It's the day you've all feared.

The Ads have arrived!

The dreaded. The unsightly. The annoying. The Online Ad.


Quizlet's different, hopefully?

I'm now experimenting with a little advertising on Quizlet.

You know what I hate? Big stupid flashy banner ads. I bet you do too. So Quizlet doesn't have those ads. It now has nice, unassuming, text ads. They should be relevant the page material as well - an ad on an SAT set might have a link to an SAT studying website. As the ads get more established on Quizlet, they'll become more relevant. They might be a little off-topic for now, so sorry about that.

Right now, there are ads in three places: the top right corner of the home page (for logged in people), a small one at the footer (for all pages, except the sign up and create/edit set pages), and a medium-sized one in the middle of the set page.

I want to stress that this is an experiment. If the ads get in the way, I'll get rid of them. Running Quizlet is cheap, but not free. And hey, why shouldn't I make money on what I've created? :) Just remember - it's users first, money second. Ya, something like that.

I know this might be controversial, so I really really want to hear what you think. Hit up the comments :)


  1. Pyotr

    Hm... I see the "Ads by Google" icon, but no ads.

  2. mike

    i haev to say these google adds are integrated nicley and arent really distracting at all.

  3. Basheer

    I think they are nice and tasteful. However, the active users of the Discuss box might find it less obtrusive if the ad showed one instead of two ads.

  4. tom

    I don't like these stupid ads.

  5. Fyorl

    @tom: Then install the Firefox AdBlock extension...

  6. Miki

    Google Ads are good for helping, but I really don't like ads.

  7. JP

    Maybe some of those Orbitz ads, you know, the game ads. Or maybe those ones with Lincoln and Washington dancing because morgage rates have gone down...

  8. Nik

    I don't like ads, but who does? Google's text ads aren't intrusive, and they integrate nicely. In other words, they don't hurt my experience at all, so why should I mind? And I'm really glad you're <em>finally</em> getting some money for all the work you put into Quizlet.

    I do think you should let people donate, though. And put some tiny message somewhere, along the lines of that screen shot I gave you. It could very well be a lucrative source, since people love Quizlet so much, and personal messages are always cool.

  9. Sue

    err, i don't see any!

  10. Sue

    ahh, sorry. i forgot, i have adblock :D

  11. Jane Doe

    Usually ads bug me but these ads are nice and small. I hardly see them!

  12. alicia

    These ads are OK. They don't distract me or tempt me to "shoot the bear" or "click for a free laptop". Nope, these ads are just fine.

  13. alicia

    Also they make Quizlet look a little more... I don't know, uh, professional, maybe? They take up more space. Also, I just noticed that on my SpongeBob Characters set there were links for SpongeBob. Coolio 2 da max!

  14. Pinkaboo

    Ads by Google are not annoying, great!

  15. Duality

    If it works out, then more power to you.

    Though I don't promise that I'll click on any ads, I have now disabled AdBlock for this website.

  16. NeiL Kelty

    As I told you before - they're beautiful. :)

  17. Amelia Bedilia

    They don't bother me. 8)

  18. Alicia

    They're the same googleAds I see on every blog and other site I go to, so it's not really a big deal to me. So long as they're kept unobtrusive, I'm good :)

  19. beth

    This is not in reference to the ads on your page, but I found your page from a recommendation from
    Your site was recommended as a site of the week.
    I visited your site, thinking I could recommend this to students.
    This is the first page I went to

    a page about Biomes--is this is joke?

    There isn't one term/definition here that does not have a misspelling

    Biomes a large geographical area of distinctive plant and animal gruops wich have adapted to that paticular enviromaent
    Hot and Dry Dessert tempature is hot and dry. Dont have many plants because no plant can survive the sun and heat
    Low plants Hot and dry desserts have some______ ________
    Burrow Omly animals the can suvive in the Hot and Dry Desserts (just like the Cold Dessert) are animals that
    Cold Dessert has snow in the winter insteasd of dropping a few degress like the Hot and Dry Dessert
    Cold Dessert doesnt get warm enough for plants to grow. Maybe a few mosses and grasses
    Tundra world's youngest biome
    Tundra Which biome has vast and treeless land?
    Northern Hemisphere Almost all Tundra's are located in the ________ _______
    30 to 60 miles The Tunder is also very windy. Winds can get between ____ to ____ miles
    Tundra Barely vegitation. There is mostly shrubs, sedges, mosses, lichens, grasses

  20. pixie_pie

    Wow. I guess I saw some earlier, but I never really noticed it.

