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We've gotten a lot of requests from teachers and students alike who have wanted the ability to embed Quizlet flashcards into their website or blog. We've had an embed code for Scatter for a long time, but what about the flashcards themselves? What about Learn mode?

Now, all three of these study modes are embeddable! Add a little Quizlet to your own website using our new embed feature:

Just click the link, and select which of the three modes you'd like to embed:

You can also easily link to Quizlet or share your sets with friends by using either the HTML link or the Short URL that will be automatically generated for you.

Once you've embedded a certain mode, you can always switch between study modes by using dropdown menu located in the lower right-hand corner of the embedded feature:

Don't forget your sets must be public in order to embed them!

Click here to see an example of each embedded feature. How will you use Quizlet on your website? We'd love to hear about it!


  1. Heyy

    haha 1st comment

  2. Heyy

    this is so cool now we can do it in class as an activity
    second post
    saay whaaaaaaaat!!!

  3. mrs.t

    will this have a high scores list on it, like it does here on Quizlet? my class loves to get competitive!

  4. ctyonahl

    cool idea! 3rd comment :P

  5. Jacqueline

    This is awesome!! Thank you!! :)

  6. LOLgirl

    Good job quizlet! rock on 7th!

  7. Ms. Hale

    Looking forward to using this on my blog! Thanks so much Quizlet.

  8. eiozza

    thats cool. i should tell my teachers that

  9. Erin

    thats a good idea

  10. jamieshore

    brilliant!!! :-)

  11. Michael

    LOL at Trolll. Keep trollin'. They hatin'.

    Though with special HTML and some CSS it's not that hard to embed something into a website. But this option sure is more convienient. Thanks!

  12. Josh

    Love it! I am also still hoping that we can make embeddable lists like "Spanish II: Unit 3"

    But this is awesome!

  13. Sol

    Thank you so much!

  14. rfantster

    The embed idea is extremely COOL!

    I really wish however that you guys would support math symbols.
    Have you looked into anything like MathJax?
    That capability would make Quizlet much more appealing for us math folks.

    Thanks for considering,

  15. Elsie

    Great idea. :)

  16. Alice

    Quizlet youmhave your ways of doing the most outstanding things......but see, there is just ine little problem. You have no games what so ever!!!!!!!! Do you not know how much kids love games because they love them. And all of you DAILY BLOGGERS are little nerds that are addicted to studying and stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. mptshw

    this is great both my friend and i have software to help build sites now i can put these waesome sets on my sites! thi is sooooo cool

  18. mptshw

    sorry for misspelings i am typing from a dsi :(

  19. Anonymous

    cool thanks quizy

  20. HarryPotterRocks

    SWEET! too bad i don't have a website...

  21. studypixel

    great job...

  22. ehpeacegirl

    OMG! thnx so much. thats soo cool. p.s. anybody who answers after me, please add how much they like the smiley face i created. it is a bat. ^*@*^

  23. Emma

    Um... yeah. I kinda agree w/ Alice. Games would be nice, but you dont like NEED them or anything. Also, I think the embed is REALLY AMAZING! thats a cool bat. lol -Emma p.s. only educational games, or else i cant go on here like EVER!!!! thnx!

  24. starbucksgirl_101

    thats cool, but i dont have a website. some people think quizlet needs more games. I disagree. <3 <3 <3 QUIZLET!!!!!!!!!

  25. nonsous

    lovem this, can't let go

  26. deonta7

    i agree

  27. lily

    hi everyone :)

  28. Michelle

    Awesome. What's embed?

  29. No

    Use quizlet to look up the definition of embed :P.

    It's basically putting a quizlet app (probably flash?) in a box on a website.

  30. Sarah

    omg!! cooool!! i <3 quizlet!! it helps me so much to study word masters!!

  31. Jub3r7

    Is it not possible to embed space race, or is that just not on the example website?

  32. Alice

    Quizlet as much as we are asking you are still not putting games on this site. you suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Jiahao

    I have some comment about it. I try to embed it to my blog, but it seems that the height of the iframe is limited to 300px. Is there anyway to have it heighter?


  34. @Alice

    maybe they are still trying to think of a game, we aren't helping much when we aren't even giving ideas

  35. pmckenney


  36. deeztx


  37. ~~~

    you are joking, right? this has helped me so much! got a 100 on a test at school and all i studied with was this. Thanks Quizlet!

  38. nick

    @bob and Alice- you two are insane. quizlet so helpful. if you dont like it then go somewhere else

  39. i agree, if your crazy weird minds dont like Quilet go complain somewhere else ( makes angry face)

  40. nameless ;)

    this is great! :)

  41. a+gal

    great idea!

  42. McGirl

    This is so cool!! If I had a website, I would TOTALLY use it! And if I GET a website, I will TOTALLY use it!

  43. astonerook

    This is awesome

  44. ujtrj

    <a href="" rel="nofollow">Voir et Devoir</a>

  45. anonomous

    cool! :)

  46. scottjhilton

    In the new flashcard view, when I click on share, there doesn't seem to be an embed link, only twitter, facebook, and quick link. Where did the embed link move to?

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