This is a contributed post by educator Stephanie Sheridan.

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This variation on Hide and Seek is a great no-prep game for any class, but it's especially wonderful for language classes working on pronunciation!

How to play the game

  1. Divide the class in half randomly and write their names on the board under the headings "HIDE" and "SEEK" (in your language).
  2. The first pair sends their "seeker" into the hall for 20 seconds while the "hider" hides a piece of brightly colored paper somewhere in the room.
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  3. I project the word for the whole class to see using Quizlet Flashcards.
  4. The "hider" opens the door for the "seeker" to return and the whole class chants the word on the board. We chant more loudly as s/he gets closer to the hiding spot. To avoid screaming and bothering other classes, we wave our hands in the air when s/he is really close.
  5. When the student finds the word, s/he must tell us the definition.

A few management tips

  • Suggested rules for hiding the paper: It must be hidden in the perimeter of the room, but not in anyone's personal belongings; my desk is off limits; it has to be a little bit visible, but you may fold it; it has to be reachable by the "seeker," so unless they are really tall, be considerate!
  • If it's a really large class and everyone wants a turn, I set the timer on my phone for 1:15. If the "seeker" hasn't found it by the time the buzzer goes off, the "hider" gets to show him/her where it was.
  • I let my students know the purpose of this game is to practice pronunciation and everyone must chant together in rhythm so we hear it accurately.​​
  • If I hear students repeatedly mispronouncing a word, or speeding up too much, I use the audio feature on the Quizlet flashcards to get them back on track. I just click it three times in a row to redirect them.
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Stephanie has been teaching Spanish since 2006. She is truly passionate about education, and spends a lot of her free time researching new technologies and volunteering in the Latino community. She is also a Quizlet Teacher Ambassador. For more great ideas from Stephanie, check out her blog.