  21. Ronnie G

    we've been desensitized to web ads of this type. Keep them. We thank you for all the hard work you put into developing Quizlet.

  22. beaverfanka

    the ads are nice. i thought they might slow the website down, though.

  23. Arthaey

    You deserve to make a little bit on the side for your product; unobtrusive text ads are a great way to accomplish that.

  24. Patrick

    Yeah not distracting at all

  25. Andrew

    Beth, I'm sorry to see that happened. Mistakes are an inherent problem with user-generated data. Everything on Quizlet has been uploaded by users themselves, and the quality ranges from perfect to messy. I encourage you to give Quizlet another shot though - there's a lot of really good information on here. And besides, you can always upload your own, well-edited sets and share them with students.

    To everyone else, thanks for the feedback. It sounds like they might stick around for awhile...

  26. Breeauna

    THe ads are perfectly fine by my standards!

  27. srcarlos

    I echo Nik. The adds are barely noticable and I think you should ask for a donation. Andrew should be rewarded as we are being rewarded by his website.

  28. Amber

    Don't sweat the advertisements. You have every right to generate some revenue from the site, and google is a great way to do it! If people are concerned about donations, they might want to click on ads that interest them.

  29. Megan

    I don't see any ads....dose anyone???

  30. i like that they match the website with their bluetasticness
    but the ones on the left hand side on the set pages mess up the screen on a mac running safari (if you go near them a big yellow box pops up out of the curser wih more detailed info about the website)

    maybe you should try having them on the sides of other pages and just on the top and bottom of the set page
    also, you could get picture ads for the dashboard page because they are probably high traveled and i dont think people would much care, plus they would fit and also bring in more funds than the google ads

  31. Heiswhoisnameless

    Adblock blockes them out

  32. FYI:
    on many of the pages there are advertisements for other flash card/memorization tool websites :'(

  33. Nik


    What exactly happens? I haven't been able to duplicate that in Safari myself - it is true that when you hover over some links on the site, such as your username in the top right corner, link information appears in a yellow box - but that doesn't happen to me for the ads.

  34. Daniel

    The ads on the right side of the page are fine, but the ones on the bottom of the homepage make these links:

    Copyright © 2005-2007 Brainflare, Inc. Happy Studies!
    About Quizlet | Blog | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service

    ....look like this:

    Copyright © 2005-2007 Brainflare, Inc.

  35. Daniel

    I also noticed that some of the time the "Random Term" box overlaps with the advertisement in the upper right hand corner. Maybe you should consider moving the advertisement below "Random Term."

  36. JP

    Andrew, the ads are blocking the play again button on scatter! This makes me(a person who likes to play scatter a lot) very sad! :-(

  37. Helen

    Wow, wow and wow!
    What a great application.
    Why did no-one tell me about this before?

    Brilliant - thank you. And do whatever you have to do to keep going. If that means ads, so be it.

    You're a star

  38. Stapler117

    Ads? Where?

  39. alicia

    Stapler117- Maybe you have Adblock or something, so you can't see them. Or maybe you just didn't notice them. OR MAYBE YOU'RE BLIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :D

  40. sam

    no dont put advertisements on it! nooooooooooo

  41. alicia


  42. Amelia Bedilia

    These ads are so cool! If you go to my American Idol group, there are sets about Sanjaya! :o

  43. grant

    Google adds are fine. What you should never do is put those adds that are like: "How may soda cans can you shoot!!! Hit FIVE and WIN an IPOD!!!" Please. Save us the pain of those intrusive flash heavy adds!!

  44. Steve

    Adblock Plus FTW!

    ...Ubuntu Linux FTW, too.

  45. /gradster(1)/

    @ people who hate ads: Too bad.

    @Jalenack: Nice way to generate income. I don't mind, though it's nice when you can say (smugly, of course) that your site doesn't have ads...

    It's okay though, I haven't even noticed until I read the post and no I do not have adblock so yes I am able to see them.


  46. Fred

    I don't mind small ads
    You deserve getting some money for this website!!

  47. GlappileEtent

    i actually enjoy all your writing choice, very remarkable,
    don't give up and keep posting since it simply very well worth to follow it,
    excited to look over a whole lot more of your current web content, goodbye!

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