From September 15 - October 15, time is taken to appreciate and honor the contributions of Hispanic and Latinx Americans to the culture, history and heritage of the United States. Originally started as “Hispanic Heritage Week” under President Lyndon Johnson, President Ronald Reagan expanded the week to cover a 30-day period and it was enacted into law on August 17, 1988.

This is also a significant month for many Latin American countries. September 16th is dia de la independencia for México, and Centroamerica celebrates independencia on the 15th of September.

Latinx influences in pop culture can be seen in a variety of ways. In the music industry, for example, artists like Luis Fonsi are breaking billboard music records while artists such as J Balvin, Bad Bunny and Prince Royce continue to top the charts with reggaeton and bachata hits as well.

Need some ideas on how to bring Hispanic Heritage Month to life inside your classroom? Check out Scholastic’s 24 Great Ideas for Hispanic Heritage Month

And of course, here are some Quizlet study sets on Hispanic Heritage you can use today with your students (Quizlet Live, anyone?):
Hispanic Heritage
Mexican Independence
Central American Geography
Spanish Vocabulary (School)
Spanish Literature Authors

¡Feliz mes de la Herencia Hispana-- logra todos tus objetivos! Estoy orgulloso de mis raíces latinas.

Be sure to @Quizlet on Twitter or Instagram with any of your classroom moments celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month! And, it’s never too early or too late to teach Hispanic Heritage, so @ Quizlet anytime with great lessons!

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  1. kw5642

    ¡Feliz mes de la Herencia Hispana!

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    Bunas Tardes

  3. CampanaD039

    I'm glad that the Hispanic people are being recognized for their hard work and contribution to the United States. We can't run ourselves, you know. where did you think avocados came from?

    Avocados from Mexico!

  4. Pentecostal-Girl

    ¡Hola, solo quería que todos supieran que Jesús es increíble para mí y mi familia! Él siempre está ahí para nosotros! #JustTrustHim

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    Hola everyone! I don't know much spanish, but Hispanic people are muy bien people! Happy Hispanic Heritage Month and thanks for all you do Hispanics!

    @CampanaD039 Yu're saying what i'm think!

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    Muy bueno amigos!!

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  9. LiamMarshall-Stark

    Ritchie Valens, "La Bamba", was also of hispanic heritage.

  10. LiamMarshall-Stark

    https://quizlet.com/join/YDPq5E9UA This class is for anyone who loves music. And if you have a music related set, please join and I will add your set.

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    Hola, bienvenidas!

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    Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

  16. hey_its_jazzyj

    How about we do not disrespect the Hispanic/Latino communities in the comments. thank you. :-)

  17. gta562

    this is dope

  18. Colangelo-Spanish TEACHER

    Please respect Hispanics in the comments. This a site for education and educated people and it is NOT for race-hatred. Besides COLOMBIA is written with O, it is NOT Columbia..

  19. MrAlgarin GO

    Felicidades a todos en la celebración de la "Herencia Hispana". Esta es una forma de mostrar respeto a la inclusión y a la diversidad. "Mis respetos a todos"

  20. santiagoapex12

    Hola Feliz Dia,hi have a good day

  21. Mary-rg

    I'm not hispanic, but Happy Hispanic Heritage month!!
    Also, STOP HATING. If you have something nasty to say (and there's a reason why it's called nasty) then keep it to yourself.

  22. shamar_burke13377

    I got a B+ in Spanish class to i'm pretty sure this month celebrates me too

  23. Elijah_P_66 PLUS

    Si me gusta!

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    so pretty

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    your good

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    That is cool

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    you should play senorita by shawn mendes and camilla cabello while we study on quizlet

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    YASSS that is a great idea! I love that song!!! DO It!!!!

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  30. ParkerFam7

    October 14th is my bday! So... that means that this celebration thingy goes through my bday!

  31. ParkerFam7

    October 14th is my bday! So... that means that this celebration thingy goes through my bday!

  32. JohnPaulB1

    Nice! 😃

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  34. JohnPaulB1

    Does anyone think that La Bamba is a good song?

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    Happyyyyyyyyy spanic heritage

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    Mi familia es Nicaraguense, Happy Hispanic Day!!!

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    SENORITA! lol i love that song!

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    I love that song too!

  43. thea301 PLUS

    though i dont speak Spanish

  44. latifa6021

    I love it make me happy

  45. Cassini_Huygens_21

    Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!! I have many friends who are Hispanic. Makes me proud that their culture is being celebrated :)

  46. bby_lxon

    ¡Feliz mes de la Herencia Hispana! It's great to have a month to celebrate the hispanic culture and to show that you appreciate them! :)

  47. greatmisery

    Gracias for the info though;

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    Happy Hispanic Heritage Month yayyyyyy!

