We made two huge updates to the Quizlet iOS app today -- Create Set and an iPad support!

Create Set


Now you can create sets anywhere (even offline). We've also added the ability to edit sets too!


iPad App


The Quizlet app now supports iPad and iPad Mini so that you can use the whole screen to study.We're hoping to add more iPad options to make the experience even better. We'd love to hear suggestions from our users.

Update the Quizlet App


If you already have the Quizlet app on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, just update it to the latest version of the app to get all these great new features. Or download it now.


  1. bgontowski

    This is excellent news!! Being able to use a full iPad screen and keyboard is great and I'm sure the edit mode will come in handy. I use this app daily, so this is a big update for me.

    One suggestion I would like to see in Learn mode is a "restart" option under the little gear menu.

    Keep up the great progress!

  2. TwistyTieYT

    2nd comment!

  3. TwistyTieYT

    Nice! I have an iPad so this is great news to me!

  4. brianji22

    I have an Ipad and I couldn't create any sets so I was dissapointed, but now I can! Thank you, and keep up the good work.

  5. brianji22


  6. Lsangdahl

    I just love Quizlet and look forward to the updates each time they arrive!! As a teacher I'd like to be able to track progress if individual students. Probably a big leap, but it would allow me to assign practice of sets for homework, provide awards for improvements, etc.

  7. andrej_elias

    Great update - just please locate "Add New Card" button somewhere on the top (blue ribbon) to make it available immediately without necessity of scrolling all the way down.
    + add some track progress tool
    + for iPad more variances for learning like here on your web site

  8. Liam1195


  9. juicymixx

    Android app?? Soon?

  10. NinjaKirby

    10th! Great! I've been looking forward to being able to add sets on the ipad! I agree with Andrej_elias too.

  11. NinjaKirby

    10th! Great! I've been looking forward to being able to add sets on the ipad! I agree with Andrej_elias too.

  12. sophiabk

    @juicymixx Android app should be released tomorrow.

  13. freedom_unbroken

    This is great, especially since our school has an iPad one-to-one program. Thanks, Quizlet!

  14. WhiteSwan13

    That's great! (13th comment)

  15. joyashford

    YAY! I'm so glad you updated the iOS app! I can't wait to go download it right now! :)

    Thanks again, Quizlet!

  16. Acilim

    Good job , Go quizlet !

  17. stephanie_schuler

    I'm so excited to hear the android app should be launched tomorrow! I have finals this week so thank you for that!!

  18. djl1963

    Love your site, it is soooooo helpful. Thanks for the fantastic updates. I made 4 sets and am studying for a major credentialing exam. As much as I hate making them, flashcards are the best way to really memorize material. That's why I appreciate so much the 21st century way of doing flashcards, and the time saving of being able to borrow from other sets and combine with your own. Love the full screen flashcard now and the ability to add. Not having to scroll all the way to the end would be great, but you guys are doing an excellent job!

  19. someshnaplex

    could you please put multiple choice type test setting for ipad or iphone5. currently you have cards, learn and scatter options.

  20. axj6976

    YES finally! I have been waiting for this day for a long time! :D

  21. TonyDagher-mazing

    This is awesome! Please do add more features for the ipad app! Take advantage of the big screen!

  22. AkashB

    I asked for the iPad app a few months ago. Finally!!!!!!

  23. MrsJarosinski

    How about an app for android soon?


    NOOK HD NEEDS IT TO ("[[[[}{}

  25. GeometryDashMem

    when is multiplayer coming back?

  26. Karis256


  27. MileyC

    I've been waiting for the Android app since 2010. Thank you!

  28. Karis256

    But when I try to create cards, it says "coming soon..." :( Oh, well, I hope it does come soon! It will be a big help to me this year.

  29. AbigailBaldwin

    HI! Uh, I was working on my phone and for some reason it goes into a forever load when I wanted to add my sets? My internet/WIFI/etc is working 100% so... ???

  30. AbigailBaldwin

    Anyways.. thanks for iPad and etc! YAY! I have been a fan of Quizlet for a long time now so every time I see an update here on the website or the app, I get very excited! Quizlet has helped me so much. This is my number one use for studying.

  31. kkkelsey


  32. e_arabic TEACHER

    That's just brilliant - worthwhile the wait

  33. marshmallowdragon


  34. alexander_kuptsov TEACHER

    Perfect! Our academic year starts in September, so I'll use it with my students!

  35. Dogecoin

    Great that makes it much easier to read the text, now I can use the app on the ipad. Thanks quizlet!

  36. katerussell2

    this is gr8! u cant carry a computer everywhere:P

  37. kenro TEACHER

    Great work on the new iOS app! Thank you!

  38. libby9097

    I have been waiting for this for so long. Thank you so much! This will be a great help in the new school year! Kudos!

  39. AgentDolly

    Yay! You guys, like rock.

  40. hockeystar

    quizlet rocks!! on suggestion though. The options on multiple choice need to be filtered some how. like if it was who first sailed to america, the options shouldnt be corn, horses , Squanto, and Christopher Columbus. Christopher Columbus... obviously. it would be better if it were names of people like: Magellan, king ferdinand, Francisco de Almeida, and columbus, it would be a bit harder. like you can chose what category things fit into when you make a set

  41. hockeystar

    other than that ... great!!

  42. a15204600963

    I think this is a good app,but it does not suit the low level students. We can not understand the express of the word. I think it is necessory to show the chinese on that!

