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Classroom Game Idea: Match Relays

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This is a contributed post by educator Stephanie Sheridan.

Need a new game to shake things up? Try Quizlet Match relays!

How to play

  1. Put students in teams of 4 with one device.
  2. The first player opens up the Quizlet set and launches the Match game.
    Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 1.49.03 PM.png
  3. All other students huddle around the computer to help the first player. Only the first player may touch the mousepad.
    Students playing.png
  4. The goal is to complete the Match game as fast as possible. When a team finishes, everyone must raise their hand. The first team finished gets the highest score, and each subsequent team gets one point less. I have 7 tables in my class, so team one gets 7, team two gets 6, and the last team still gets one point.
  5. Quickly go around the room and have each team tell you their point amount for that round so you can tally their points before beginning the next round with a new player at the helm. I typically play 4 rounds, so that each person gets one chance "to drive" for the team.

Stephanie has been teaching Spanish since 2006. She is truly passionate about education, and spends a lot of her free time researching new technologies and volunteering in the Latino community. She is also a Quizlet Teacher Ambassador. For more great ideas from Stephanie, check out her blog.