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Classroom Game Idea: Quizlet Quest

Teachers · Posted by Amalia  November 30, 2018
Quizlet Quest game idea 2.png

Check out this great Quizlet Live game variant from educator Melissa Schmersahl:

A quest is a journey with a purpose. When groups are on a quest, each participant has a role. This is the idea behind Quizlet Quest. In this version, students are working on Quizlet Live in a group but each has an assigned job. Not only are they reviewing content, but they’re also practicing teamwork and study skills.

  1. The Pathfinder - The pathfinder will read the terms/definitions and then decide on 1-3 answers that sound the best. He/she can take suggestions from the group but ultimately they choose the 1-3 answers that they think are ideal. Then it's on to the researchers.
  2. The Researchers - These students have their notes (digital or paper-based) out and ready to go. They take the answers provided by the Pathfinder and check them against their notes. When the researchers have come to a conclusion they propose the correct answer to the leader.
  3. The Leader - The leader is the one who makes the final decision as to which answer to click.

Melissa Schmersahl is a science teacher at Conniston Middle School in West Palm Beach, FL. She is a Quizlet Teacher Ambassador and Google for Education Certified Trainer. To learn more about technology in the classroom, check out her blog at and follow her on Twitter @Plus1Learning.