At Quizlet, we’re always thinking about ways to enhance students’ access to learning. Today, we are excited to announce we’re partnering with Cengage, the education and technology company, to give Cengage Unlimited subscribers free premium access to Quizlet.

Cengage Unlimited offers students complete access to more than 22,000 digital products across 70 disciplines and 675 courses. Starting today, all Cengage Unlimited subscribers will get a free 6-month Quizlet Plus trial, which unlocks ad-free studying, advanced content creation tools and more. And, beginning in January, Cengage Unlimited customers will also have direct access to exclusive Quizlet sets for multiple Cengage course areas through the Quizlet Verified Creator Program. The content will be created and curated by Cengage, allowing students to study and master their Cengage class material through flashcards, quizzes and games on Quizlet.

If you’re already using Cengage material for your courses and you love studying with Quizlet, Cengage Unlimited might be a winning (and very cost-effective) combination for you this school year. You can find out more information about how to subscribe here.

Happy studying everybody!