizlet team - a company I'd love to work for if I had the chance and skills ;)

  35. OlgaPEng

    Many thanks from me as a teacher and from my students.We use your soft every day. I wish you further success . We are your your big friends from Lithuania. :-)

  36. PhaithG

    THANK You very much for this website. Just started my first year in College. and its a lifesaver. CONGRATS !

  37. victoria-br

    Quizlet is amazing, much better than the other quiz sites I used to use. Can't believe it's only 10 - I might remember the day it was launched and not know it!

  38. deo469

    Congrats! :)

  39. rhubarb1313

    Quizlet is great

  40. IslndCrackr

    That's Amazing! I'd love to try something like this, making something of nothing. Congrats on the 10 years.

  41. SOSLOL123


  42. SOSLOL123

    Quizlet is better than wrts a Dutch site

  43. rumina__

    Congrats Andrew and Quizlet I'm so happy for you! You've really progressed and made students all over the world look forward to studying a little better and harder. Ly :)

  44. Abbyrose1592

    Amazing accomplishment! I'm a high school student now and I can't imagine studying for exams without Quizlet.

  45. Jasper-Kikityfrog


  46. SteveOpp

    Quizlet Dramatically helped me in studying.

  47. Challenge-B

    Viva la quizlet

  48. jgambill30

    I love quizlet I use it daily from my phone when I cant use my laptop's the funniest way to learn....Thanks for creating it!

  49. snorton11

    Congratulations! Quizlet is really helpful for my students.

  50. dlincoln TEACHER

    Well done! Quizlet has been a wonderful tool for my language students...gracias and merci!

  51. erin_bell24

    Well done! Quizlet is great and has helped me a lot!

  52. nancy_reese6

    Quizlet is amazing!!!! It has helped me to study for exams and pass. Thanks Quizlet!!!!!!!!

  53. fayexwong

    This is cool, and I really appreciate being able to use Quizlet to study, thanks! Well done!

  54. nancy_reese6

    Congratulations Quizlet and hopefully many more to come!!!!!!

  55. TheMusicMan73

    Thanks Quizlet!

  56. sloshycomic123__

    Quizlet is legit! Without it my grades would be worse than mine are already :p

  57. Kiragiesen PLUS

    Yay for Quizlet! This website has really helped me over the years! 😀 😀 😀

  58. Math500

    Tillykke med bryllupsdagen (Happy anniversary) to what is probably the best self study aid for learning languages since the dictionary.

  59. mullenka

    I hope this great site continues to expand over the next 10 years!

  60. mullenka

    Here's to 10!

  61. extonkings71


  62. JoshuaH0420

    You have helped me SO much to study!!

  63. Andino_Caminiti

    Guess this site payed off, considering you guys have made 4,000,000 dollars.

  64. amanda_wolfe_richard

    THATS AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. cmf1206

    happy bday Quizlet!

  66. Versival

    Thank you so much for this invaluable study tool! I recommend Quizlet to everyone I meet... Keep up the good work guys and Happy Birthday!

  67. Pumpkin_Pi


  68. jz234

    Quizlet helps me and my friends study a lot, everybody at school uses it. Thanks!

  69. c_childress89

    This website has saved my life and my grades (not to mention my GPA) in my past two years of highschool. Me and my close group of friends make Quizlet study sets for our AP U.S. History Class and our Rhetorical Strategies/Logical Fallacies/ACT Vocabulary/Other Vocabulary (thanks Mr. Baker -_-+). You, Mr. Sutherland, are a life-saver. This was a grand idea. Congratulations on your ten years of Quizlet success!!!

  70. lmay13

    Happy Birthday Quizlet!!!! It really improved my grades ever since I started using it 4 years ago!

  71. Kenechukwu_Echezona

    Although I've only been using Quizlet for a year, it is VERY helpful. Thank you!

  72. IshKul


  73. IshKul

    You are a god to this world, congrats.

  74. Arthur_Juarez13

    Thaks fr the free quizlet things.
    I get my knowsys and stuff from here a lot.

    Ur the best.

  75. hjung16

    10th anniversary

  76. vtorres0362

    THANK YOU ANDREW!!!!!!! Congrats!!! :D

  77. jennapolignone


  78. Sophia_Spina3

    quizlet helped me pass APUSH. bless!

  79. Pantelas_Jonathan

    Bro quizlet got me straight A's all the way through middle school...your the man Andrew.

  80. Pantelas_Jonathan

    Oh and congrats on its 10th anniversary.

  81. Antoine_Goulet

    Quizlet is very useful!

  82. Abby-Devi

    That's pretty good

  83. ThatOneKidNamedTed

    Congrats and happy birthday to Quizlet!

