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Recreate famous painting challenge: Quizlet team shares 14 creative masterpieces

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If you’ve been following along on our blog the past month, you know that the Quizlet team is dedicated to supporting students and teachers as they navigate the new remote-learning environment. Week after week, we’ve brought you our community’s tips for studying and best practices for teachers, and we’ve learned a lot in the process.

One tip we’ve been seeing over and over is to take frequent breaks from studying for mental and physical health. With that in mind, this week, we’ve got something different to share with you.

The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, which, like much of the country, is closed due to COVID-19, recently challenged its social media followers to recreate a work of art from home. After seeing the popularity of the challenge, our team decided to make our own version: the Recreate Famous Paintings Challenge.

We wanted to encourage one another to take those needed breaks and do something creative at the same time. And while we’re all working from home, participating in a common activity has also helped us all feel connected.

Here’s what the team came up with:

Seated Woman by Henry Straker - Recreated by Isabelle Zoller


Portrait of a Halberdier by Pontormo - Recreated by Laura Oppenheimer


American Gothic by Grant Wood - Recreated by Matthew Glotzbach


The Son of Man by Rene Magritte - Recreated by Brad Ramsey


Also recreated by Cat Bui

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 8.21.02 AM.png

Red Balloon by Paul Klee - Recreated by Nitin Gupta

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 8.21.36 AM.png

The Treachery of Images by Rene Magritte - Recreated by Marlena Baker


Self-portrait dedicated to Dr. Eloesser by Frida Kahlo - Recreated by Lauren Cruz

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 8.22.09 AM.png

A Good Drink by Eduard von Grutzner - Recreated by Bryan Lopuck

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 8.23.44 AM.png

Portrait of a Man (Self Portrait?) by Jan Van Eyck- Recreated by Annie Wolff

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 8.24.35 AM.png

Portrait de Louis XIV by Hyacinthe Rigaud - Recreated by Bryan Lopuck

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 8.25.19 AM.png

Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear by Vincent Van Gogh - Recreated by Isabelle Zoller

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 8.26.00 AM.png

Tournee de Chat Noir by Theophile Steinlen - Recreated by Kory Kolves

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 8.26.43 AM.png

Bay Horse and White Dog by George Stubbs - Recreated by Amy Obana

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 8.27.19 AM.png

We hope you’ve enjoyed our foray into fine art! The team had a great time staging these paintings with what they had at home. The challenge was an excellent way to blow off steam and build community during these uncertain times.

“We were thrilled about the high levels of participation and the excitement and fun people seemed to have in seeing everyone’s interpretations,” said Quizlet Workplace Team member, Isabelle Zoller. A big kudos to the Workplace Team for the idea and the incredible artists at Quizlet who participated.

Which one was your favorite? Would you implement this challenge in your own classroom - or with a group of friends? Share with us in the comments below. 🤔


  1. mcdevittlibrary

    Delightful! What a nifty idea! Congrats for such creative thinking! So good that I may steal it for a project!

  2. BryannaF-113

    This is amazing! Like the American Gothic by Grant Wood - Recreated by Matthew Glotzbach.

  3. lori_sam

    So fun!

  4. Roscoe79

    Well, the dog has my vote, next up, daughter of cat lol!!!1

  5. Grace_Brown1229

    "Daughter of cat" was so hilarious! I would love to do this challenge with my class! #Quaranteam #TogetherAlone #StayingHomeSavesLives

  6. Maria_Garces3

    Amazing! Loved it! Please put some more fun posts, Jose, we need some encouragement in these hard times. Please let's help and make each other laugh. Remember, laughter is the best medicine. #togetherwecanbeatcovid-19

  7. i_eats_pie

    Very Creative(✿◕‿◕✿)

  8. Pentecostal-Girl

    Awesome! Very funny! Need more of it in these days. Thanks Jose for the laughs XD

  9. Pentecostal-Girl

    My Favorites were:
    > Portrait of a Halberdier by Pontormo - Recreated by Laura Oppenheimer
    > American Gothic by Grant Wood - Recreated by Matthew Glotzbach
    > Bay Horse and White Dog by George Stubbs - Recreated by Amy Obana

  10. quizzi-pilots-champ

    "Daughter of cat" made me stop and look. That one was the best!

