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Love Quizlet Live? Excited about our new diagrams feature? Now you can use Quizlet’s engaging, team-based game to review diagrams in class! With a special two-week free trial of Quizlet Teacher available exclusively so you can try out Quizlet Live with Diagrams, your students can start benefiting from collaborative gameplay and visual learning in your classroom today.

Quizlet Live with Diagrams means you can play the game with terms or definitions as prompts, and your diagram’s locations as answers. It’s easy to choose which combination students will see each round, giving you more control over what your class focuses on.

Now, when you go to start a game of Quizlet Live, you’ll see four options:

  1. Prompt with terms, have students answer with definitions
  2. Prompt with definitions, have students answer with terms (NEW)
  3. Prompt with definitions, have students answer with diagram locations (NEW)
  4. Prompt with terms, have students answer with diagram locations (NEW)
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Depending on how your set is composed — terms and definitions, terms and locations or all three types of inputs — you can select which way you’d like to play. Try it out by clicking the “Live” button on this diagram set.

One more exciting change: Quizlet Live aficionados might notice that we’ve lowered the number of students and terms required to start a game — you’ll now be able to play Quizlet Live with just four students on any set with six or more terms and definitions or locations. Hurray for small groups!

Try Quizlet Live with Diagrams today

These three new ways to play Live — definitions → terms, terms → locations and definitions → locations — are available as part of our Quizlet Teacher upgrade. As a Quizlet Teacher, you’ll also have access to advanced content creation features (upload your images and add unlimited locations to diagrams), student progress data and additional Quizlet Live customizations.

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Want to play Quizlet Live on your diagram sets, but haven’t upgraded yet? Unlock a two-week free trial of Quizlet Teacher to try out these features. To start your free trial:

  1. Login or sign up for Quizlet
  2. Choose a diagram set and click the “Live” button
  3. Select a question type with diagram locations as answers
  4. Click “Try it for free” and start your game
  5. Have fun playing Quizlet Live with Diagrams!

Once you’ve played a few rounds, make sure to enter our Quizlet Live with Diagrams Giveaway for a chance to win Quizlet Teacher for your whole school!

And, as always, we’d love to hear your feedback — your insights continue to make Quizlet the best it can be. 😊