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Flashcard Touch (iPhone app for Quizlet) is free in March

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We've heard feedback from many users who all want the same thing: the ability to study Quizlet flash cards on the iPhone and iPod Touch. We are excited to announce that this can be done!

While we have not released an official "Quizlet iPhone app", there are several third-party developers who (using our API) have created applications that can access Quizlet data and allow you to study while on the go.

We'd like to highlight one app in particular today: Flashcard Touch. It's a beautiful app from our friends at Agilis Lab and they've been kind enough to make it free for the month of March! So go download it now and show it off to your friends, because it won't be free forever!

Flashcard Touch is a simple and intuitive learning tool that helps user memorize vocabularies, foreign languages, or just about anything that can be put on a piece of index card.

With Flashcard Touch, users have an instant access to millions of pre-made flashcards from the Quizlet community, the largest online flashcard sharing community with 800,000+ registered users.

Users can easily create their own flashcards using a built-in online definition feature or simply create them in Quizlet and download them onto their device.

Feature Highlights:

  • Intuitive user-friendly interface
  • Access to millions of pre-made flashcards through Quizlet
  • Online definition look up
  • Shake to shuffle
  • Fun to use!

Please note that currently you can only study public sets on apps outside of This is something we hope to change soon. But, for now, if you want to study your private set, you'll need to mark it as public first.

You can also check out the other iPhone apps, Android apps, and a Palm webOS application that let you study your Quizlet sets.

Are you a developer? We'd love to see what cool things you can build with our API.


  1. MaxRabbit

    That's awesome guys :)

    Does that mean, if you get it now, it'll be free updates forever?

  2. Agilis

    Yup. If you get it while it's free, it's free forever.

  3. Okemo

    Just downloaded it!

  4. y.m.r


  5. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for showing us this app, I would have never found it. The other flashcard apps for the iPhone/iPod Touch are not that great, but this one looks good. Thanks again. :D

  6. jmwerkus

    i love this. thanks agilis

  7. bmmurr


  8. Krunchyman

    Oh ho ho, proof that Quizlet wont stay free. Check out what they said in the blog about this app:

    "So go download it now and show it off to your friends, because it won

  9. Phil Freo

    Quizlet didn't even create this app. It's not ours. Agilis Lab (a third-party company) has created this app and has offered it free for a limited time.

  10. Krunchyman

    Yes, but the thing is: It's not staying free! Don't you realize what's happening to Quizlet? It won't stay free, it's going to become a penny-pinching site where you have to pay for everything!

  11. Krunchyman

    Pfff... You never listen, you crazy Quizlet Staff!

  12. y.m.r

    attention all users, quizlet is free for now. For now. So It won"t free.
    So we created a group. Join us now.

    if you want to have all additional features join our group boycott quizlet plus

    We need at least thirty members then we"ll convice the quizlet staff to make those features free again.

    Still not conviced look at the set called we need to stop plus orginally made by krunchyman

  13. Krunchyman

    Yes, ymr. We aren't against Quizlet staff, they just need to listen to us.

  14. Me

    You guys are crazy. Andrew knows that once Quizlet becomes a pay site, he'll have millions of students around the world picketing around his door. You guys just need to get a life.

  15. Phil Freo

    We are listening. We read all the blog comments, and we get much more feedback submitted from our Feedback page every day. The core studying experience on Quizlet will continue to be free. But you must understand that Quizlet is a business, and the only way that Quizlet can survive long-term at all is to have some premium features that are paid. While it would be nice if we could give away everything for free, we could never cover our costs that way and the site wouldn't last very long. Ads alone won't cut it.

    When people pay for Quizlet Plus, they are also funding the development of FREE Quizlet. That's how it works - we get to make Quizlet better for everyone. Getting people to boycott Quizlet Plus isn't going to help in the long-run -- trust me.

    Hope you understand and thanks for your feedback.

  16. Matt

    Wow, krunchyman and y.m.r.
    Don't be hatin'. Quizlet is perfect as is. If they get no funds, then quizlet goes bye bye :(

    Thank you sooo much for showing me this app! I'm downloading asap :)

  17. Quizlet

    we don"t hate. Have ads on all study pages to make money

  18. ThumpAstomp


  19. @@@@@@

    Ball Sack

  20. Krunchyman

    Please, listen to me. Quizlet won't stay free. If you create a program like Quizlet Plus, and add new features to Quizlet, they will ultimatly become part of Quizlet Plus. With this app, it is free for March. When users have to pay for it, it will become part of Quizlet Plus (where else would you put it?) That proves that much more of Quizlet will become part of Quizlet Plus, eventually. I understand you need the money, but this will get out of hand.

