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Happy Monday! It's Day 9 of our 12 Days of Quizlet giveaway, where we're giving away 10 free Quizlet Teacher upgrades to a new teacher every day!

Today we're announcing three winners (two from this weekend), with their advice for keeping students motivated and on task at the end of the year:

  1. Nitza Haddad from Irving A. Robbins Middle School in NY:
    "I try to have them interact through daily conversation prompts, educational games such as verb Battleship, Jeopardy, and charades [...] I also have them answer and record responses to different types of questions and/or prompts depending on the unit of study through an online platform called Let’s Recap."
  2. Cathy Johanni from St. Joseph Montessori in OH:
    "You can begin a lesson with a "hook" connected to the season and then use it as a metaphor for your lesson. Kids love to try to figure out where you are going with this!"
  3. Bridgett Schmitt from Rotolo Middle School in IL:
    "I start every science class with two rounds of Quizlet Live! Using this as my bellwork is a great way to keep students engaged, gives them a competitive outlet and also is a simple routine to get them to class and in their seats each and every day on time! I also like to acknowledge the holidays — my room is decorated in winter decor to acknowledge that it is a fun and exciting time of the year."

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