Hey again. I'm working on a super-slick new preference for customizing your accents and symbols. Any language you enter will be supported. Click on the image below for a preview:


You can enter as many symbols as you want, and they can be anything you want. If you want to enter a Japanese alphabet, for example, just copy and paste all the characters into the "custom" box and click save. Additionally, Quizlet will figure out all the custom accents that your friends (from your groups) are using, so you can just copy theirs. For example, the Japanese Learners can all share their symbols together.

Tell me what you think! This should be available in the next few weeks. Later. -Andrew


  1. Fyorl

    Sounds like a great feature. Especially for learning languages like japanese where I can never find any of the characters I need...

  2. Nik

    That's great, Andrew! When I first heard about your ideas to add accents add symbols, I just figured you'd put in a few libraries, like for Japanese, German, Hebrew, etc. That would be great, but this custom feature is a lot better. It offers the ability to accomplish a lot. I really like your implementation.

    Of course, you could still save some work for people by providing a few pre-made libraries that they could choose to use, for the most popular languages. This would save some work for people, and would be really nice for less tech savvy users who have trouble, for instance, locating or entering Japanese or Chinese characters.

  3. Registered99

    That is a nice-looking feature. What do you think about a batch-adding function, separating each symbol by a comma?

  4. Andrew

    Hey, I'm not sure about the tons of libraries - I don't want this page to be endless. Perhaps I'll do a mootools accordion or something. Registered99, hmmmm :)

    Also, one thing I've added to my prototype since I created that screenshot is funny punctuation characters - ¿ and €, for example. -Andrew

  5. NeilKelty


    I see these becoming a mirror of the sets, (sets of accents) - but not really. I really wouldn't worry about limiting the size of these.

  6. Tim

    This will be very handy for all my science and engineering courses I am taking. Can it do things like superscript and subscript?

  7. Tummai

    I think this will be more useful for math/science symbols rather than for languages like Japanese or Chinese. I am in the Japanese Study Group, and I can't imagine a scenario where making a symbol-list for Japanese characters would be easier or quicker than just typing in the words by the standard Japanese-input method.

  8. HEwhoisnameless

    Timmai, i am learning japanese, how r u able to input it

  9. Andrew

    Yes, ideally the accents feature wouldn't even exist. I don't use it, because I know the secret codes on my keyboard :) But it's there for people who don't know how to input the characters they need. So for people who don't know the standard Japanese input method, they'll be able to use the custom symbols feature. Same goes for people trying to learn French but not knowing the way to input french accents.

    Hope that clears up my thinking on the matter.

  10. Well this is certainly going to make Attic Greek a lot easier.

  11. Registered99

    I use this accent feature often, as my laptop doesn't feature a seperated notepad, requiring me to divert half my keyboard to numpad in order to type key codes.

  12. Ioannus de Verani

    Wow! That looks great! I can't wait...

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  18. where do you find this option any way in the quizlet.. that would be nice thank you.

  19. NHW12345

    Awesome! My favorite accent is British. I also like Scottish, Southern, and Italian accents.

  20. MelanieRioux TEACHER

    Is it possible to get this feature on the web application as well ? When my student are running a test, the small windows with all available accents is not displayed. This is needed when you learn French with a Qwerty keyboard...

  21. Elanor_T

    This would be so amazing. I have a math set that only requires two special characters, and I really would like to be able to only have those two special characters to choose from as opposed to the whole alphabet of math special symbols to search through, especially because I want to be able to complete the set quickly.

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