  11. AlainnahE

    Awesome!!!😂 I love it!!!😍


    I loved ❤️All these really good and funny 😆 posts
    Please make more!!!

  13. Skipper_Rorgus


  14. thanehaun

    the dog is so great

  15. Noparticipation2

    Portrait de Louis XIV by Hyacinthe Rigaud - Recreated by Bryan Lopuck Was my favorite. I could not look at it without laughing! LOVE THIS IDEA!!

  16. dolphinlover424

    I love it!! So creative. I will do one right now! LOL!!😀

  17. joshua6141

    Awesome idea!

  18. SraLui TEACHER

    I offered this challenge to my Spanish students. They were so creative in how they recreated the various works of art. Love it!

  19. jaclynhussey

    lol bruh, i love this

  20. Esmefromthe1930s

    I would pay for the cat one.

  21. Destroyer2_Nazgul

    Dude that's hilarious, I love the cat/apple one

  22. greathorsey PLUS

    A Good Drink is really good. We actually did this for school with paintings from the Renaissance. So not sure who had the first idea... It's really fun and educational!!!

  23. AnnaHaynes8

    Those are super creative! I love them! These are hilarious.

  24. PlatypusGamerman

    very y e s

  25. butrflymt

    Haha, this is very funny!

  26. val888888888

    haha I loved the tournee du chat noir, the cat looked very proud

  27. LF_Clark

    What a creative way to have fun!

  28. quizletteJSH

    SOO FUNNY! I loved the cat one with the apple in front of his face. So cute!!

  29. trixter202 GO

    My family did a few!

  30. Merric_Kerger

    i like turtles and cheeks girls cheeks

  31. lboyd4623

    these are sooo good and some funny

  32. rachel_jane_ward

    sooo cool!!!

  33. rachel_jane_ward

    i think my favorite is a good drink . who is the real person???

  34. Lorelei_Escobedo6

    Daughter of Cat! XD
    These were all so creative and funny! But I think it shows what people do in quarantine! XD

  35. Zoe2734

    That is so cool!

  36. kapelsu

    I really needed this. People are so creative! I loved this!

  37. bry259msd

    that was an awesome idea!!! no monalisa?!?!

  38. GraceComboni4th

    I really enjoyed the creativity in the "Bay Horse" and the "Tournee Du Chat Noir." Thanks, Jose Gallegos

  39. GraceComboni4th

    But, I really love all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Puppyqueen422


  41. kevolution

    Possibly the best efforts I've yet seen!

  42. ThunderbirdShadow99 PLUS

    So awesome! Loved seeing everyone's creativity. ;)

  43. blackcheetah1922


  44. houseof3boys

    A good drink reminds me of the portrait of the monks with the wine casks in Harry Potter

  45. vincelopez23312

    나는 엘리베이터에서 똥을 가져 갔다. 이 똥을 완전히 새로운 차원으로 끌어 올리고 있습니다.

  46. DaNgO_mAnGo100

    wow this is a LEGEND here

  47. Skipper_Rorgus

    What we need is the scream, imagine replicating that one! #Scream if ya'll agree! Happy May Day everyone!🌸🌺🌈🦄☔️🌼

  48. Flamingo_dat_Rat

    this is beautiful!

  49. australian_chickens

    This was amazing! Loved it!

  50. J0HNNYF0NT3N0T

    Very interesting

  51. SarahNuzzolo

    I liked "A Good Drink" These are really creative ideas, thanks for the hope team!

  52. JeanmarieBoben

    Enjoyed this a lot Quizlet folks -- made me chuckle and want to play too!

  53. LF_Clark

    My favorite was probably Seated Woman and I liked Daughter of Cat. Thanks to all the Quizlet Team for their hard work and creativity!! :)

  54. sharon_rideaux


  55. MajesticSaphira

    I just LOVE all the ones with animals. How did they do that? But nonetheless, our awesome people did geat too!

  56. katie13n5

    I'm just laughing how they are taking it so seriously. hahahahaha its good tho. lololololol

  57. LadybugRuth PLUS

    hahaha that is so funnnyyy!!! thank you for the laugh!!

  58. mmedsharwood TEACHER

    These are awesome!

  59. PotterOtterLover

    So cool!

  60. Idris310306


  61. Chloe_Alba_0906

    Great recreations!

