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Fine-tuning the new set up (email alerts are down)

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Hi. Just a quick note - the server transition went beautifully and everything is on track for the 17th's big launch. One thing that stopped working was email alerts when new sets are created for groups. I'm working with my host on that and should have it resolved by Tuesday. Tuesday, because I'm going to be gone camping Saturday morning to Monday night. I know, at such an inconvenient time :( . See you then!


  1. Mistercharlie

    Great stuff. This is exciting. I have already told so many people and they all want to sign up.
    Good luck!

  2. Neil Kelty

    Well, I'm sure it doesn't help you out much being absent like this, but oh well - at least you get to enjoy your weekend before you stress out over the launch of Quizlet. :)

  3. xXTwinniXx

    Oki doke

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