  84. Xx-_-0v3r5c0r3d-_-xX

    Congratulations Quizlet!!!!!! #10YearsOfQuizlet

    ....And I think this is the millionth comment.

  85. Alex_Goldenski_2018

    Happy B-Day!

  86. Xx-_-0v3r5c0r3d-_-xX

    Oh yeah, I also using Quizlet to prepare for my Scripps State Spelling Bee!!

    ...Comment #1,000,001
    (Why do we still count comments??!!!)

  87. thecandicorn

    Good job Andrew!!!

  88. ElechiconM

    Congrats Quizlet you've reached ten years, keep it up!😎😎😃😃😁😁

  89. trumpster17

    wow amazing

  90. Uni04

    Happy 10th B-day Quizlet!!! You are my favorite study tool!!! Can't wait to watch you grow more!

  91. Uni04

    I was the 92nd commenter btw :) my best was 4th

  92. Magic360

    congrats my dude

  93. Nicholas_Matranga


  94. Rory-Pyle

    Great job.

  95. bamster77

    Thanks so much for creating and publishing this site so others can use it Andrew Sutherland!!!!!!!!!!! Me and my school have used it for a lot of things and we love it!!!!! :D

  96. smoonxc

    Thank you for helping me study for four years now. I'll keep using this awesome website well into the future.

  97. EmiliO0o0oOoOo0

    Yup, even now as I am studying for exams week as a freshman in high school, I know I will be using this for a long, long time.

  98. Wendy_Jebousek

    AMAZING story - I had NO IDEA this was created by a student! How Wonderful! Way to GO, and thank you!

  99. WDelp1

    Happy birthday, Quizlet! Thank you for helping me study!

  100. Tanvi_K369

    Happy 10th birthday Quizlet!!!! 🎉

  101. Arman_K_22

    Congratulations on great achievement! You have helped thousands of kids study and have accomplished great things! Happy 10th Birthday Quizlet!

  102. Eephus_Pitch

    Wow! 10 years! Helping Kids and Teens study! I have not used quizlet until middle school, I can tell you it is a life saver! Happy B-Day Quizlet

  103. myyuenchow08


  104. carlytaylor17

    Great story & thank you so much- quizlet has helped me for years prepare for every single one of my tests!!

  105. Julius__Caesar

    awesome story bro!!

  106. kremona_pavlova TEACHER

    Congrats! and thanks for creating it!

  107. Matthew_PowersWMAA

    I've really enjoyed it! :D

  108. marshmallowdragon


  109. ItsLachy


  110. KeithyPery

    I only discovered Quizlet just recently and it has helped me a lot since then. I'm not really a competitive person when it comes to studying and I don't exactly like others pressuring me with asking questions whenever we have a group study. Thank you so much! More powers to you and to this website. Even the app is very useful.

  111. pagie1816


  112. Tripp_Hopkins_MVRHS

    Extreme succ

  113. Jasmine_Buffington4

    I love Quizlet. It helps me with studying terms in school.

  114. jasminemacneil050599

    Thanks for creating it! It helped me get an A in my AS media exam!

  115. Elag1

    I love Quizlet. Congratulations.

  116. Gabrielle376

    Congrats! Love this tool!

  117. suchapacman

    :v v: :v

  118. MsKellySpanish TEACHER

    Quizlet is a staple in my classroom. The kids use it just about every day. It helps me keep them accountable for study time. ¡Muchas gracias y feliz cumpleaños! :)

  119. jacklachance

    thanks for all the help!

  120. SamayAgarwal


  121. Eggs230

    HBD, Quizzlet

  122. nickolasdediaz03 PLUS

    300 high cores

  123. nickolasdediaz03 PLUS

    300 high scores

  124. suchapacman

    Quizlet is a small dot on a 10 mile long and 15 mile long piece of paper.

  125. Skyward_Falcon1007

    Awesome job, Quizlet... way to make it this far! :)

  126. Lady_F_Lister

    Congratulations and a very happy 10th birthday to Quizlet :-)


    congraduations!!! i knew that quizlet would and will stay on a website for many years to come. Great job

  128. Tyler_Williams8094

    congrats and happy 10th birthday quizlet :)

  129. yan101

    Congrats, guys! Andrew, you and your team are just the best out there. Thank you all a lot for your hard work and dedication. Tens of millions would be an understatement. Take hundreds of millions. Everyone I know around is using your fabulous app.

  130. thewintersoldier01

    Thanks Quilt u have saved my scores time and time again

  131. Kayleb_Hoots

    Congrats for 10 years

  132. Lute3rd

    You're helping me through AP classes!! Never stop! Congrats

  133. Vicente47117


  134. KWengrzyn19


  135. Carter231606


  136. Carter231606

    Happy B Day

  137. Hello_Spanish

    Great job!

