Hey all,

I just got Quizlet back online after an annoyingly long stretch of time - it was about 10 hours long. I hit a hard disk space wall, which is the same problem I had last time (the only other time) Quizlet went down.

I want to extend a sincere apology to all of you who tried to use Quizlet today. I know how frustrating it can be when something you depend on isn't working. I'm sorry. Over the next few days I'm going to work on implementing some more preventative measures to make sure this sort of thing doesn't happen again. And I'll be investing in some sort of monitoring service to make sure I know the instant Quizlet tanks out.

It's a good thing this happened on a Saturday, eh? Saturday is always the low point of the week for traffic, which is perfectly logical considering that no one studies on saturdays. Well, most people I mean. If you study on Saturday that's cool too. OK bed time for me!


  1. Guk

    Hey, check out pingdom.com to keep track of your server.

  2. Andrew

    Funny...I signed up with them about 5 minutes after this post was written. It looks and works great. Nice!

  3. Neil Kelty

    Nice to it she's back up. Looks like you took the 37signals route and apoligized for the downtime. Smart move.

    All I'm thinking right now is "Thank goodness this didn't happen this summer."

  4. Chris Siegel

    Our power went out before 6 AM today. Everyone on my street didn't get power until after 2 PM so I couldn't use our home pc.

  5. Pyotr

    You could probably save a LOT of disk space by deleting inactive groups, or at least the 1 user 0 set groups.

  6. comment/suggestion-e thing about running out of space--> maybe you should get someone to spend a saturday or something cleaning up the groups page, there are an aweful lot of groups with no sets and only a couple members
    other, more helpful comment--> maybe you could alphabatize the group page or put catagories or something because its pretty hard to find stuff

  7. redneck123


  8. hardcoregenious

    need 2 know ppple here

  9. lame

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