  49. dg18924

    I don’t speak Spanish though

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    mi comida favorita es nigatoni y la salsa de marinera

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    Estoy tan feliz de que tengamos un mes para celebrar la maravillosa cultura de los hispanos.

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    Como estas?

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    es tan Buenos tener un dad como este

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    Feliz Dia, A todos!

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    hi i'm from haiti

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    como estas amigo

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    こんにちは!!!! I’m reyyyyy

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    ¡Feliz mes de la Herencia Hispana!

  64. Aliyana_199129

    This is so nice that we are being recognized

  65. katie13n5

    I never knew this was even a thing

  66. mfaithk

    xiam1 is that your profile a picture of Fitz Vacker from "Keeper of the Lost Cities" by Shannon Messenger?1 If so I LOVE that series and you just made my day!

  67. markca9

    its almost halloween

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    Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!!!!!!

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    happy Hispanic heritage month BTW i love keepers of the lost hi to any keepers fans out there

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    hola happy Hispanic heritage month

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    Yay go Dominicans

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    I dont speak spanish But happy holiday!

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    ¡Feliz mes de la Herencia Hispana! Soy colombiana y ecuatoriana.

  75. villalobosjesus

    Happy Hispanic heritage month.

  76. IanB8205

    Hola amigos! My dad is hispanic (He's from Puerto Rico) (LOL)

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    chido mexicano asta el tope

  78. LeilaniHammel2

    This is amazing. I think you should this all the time.

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    YO soy un nino

  80. Thejellybean5

    Hola todos!! Viva los Latinos!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  81. Fiorenza54

    Buenos dias, Chad y amigos hispanohablantes. Buon giorno, a tutti gli amici di lingua madre.
    ! Feliz mes de la herencia hispana! Felice Mese della Cultura Italiana.

    It's wonderful to be able to live in a country where everyone's heritage can be celebrated as it should be. We are all American, and most of us have our roots in another country. Why not celebrate the best of both worlds. I have been an Italian and Spanish teacher for many years, and I've always taught the two languages and respective cultures conscientiously and well. I have my students use Quizlet on a regular basis for the obvious reasons: The resources I have created for both my Italian and Spanish students are a great source of educational fun for my students. Blogs such as this one posted are very much appreciated, and I am very hopeful that Quizlet will be mindful in posting similar blogs to celebrate "October: Italian Heritage Month" as well. Grazie!

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    This is really cool I'm a ♥hispanic ♥ " lets go"!! 😍

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  90. Andrew-Cubs2 PLUS

    What exactly is Hispanola

  91. Andrew-Cubs2 PLUS

    I found it out-it is Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It is due south of around Montauk, NY, or Westerly, RI. That is around 100 miles west of where I live in Plainview, NY, along NY-135 and close to Suffolk County

  92. ammar694

    happy hispanic heritage month

  93. Booksaremylif3

    Today is my Birthday and yay my bday is during Hispanic heritage Month

  94. A-Stranger-Trustme

    Happy Hispanic Heritage Month, *Mi gente*! It warms my heart to know that diversity of peoples' cultures are being celebrated, and loved...--Hm! I'm feeling inspired (to) *dibujar* lil' comics in favour of this celebration! I know a decent amount of *Espanol* (Thanks, Duolingo and *la clase de Espanol*) in order to make a sensible yet realistic dialogue...*que divertido!*. I can't wait to do it! But *yo tengo que hacer* research...*Porque, yo quiero* my work to be accurate! It will be so worth it in the end, though! I gotta hurry up though...because this celebration ends on *el quince de Octobre*...Wow! that's the *dia* after *mi cumpleanos*, the 14th! (we have the same birthday, ParkerFam7!)--*Gracias*, Quizlet for reminding me about this celebration! (heh, I've really made a loooong comment here, It's because it's one of my uncontrollable habits (to) *escribir mucho*, and *yo estoy muy contento*!!) (i'm sorry if my bits of spanish is inaccurate. I used 100% memory...)

  95. A-Stranger-Trustme

    oh! I'm DEFINITELY using the Hispanic Heritage quizlet study sets shown above for my research to make my comic more accurate! Thanks again, Quizlet!

  96. ColeThomas123

    Really Liked the Article Bro <3, Love you, keep it up chad uwu.

  97. snaylor8 PLUS

    Also, Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!
    ¡Muchas gracias Quizlet por seguir siendo mi principal herramienta de estudio!

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