  138. joshua_liam_jones

    I am in my 3rd year at university studying Classical Voice and am studying French this year and have an exam and have just stumbled across this amazing utility, thank you sooooo much

  139. furryburry2

    great job guys and thank you andrew sutherland :] for making this great program we call for helping me last year on my semaester test i go an 88% which is a great score and shout out to kahn academy <3.

  140. hannahwalker91

    Thank you for making quizlet. It's been helping me a lot in my Psychology class. :)

  141. username_vaIid_chars

    totally rad

  142. RJ3293

    I love quizlet! The matching game is my favorite. Happy birthday!

  143. tjstol2000


  144. Jacob_061


  145. TrueCobalion

    I've been using this for 5 years (with an old account!)

  146. Tyler_Greer15

    Congrats Qizlet

  147. evanchen5479

    I love this website

  148. Yvette1326

    Im so happy for him :) Its definitely helped me a lot.

  149. supaboom

    WOOO!!!!!!! Here's to another 10 years of Quizlet!

  150. supaboom

    WOOO!!!!!!! Here's to another 10 years of Quizlet!

  151. iamafreeman


  152. JanneJanne

    Wow. I've been using Quizlet since 2008!

  153. RyanRoom

    Were did the Comment Sections go on the Newer Posts?

  154. MaDe-Of-StArS

    Wow ten years already thats crazy! Congratulation Andrew and all the qiuzlet crew!

  155. MaDe-Of-StArS


  156. sfonseka PLUS


  157. Zachary_Zehring

    Keep working on it Andrew! Keep updating Quizlet and adding new things!

  158. Elkhashaab

    Thanks a lot

  159. jfkane

    When I first discovered quizlet i was teaching high school and loved telling my students that it had been created by a high school student. I also liked that it was available with education funds in short supply. I am now retired and volunteer with a literacy group to teach ESOL adult students and am thrilled with the many new components of the program.
    Thank you so much.

  160. Zachary_Zehring

    If this goes on until 2030 that will be amazing!

  161. jookimoo

    Quizlet has definitely changed my life. Without it, I would not be doing as well in school. Thanks a million!!!

  162. DGraham03


  163. DGraham03


  164. Jay_Jay2002


  165. TheQuickster25

    I've really enjoyed Quizlet recently. Thanks a bunch.

  166. furryburry2

    go go go and never stop every one dead and alive is proud of you keep up the good work and never stop im proving never stop keep going forever and ever show they what you are made of.

  167. Bettina_Mok

    Congratulations Andrew! Your ongoing commitment to the community shines through. I'm proud to say "I knew you back when"!

  168. MLGquizscoper

    Cool! I started this year. The people on the gravity leaderboard are total hackers tho lol

  169. kupteraz

    ok but its been 10 years and we still don't have the "multiple definitions feature".. seriously???

  170. alicee17

    Message from Down Under....... where the roos & platypuses are :P
    Quizlet rocks!!!!!
    I love it for History French & America Revolutions - I am doing like AUstralian Education Yr 12
    Perfect for remembering the many many dates that I need to remember for the end of year exam!! :)
    Also awesome for remembering quotes from English texts - I have 5 texts to remember quotes from for the end-of-year state exam....
    THANKS A LOT QUIZLET!!!!!! Its an epic website.....
    This is fair dinkum BTW

  171. HungryAndNormal

    I'm quite sure I would be failing several of my classes instead of making straight A's if quizlet wasn't here. This website/app is just INCREDIBLE, and it's FREE. I really can't express enough gratitude to you folks that work at quizlet.

  172. bby_lxon

    Quizlet is amazing...

    just realized that I give a late comment but oh well. :)

  173. bby_lxon

    Keep it going!!!! Quizlet!!!!

  174. SarahoftheWest


  175. superAlcie

    Hi Quizlet,
    I am 11 years old and your resourses are really helping me with my 8th grade online classes. Yes, I did say 8th grade! :0)
    From superAlcie

  176. Sisyphean_Study PLUS

    It's been 10 years since quizlet started, and 7 since you started getting money hungry, and ONE YEAR since you decided that "WHOOPS! GET QUIZLET PLUS TO STUDY OFFLINE!".

    "Quizlet will always be free" - You, 10 years ago.

  177. olivia_2529


  178. Alex41506

    Thanks to all of you hard workers at Quizlet. You have really changed the way I think of studying. Before Quizlet, I thought of studying as some boring assignment that my teachers made me do. But when I discovered Quizlet about three years ago, it completely changed the way I thought of studying. With Quizlet, studying became FUN. Now I look forward to studying. Once again, thanks to all you guys who have put so much hard work and effort just for the benefit for all of us.

  179. rahmani_ghulami

    thanks to make it easier for us.

  180. rahmani_ghulami

    i love to use quiz lets all the time specially on my phone.

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