  43. StijnMaenhaut

    Good job!

  44. Lugeboy


  45. ELMtree

    Thank you so much!!!!

  46. dangquybk

    The Edit function has issues with Korean cards.
    The Korean text self-deforms after you input. Please fix it.
    Thank you very much.

  47. karensnowflake16

    Yay! Create Set and Edit function is finally here! But just as an addition. Because Quizlet is such a multi-functional tool, some times it would be helpful to add media (pictures/ audio clips) as notes too. It would also be nice if there was an ability to share/collaborate on sets with specific individuals. Just some suggestions. Keep up the good work!

  48. dm7970

    I think it would help if you could add the ability to star the words on the cards to the app.

  49. amybatticciotto

    love it :PPPPPPPPPPP hehe

  50. amybatticciotto

    my friend wants u to bring out android !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. bgontowski

    Here is my first week feedback with the new iPad version...

    The ability to create and edit sets is great! I did both and the UI was very easy to use. I look forward to this expanding to include adding sets to favorites and classes.

    Learn mode has a bit of an issue in landscape mode when using Japanese. Also, some of the elements could use a little adjustment in the larger iPad screen, like the checkmarks and "I was right" button. Maybe put them closer to the textbox leaving the rest of the space for the term and picture. Some of the columns are narrow too, only showing part of the text or wrapping when all of it could fit on one line.

    I also agree with another poster that a multiple choice Learn mode would be great. Same overall logic as the current Learn mode, except show 4 answer buttons instead of a textbox.

    Overall, this version is a big step forward!

  52. aaronkagon

    Thank you so much! This is a feature I have been waiting for since the quizlet app first came out. It helps a lot to be able to make sets on an iPad and iPhone while still at school or when you don't have a computer near you!!

  53. keetonmartin

    Thank you so much!


    Would love to see student progress tracker and report send to teacher. Timed test creator. Private student test assessment with grade reporter to teacher...without the ability to go back.

  55. edjubuh

    Hey-o, heads up. You might want to update the Mobile page for Quizlet. Still says create set feature coming soon and doesn't include links to the Android app...

  56. BarrelCactus GO

    Is it worth it to upgrade to Quizlet plus? Great work quizlet

  57. astonebraker TEACHER

    I have Quizlet Plus, and LOVE it, but I am a biology teacher, so I've added a lot of diagrams.

  58. astonebraker TEACHER

    With the new iPad app, I have been able to create a set, but I have not been able to ADD to a set when it's in a class. Basically, my students are compiling the set that is part of a class, and they have not been able to do this from the iPad. Am I missing something or is this simply not possible?

  59. andnjox

    Thank you! Ive been waiting for an iPad version since I got my iPad!

  60. rwilhoit1

    Hi guys, I really love the new create-a-deck feature. You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this.

    I noticed a bug when running iOS 6.1.4 on an iPhone 5 where when I'm creating or editing a deck, if I lock the screen while I'm in the middle of editing the deck, when the app is brought back to the foreground I am taken out of the editing mode by a UIAlert that says 'The set has been updated.' and brought back to the deck's 'dashboard.' I would really love it if you could release a fix for this as I had to redo a deck 3-4 times last night.

  61. NehemiahMcGowan

    PERFECT!! I love your progam and you're interface is very user-friendly. Thanks Quizlet!!!

  62. Osci22

    Thank you! I've been waiting for this update!

  63. vngate09

    That's great! It would be magnificent if the iPad app could also include the combining-sets-feature! I love using Quizlet! I don't know how many tests I would have failed if not for this program.

  64. Whistlerboy

    Please add a star feature for Ipad app. Otherwise love the improvements

  65. AgentDolly

    I am like soooo happy! I can now use my iPad! Hurrah!

  66. ibthrags

    me too

  67. ibthrags

    aww, cant do 69th :(

  68. hershey_kiss

    what about being able to star the words? i think that would be a very helpful tool to have, especially if you don't have a computer around. other than that, the app is amazing! :)

  69. jacksroads

    I just switched from a MacBook Pro to iPad mini, and when I got the app I was a bit disappointed that ti didn't come with either the tests or space race. Those were some of my favorite parts about quizlet, and I'd love to bring those to the app!

  70. bluedomke

    Hola, como esta usted? No hablo englesh.
    Hi how are you doing? no speak English.
    Thanks for helping me learn Spanish Quizlet!

  71. bluedomke

    I use my dads computer.

    Yay you guys like rock!

  72. yashicachhetri

    Yay! Does that mean you can make a set on the ipad?

  73. Dr_Martin71

    How come it dont have "test" on it I want to be able to do the test on ipad to see how well I study. But I have to wait til i get home from school to use the desktop to do the test part on quizlet ??

  74. aimeeflemmings

    defo getting this

  75. M_Gentry

    Thank you so much! I've been waiting since the app first got into gear for this update! The only thing I would like to see now is the Test Feature incorporated into the ios app.

  76. aeropostaleguy

    Do the same thing to the android app!

  77. stmarysdeutsch TEACHER

    I'd like the full teacher version to be available on the iPad so i can check class progress, that and the lack of a test button on iPad and android app are the things that should be prioritized I think.

  78. MadameLawlorWilson

    I would like to be able to share (assign...to) a set with a class in the app on the iPad. Can anyone tell me how to do this, or add the capability?



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