My longtime friend (and occasional Quizlet user) Jackie and me, at graduationOn Friday the 13th, I graduated from Albany High School. I know, what a lucky day to graduate, eh? It was a wonderful ceremony, and it feels great to finally be done with mandatory education. Now I have the summer to relax, work on Quizlet, and go on vacation. I still don't have it all planned out yet, but I probably won't be going on any massive adventures like last summer. And then in last August, I'll be shipping off for MIT to start my first classes of college!

I haven't posted on the blog for awhile, but that's not for lack of things happening at Quizlet. Quite the contrary actually. Here's the first big thing:

I'm announcing for the first time, right now, that Quizlet has taken a small investment from angel investors. We've spent the last few months working out a deal, and I'm happy to say everything has finally gone through and we're ready to work together and make Quizlet even greater. Their input will help Quizlet grow to even more users and spur the development of even more useful features on the site.

One of our first tasks was to hire a dedicated support person. She'll be coming on in about a week, and I'm sure she'll introduce herself soon. One reason I've decided to take this investment is so that I can focus on programming and high-level business stuff. I also expect to be very busy at MIT, so I want to be able to maximize my Quizlet time toward improving the site. That's not to say I'll be out of touch with regular Quizlet users - I'll still be on the site every day - but I'm going to be delegating more of the support tasks to our new head of support.

And because it's just so hard to write a blog post without announcing some new features, I've cooked up some new things for ya'll:

  • A sharing box on the set page. This box makes it easier for you to get your friends signed on and using Quizlet collaboratively.
  • Inline editing of the terms and definitions from right on the set page. You just double-click on a term, and it turns into an input box instantly. Hit return or click anywhere outside the input box and your edit will be saved.
  • Fixed a long-standing bug that made curly punctuation characters imported from Microsoft Word break when studying. Sets made from now on will not have this problem, but sets made previously will still have it. If you simply click Edit and then Save (without changing anything) on a set with this problem, it will fix itself.
  • Speed and memory usage improvements across the board.

And as always, there's more in the pipeline that I can't quite share with you. I hope you all are enjoying the summer!


  1. woojoo

    Congratulations! I can't believe you're only a year older than me and you're already making something as awesome as this! Thanks for all the work you've given and I hope you keep improving Quizlet. Good luck in MIT!

  2. Joseph

    Congrats on finishing high school! If this website is any indication of your abilities, I'm sure you did quite well and will have an excellent college experience. I love Quizlet and look forward to any cool new features you might add!

  3. Neil Kelty

    Congrats on the graduation!

  4. drummist

    AdReNaLiNe RuSh

  5. pie55

    congrats on graduation I hope quizlet becomes better

  6. cgaffey

    quizlet has made the end of the year rewiew so much fun for my students!! Thank you so much for creating an amazing site. You will be very successful at MIT! Enjoy!

  7. alicia

    Congrats on graduating! A very lucky day, indeed!! MIT is going to be very lucky to have a person like you. I'm glad that you'll keep updating Quizlet. Good luck, and remember to RELAX over the summer! :)

  8. *your name herer*

    Congrats dude good luck out there!

  9. you wish you knew

    congrats on your friday the 13th graduation! :D
    i cant wait to see quizlet grow more and more! you rock! :D

  10. laxboy

    Congrats. Enjoy MIT

  11. me

    keep quizlet up! :)

  12. Chillin07

    I heard MIT is so awsum.
    Well good luck...smartz.
    Hope u have fun there! :D

  13. Magniloquent Master

    Good job.... I am also going to go to M.I.T. in 2008. I might meet you in campus some time.

  14. baseballisbeast

    have fun in MIT, and thanx for the add-ons to quizlet!! have fun.

  15. RJ

    Hey Andrew, on your "About Quizlet" page it says you are in high school but your not anymore. Am I right?

  16. Andrew

    Good catch RJ - I'll take care of that...Thanks

  17. Drummer

    congrats andrew

  18. Micah

    Once again congrats on graduation and good luck with the future of quizlet and M.I.T. Andrew. I'll do my best to keep in touch

  19. Kiri

    Thank you for creating Quizlet!!
    Good luck with it + MIT.

  20. dab

    I think proper diction would be:

    "Done with high school and <strong>off</strong> to MIT!"

    I'm not sure though, please correct me if I'm wrong

  21. Andrew

    dab - both work very well.

    Ex. He is on to bigger and better things
    OR: He is off to do something better.

    "on to" is perhaps a shortening of "moving on to"

  22. phantomOmega

    Congratulations, and good luck at MIT.

    One serious issue you should look into fixing is Firefox 3 support. I have been running Firefox 3 since Beta 4, and Quizlet has been completely broken (none of the Javascript seems to work whatsoever) since then.

    I don't believe this is an issue on my end -- I have installed from a fresh version without addons, to no avail.

    Quizlet has been a great help to me for studying in the past. I hope you get this issue solved soon so that I can continue to use your site in the future.

  23. Andrew

    phantomOmega - I've been using FF3 since forever as well, and I haven't had any problems with Quizlet.

    Please email me at andrew@quizl... and we'll work it out.


  24. Maureen

    I'm an instructor who just discovered Quizlet and I'm excited to introduce my students to this resource.
    Good luck at MIT--my husband is a proud graduate school alumnus!

