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Fall for Quizlet Live this year — and win $1,000 for you and your classroom

Teachers · Posted by Amalia  October 29, 2019

Notice anything different about Quizlet Live lately?

Like the change in seasons as the earth orbits the sun, you can now change the way you play Quizlet Live as your students make progress on the material you’re teaching:

  1. Start with classic: See definitions first, answer with terms
  2. Next try reverse: See terms first, answer with definitions
  3. Have a diagram? Go easy: See terms first, answer on the diagram
  4. Then make it harder: See definitions first, answer on the diagram

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 1.45.06 PM.png To see these options, start a game of Quizlet Live as you normally would. Playing with a diagram depends on whether the set has one. Learn more about diagrams here.

Celebrate with our $1,000 Fall Giveaway!

Update: This contest is now over and winners will be announced very soon. 🎉

To celebrate the new season and changes to Quizlet Live, we want to make an even bigger change to the lives of a few of our amazing educators.

From now through November 1st, play as many games of Quizlet Live as you can for a chance to win $1,000 for your classroom! Three lucky winners will be chosen.


  • How do you gain contest entries?
    There are a few ways to gain entries. Via the widget above, you can enter your name and email address, share the contest with others and follow @Quizlet on Twitter. The way to gain the most entries, however, is to play games of Quizlet Live!
  • What counts as a game of Quizlet Live?
    A completed 8 or 12-question session of Quizlet Live counts as one game played, and each game played counts as one entry. So if you play multiple times using the same set with the same group of students, those will all count as entries. If you play on a different set or with a different group of students, those games will count as more entries too! Note: Games played won't show up on the widget above, but we'll send an email with your stats every week.
  • I'm new to Quizlet Live — how do I play?
    You can learn how to play here. And to see it in action, click here. 🎉
  • I'm a student. Can I enter the contest?
    This particular contest is for teachers, who can start games of Quizlet Live — but you can tell your teacher about it and have them enter. I'm sure they'll thank you!
  • Where can I see the full contest rules?
    See our official rules for details. Note: No purchase necessary. Purchase does not improve your chances of winning.
  • What if I have more questions about this contest?
    For more questions, contact us at
  • What if I have more questions about Quizlet, in general?
    For other Quizlet support questions, please visit our Help Center.