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It's day 2 of our 12 Days of Quizlet giveaway! To refresh your memory, every day for the next 11 days, we'll be giving away a 10-pack of Quizlet Teacher upgrades to one lucky teacher who enters our contest through the widget below.

12 Days of Quizlet Giveaway

Today's winner is Chad Chism from Compass Academy Charter School in San Jose, Calif. Chad writes: "I have all of my students [use] Quizlet Live to help each other, especially my lower students that need [more] help. They also really enjoy playing the games too!" Congrats, Chad!


  1. Haley_Watt_ TEACHER

    "i use Quizlet Live every Friday for lesson reviews. The kids LOVE it! It's a great way to incorporate group participation and reinforce material while having fun."

  2. theblackgoldmaster2


  3. bharat1031

    This is an amazing service!

  4. Rainbowgirl566

    What if the students aren't motivated though?

  5. pugsarecool3

    i love this

  6. pugsarecool3

    i love this

  7. rainbowsarahar

    I like to nominate ellack, she uses Quizlet live to help us study. :-) Quizlet live make everything fun!! And I personally think it help us improve ourselves & our grades.

  8. Nurk1n

    How do you submit a student post about Quizlet like the one from Aarian in October?

  9. ONEof4WAYS

    loving the giveaway, but what about the students(not all of us are teachers)?

  10. Glory51 PLUS

    Hello, Can someone give me the passage of Frida Kahlo Teas 6?

  11. Popeyekitten

    I nominate Danae Lapka and Jonathan Beutlich.

  12. taylord202

    This is amazing website for reviewing.

  13. dpantuso3

    love love love quizlet

  14. Science_SJCS

    It is a shame that we cannot enter from the UK - many teachers in my school love using quizlet

  15. THEKEYMosek

    Such a shame I can't enter (Poland), Quizlet has helped many of my EFL students with dyslexia. The games offer a fun alternaive to mundane activities aimed at improving their writing/reading skills. It's my pleasure to see a boost in confidence (and test results). :)
    Agnieszka Mosek

  16. superAlcie

    Dear Quizlet,
    I am in Ireland and would love to promote, in what regions can you enter this competition. Please reply.
    Kind Regards, superAlcie

  17. vhmorris TEACHER

    I tried Quizlet Live with my Statistics PLC as an engagement tool they could use with their students. The teachers loved it!

  18. EcoPhoenixHunter

    its nice

  19. music_girl4life


  20. A_L_I_V_E


  21. taiyia123


  22. LightZarker323


  23. Super_Sid

    Top 25

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