  25. baseballisbeast

    hey Andrew, this may seem kinda random, but what gave u the idea to start Quizlet? just wondering...

  26. Andrew

    baseballisbeast--check out http://quizlet.com/about/

  27. Alberto

    Congrats on graduating and getting in to MIT!!! I'm sure you'll do great there! Just don't forget us quizlet people hehe =)

  28. jim32

    congrats on your graduation have at MIT what ever that is.

  29. -


  30. caviking15

    we need a social studies forum

  31. George

    Don't you need, like, a job? How are you going to pay for MIT? :o

  32. Chillin07

    once againcongrats...:D

  33. Chillin07

    woops :oops:

  34. jim32

    OH YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! I remember the day when I graduated highschool. Man man oh man good times. College great times to, i just recently dropped out my Junior year. I was going to Stanford, they hated me. I was such a partyboy.

    Hey guess what. You got eggnog in my goat milk.

    Arent you the guy from blink 182

    Ok well bye and congrats

  35. congrats andrew! i remember the day my brother went to college. mom cried a lot... my cousin is actually thinking about coming to america for college (she lives in china).

  36. CrazyGirl991

    U must be so Happy!!!!
    Congratulations X 100
    It must be such a happy time to remember, i'm sure u will never forget that day!

  37. Stacie

    Congratulations!!!! Look forward to more great things from you!!

  38. OMG!!!! UR SOOOO SMART!!!! Congratualtions and have LOTS OF FUN at MIT!!!! :)

  39. HEREandGONE

    YAY GO U!

  40. sxylady101


  41. omgITSme!

    yay for u!
    good luck in MIT

  42. always me

    u r One LUCKY dude
    have fun

  43. There4U4Ever


  44. :-)

    Congrats! I wish i could be so lucky as to graduate this year! Good luck!
    Best of wishes! :-) !!!!!!!!!

  45. heatherfeather

    way 2 go andrew! i graduated this year 2. quizlet helped me to achieve highest gpa in the 12th grade. I was valadictorian! i'm headed to princeton with 150,00 dollars in scholarships! i hope god protects you all through college and on into the world unknown! &lt;3&lt;3&lt;3 Heather

  46. Aomi

    haha! aweosme, good luck, have fun!

  47. H.S. Kim

    Congratulations, both you and the quizlet!

    and I'll (I hope) see you there at MIT um... 2 years later!

  48. caviking


  49. caviking15

    good luck andrew

  50. warning


    Be careful about the angel investment. Mainly, be careful about VC funding, it is extremely expensive (lots of hidden expenses) and your investors will push you into an IPO which would not be good for you. Keep Brainflare private, keep control of it.

  51. homemom

    Hello, I saw you on the M &amp; J Show. Congratulations on graduating from High School. Good luck in College and your new ventures. I think this website is great, wish I located it earlier. Take care. Texas homemom

  52. Sonya

    Way to go! So many blessing went you way and you deserve a nice break. I also love this site you can't believe how much it helps me with school. I wish too I discovered this site early in life. Have a great one and hope to see great things coming from this site.

  53. andrea doremus cuetara

    Wow. You are lovely and amazing and I am already using one of your quizlets (Native American Cultural Regions - not perfect but great enough) on my new wiki page site which I just learned about and created yesterday in a Boston Public Schools workshop.

    It's a whole new world out there and you are one of the groundbreakers!! Yay.

    Most best wishes to you and all the potential growth. It seems like your head is screwed on right, which is the most important thing and pretty hard in today's world. I hope my 11-year-old son, Malcolm (who I have always dreamed would go to MIT - he wants to study film at UCLA...whatever he dreams is the most important) will be even a little bit as kind, wise and sensible as you! Yay for you! adoremus@rcn.com

  54. janealam

    WOW. Congratulation and good wishes at MIT

  55. Adult Learner

    I hate you! Why did it take so long for you to create such a awesome site? Just kidding, I really wish I had known about this site when I went back to school 2 years ago to get my BS in Biology, it would have helped me tremendously. Best od luck at MIT.

  56. Pollyanna


  57. Sundeep


    You are a very talented young man.

    Best of luck with school, and hit a few parties if you can!

  58. Belle

    Congratulations! The world is out there for you. Thank you for creating this utility to help young and old (like me!) students learn and collaborate.

  59. Henry

    Wow. Quizlet is a very helpful tool! Good luck at MIT!

  60. --QUOTE:--
    "I think proper diction would be:
    “Done with high school and off to MIT!”"

    He actually said it correctly... "On to MIT" He's going to it, going "Off" to MIT is more of a slang. How do you go off something?

    Btw just a little FYI This is a free service a youngster put together for all ages and did i say Free? This service is always getting improvements, he says in-touch... Even if Off to MIT was correct... who cares he's doing a favor for you.

  61. Funkystuff_13

    awsome cool

  62. Cally

    Hi mrs. blair i think this is the right place to blog i unscattered the words in 17.2 seconds.

  63. bianca1737

    u rock andrew and all! :D

  64. booklovr

    hey andrew,
    do you plan on bringing back private messaging? are there any new things that quizlet might have? if so are there links to where i can see that? quizlet rocks!

    best wishes from the book lover

  65. booklovr

    hey andrew and all,
    wait nevermind i answered my own questions and checked out some videos!
    see ya sorry! heheheh :)

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