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Download now: Quizlet Checkpoint launch party PD certificate

TeachersQuizlet HQ · Posted by Jose  November 17, 2021
Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 10.29.34 AM.png

Thank you for attending the Quizlet Checkpoint launch party.

To make getting your PD certificate much easier, we are now allowing teachers to download it.

Here are easy steps to get your certificate:

  1. Click here to get the PD certificate
  2. Download/Save the image
  3. Open the image on your device and print it
  4. Fill in your name
  5. Share with administrator

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


The Quizlet Team

Reminder: it is up to each individual school and administrator to accept these professional development hours. Quizlet cannot verify specific attendance and/or sign additional paperwork.



thank you

hramirez36  teacher

I would like to print a test like the older version allowed us to. I can no longer do so that way. Is there a way I can print a test without all the lines and pages given with the new version?

Dorota-M  teacher

Dear support team could you allow the old way of printing tests. When I have one word o translate I use loads of paper as now it gives 3 lines.. I wish it was much more economical, even more then before.


Thanks 👍


Thank you so much


What do you mean about ? I don’t understand what is it writing .

Bonny_Shiplet  teacher

I would like to display the list of set along with the audio reading the term and sentences flip from one side of the flashcard to the other (unassisted and onto the next word). With the old Quizlet version I was ale to do this. With the new Quizlet version I am unable to do so. We must click on the laptop or the touchscreen to process from one word to the next




jose ballegos

lizjames2020  teacher

I would like to print a quiz like the old quizlet format did. Makes my job as a teacher more difficult. That was a fantastic feature that AI used a lot. Please change it back!


i tryed to use quizlet for math it did not work make it workable.