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Classroom Game Idea: Flyswatter with Quizlet Diagrams

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Last year, Quizlet launched a great new feature called Diagrams! This allows students to study in a more visual way and creates a whole new tool for teachers.

To create a diagram on Quizlet, choose "Create" from the header and upload a picture. Then add your terms by clicking on your image and labeling it. You have the choice to only input a term or also include a definition. The activities and games still work the same as a regular Quizlet set. ​


I see a lot of applications for science teachers such as identifying cell parts, anatomy, and phases of cycles. There are some really good ones already created by other teachers that you can search for. And for language teachers, this tool could be really helpful for teaching geography and vocabulary.

Another application for language teachers that I really like is that you could also use your diagram to play Flyswatter, a staple game in WL classrooms. Rather than making a new board in powerpoint, you can save yourself time by just projecting your Quizlet diagram on the board!

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How to play Flyswatter

  1. Project your diagram on the screen.
  2. Divide students into two teams and have them line up.
  3. Each team gets a different colored flyswatter. One team member from each side faces off at a time, starting with the flyswatter by her ear.
  4. The teacher calls out a term, and the first person to slap it wins a point.

Before the game begins, I explain that they can ONLY hit the board and any other questionable behavior will get them disqualified. Some common things I tell them to avoid is physically boxing out the the other player or swatting at the whole board. Depending on the size and behavior of the class, I let my students cycle through the line for 2-3 turns, returning to their seats after their final turn.

Want to try this game in your classroom? Start by exploring diagrams that have already been created, or create your own.

Stephanie has been teaching Spanish since 2006. She is truly passionate about education, and spends a lot of her free time researching new technologies and volunteering in the Latino community. She is also a Quizlet Teacher Ambassador. For more great ideas from Stephanie, check out her blog.