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Today, we're making a small but important change that will help us more effectively provide students on Quizlet with engaging learning games and activities. Here’s what it is: We're asking Quizlet users who don't have an account to create one. If you already have a Quizlet account, you won't notice this detail at all, but I wanted to spell out how it works for anyone who doesn't have a Quizlet account who may have questions about this simple but important change.

What's different now?

If you don't have a Quizlet account, we're going to encourage you to create one if you regularly use Quizlet. Why do this? Simply put, we've been continually adding new ways for people to learn (e.g., Learn), and those features work best when we know where you are in your own personal learning path. When we know what you've been studying, we can provide a better path forward for you.

History + progress = better learning

The most simple and straightforward reason for signing up is that when you do, we can save your progress so you can pick up where you left off when you return. Keeping track of what you have and haven't studied also helps you know what you may have missed. And, of course, if you're signed in we can get better at making recommendations to guide you.

Membership has its benefits

With an account, you can create new study sets and duplicate or edit existing ones. If you find a mistake in a set or want to add terms to a vocabulary list, you're out of luck if you don't have an account. With an account, you can create the perfect set of study materials, tailored 100% for you and what you need to learn. And while we believe strongly that an account can help you be more successful, we won't force you to create one if you simply don't want to. But we hope you will want to — if not for yourself then perhaps for others.

Having an account means being part of the community

Millions of people use Quizlet every month. One reason it's been so successful is because people in the Quizlet community take the time to create, curate and share study sets. To our mind, this active participation by Quizlet users is what makes Quizlet unique — and what helps us continue to grow and get better. Account holders who create and share new sets help improve Quizlet for everyone, and we want to see more of that!

Everything free is still free

One thing I think is important to stress is that this isn't a paywall. We're encouraging users to sign up, but we haven't made changes to our paid plans. Students, teachers and everyone else who relies on Quizlet to help them study can keep using it for free.

If you don't have an account, you may be limited in the amount of listed content you can view on a set page, but you can still use all of the same study modes you always have. Teachers: Rest comfortably knowing that nothing has changed about Quizlet Live. You can fire up an impromptu game anytime you want, and students can join it without signing up or logging in

That's the simple but important change that current Quizlet account holders may never see. If you don't have a Quizlet account and are prompted to create one — please consider joining us and becoming an active member of our community!