  62. Chloe_Alba_0906


  63. katiecreatie

    Cool! This is great :)))

  64. Simon-pe

    wow the cat is so cute

  65. ILYty0701


  66. muzzy16 TEACHER

    Bryan Lopuck's two portraits are fantastic!

  67. mintan TEACHER

    Such a brilliant idea and what fun! Thanks for sharing

  68. iphigenieceleste PLUS

    Wow, amazing!

  69. itsagr8day

    This looks so fun! 😎

  70. SolveigSalomaki

    Thank you! Loved the black cat. By the way, what is his job in the quizlet team?

  71. osirisjasso TEACHER

    So creative!

  72. mfaithk

    Great idea! So funny!

  73. DiegoG2004LPS

    Awsome idea, so funny should let other bods add there own

  74. pusheen_bean

    This was very entertaining.

  75. LiamMarshall-Stark

    Cool Pictures!

  76. Lisa_Dayan-Berish PLUS

    These are great!! Loved them all.......especially Bryan Lopuck's!

  77. cmcclain04

    Good job everyone!!!
    I really enjoyed looking at your pictures/paintings!

  78. AlainnahE

    My favorite is the "American Gothic"

  79. kestrel3428

    Wow {•o•} Keep it up guys!

  80. LLLRoom20

    really funny

  81. wcarniglia


  82. Gimly1223


  83. Samkeller1010

    These are all so cute and creative! :)

  84. cami5610

    All of them are really creative and cute!!!!

  85. livvyliv22

    I love these!!!!! :D
    I would love to do one of these!!! And I love the dong and horse one!!!

  86. UnicornNa001

    Cool cool

  87. heart4orphan

    Very fun. I like 'A good drink' the best.

  88. joshmarriott2005

    I though all of these were funny

  89. raquel200312

    I liked the Frida Khalo one best! Great Job!

  90. catyeti PLUS

    I'm a cat lover , so naturally I loved the Son of Cat , but I think the American Gothic is the best.

  91. Caidencepapka

    that is so awesome lol

  92. AC363

    They look amazing!

  93. KaelSmith042304

    Loved this!!!

  94. TyTheDeerHunter

    XD I was that creative

  95. Joshua_Sturgeon6

    Cool idea

  96. adriannaG1212

    We also did this but paintings from the Boston Art museum.

  97. blackcheetah1922

    This is just so creative! #creativeirus also great job these look so close to the originals. So cool #Helpers

  98. Montanaskye2005

    Love the idea! #creativequarantine #makedo #creativity

  99. Montanaskye2005

    I like the American Gothic by Grant Wood - Recreated by Matthew Glotzbach

  100. J1c2hayes PLUS

    My vote is for the vote. Lol XD

  101. J1c2hayes PLUS


  102. Olivia16231


  103. JJ_Swamp_Foxx

    I liked "Portrait de Louis XIV by Hyacinthe Rigaud "- Recreated by Bryan Lopuck

  104. Gymnasticsgirl0910

    thank you for this, it made my day, and now I am going to have to figure out how to create one!😂😀😁😉

  105. MadisonL5353

    this is so creative good job

  106. incredible-MARCUS

    This is how you know too many people have too much time on their hands. Very creative and fun though. :)

  107. Gabriella1234580

    the dog and the horse tho !!!!!

  108. HORSEIS17

    The girl who did fredia was so pretty. I think that was my favorite. Then a good drink. And I laughed at the king Louis one! What was that on his head?!?🤣

  109. TannerJennings2410


  110. loveirishdance

    I love the portrait of a halberdier hahaha

  111. superior_rob0622


  112. JNF17

    quarantine be hittin hard do

  113. Hira_Sabir3


  114. isamact

    this is so funny and cool! hahaha

  115. Gemmalyn1979

    it's funny and at the same time so creative indeed...

  116. a8z

    Very creative! A surefire way to keep yourself entertained, especially during such an unprecedented time. It has brought many to smile. We definitely would need this as the negativity of the whole situation caves in on us. Great work to those that participated! :) ^____^

  117. RED_FERN3

    Awesome Idea!

  118. MmeVChapman TEACHER

    I love it! This is brilliant!

  119. Makayla_Brighton

    so cute!!

  120. DiegoG2004LPS

    wow so cool

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