  21. Matt

    Do the ads really bother you soo much. So what if it isn't free. You're still getting a quality service for free, if you want all the features that took time and effort, just pay a few dollars for it. It's not $100 bucks.

  22. Pirate_Yoho

    @Krunchyman:'d rather have Quizlet lose money, go bankrupt, and have to shut down the site entirely? All over a ten buck membership? If you want it so bad, just pay the ten dollars. It's not expensive. Some website memberships are $30+...AND they still have a free option. It's not worth the stress or worry. Andrew and Phil have guaranteed that the part of Quizlet that has been free thus far will remain free. Only NEW features will go to Quizlet Plus. Thus, people who use it for free lose nothing of what they already had.

  23. Krunchyman

    Look - I need the ten dollars. But you're forgetting, this is a yearly thing. I would have to repurchase Quizlet several times to get the full experience for a few years. At least it should be a lifetime thing. Anyways, that's not the point. The point is, Quizlet's features may not stay free. I've stressed this many times, and nobody can say what will happen.

  24. Krunchyman

    @Phil Freo

    Phil, didn't Andrew promise that Quizlet would stay free? You can't consider Quizlet to be free with Quizlet Plus. Andrew made a promise.. Did he keep it?

  25. Agilis


    Our iPhone App (Flashcard Touch) has no affiliation with Quizlet and it will NOT be part of Quizlet Plus as we are two completely separate companies.

    Quizlet is just being nice to inform users of a way to study their Quizlet flashcards on iPhone/iPod touch and we are fully supporting Quizlet's intention by making our app free for all Quizlet users for the month of March.

    They have not taken away anything from you. Realize that.

    Please. Support Quizlet. They deserve it.

  26. Krunchyman

    I don't. Andrew Quizlet would stay free, and it doesn't. I understand the need for money, but Quizlet had a promise, and they didn't keep it. At least they won't.

  27. egsa

    ok, Krunchyman. I hate to be on your bad side, for I am a proud manager as today of Boycott Quizlet Plus. BUT! The only thing is...
    the only problem I have with this is $10 is yearly. I understand running Quizlet probably costs a lot, but I wish this could happen sometime in the near future.

    Oh, and Phil, please don't get mad at Krunchyman. ;)

  28. y.m.r

    agillis is right. Sorry.

    But look people we are trying to advertise our group to stop quizlet plus

  29. Princess The Great

    Why don't You like quizlet Plus

  30. Krunchyman

    Because it will take over quizlet. Quizlet had the promise of being free, but with Quizlet Plus, it won't stay that way. Join our group, called "Boycott Quizlet Plus."

  31. y.m.r

    phil quizlet is not a business. Also ads make lots of money take facebook or youtube.

  32. its_lara

    Can you use this for iPod touch too??

  33. Kailyn

    That is so cool! Just studied anywhere! To bad I don't have a iphone :( cool idea you guys!

  34. LOL

    hey krunchyman!
    quizlet needs the money and its not like you have to pay for using it regularly! if you dont like paying 10 dollars so much then dont! its just an option. you havnt been bothered by the adds before the quizlet plus came out. so y complain now?

  35. LS

    Wow! That's awesome! Just what I needed!

  36. Gardensnail1

    Wow, this is awesome! I can't tell you how long I have been waiting for this.

  37. Agilis


    Yes, you can use it on iPod Touch too. You need an internet connection to browse Quizlet cards and download them though. After you download them onto your device, you don't need an internet connection to study them. Enjoy!

  38. its_lara


    thanxx so much! i have been waiting for a while to be able to get something like this! :D

  39. egsa

    i was wondering why i wasn't in... :(
    i thought i was kicked out or something!
    im actually kind of glad you guys dont hate me... ;)

  40. Quizlet Plus Stinks

    Why do you have to pay for quizlet plus. Eventually, quizlet will remove all of free members privileges until you are forced to pay. Technically it will be free but free members will be able to do nothing

  41. timothy

    wooooooooooooooooooooowww. Just find another site. making a group will not help.

  42. Gardensnail1

    Oh, for ****'s sake, y.m.r, shut up. I respect their decision to add plus. All you are doing is making your cause that much more unpopular. Now, let's keep discussion on-topic: This is about the quizlet app on the iPhone/iTouch, let's keep it that way.

  43. Youngblood(school)

    I think this is great for our technolgy inclined students to use quizlet for therye ipod-iphones how "Awsome"! :D

  44. Chloe

    Please make an APP for blackberry! I have already donated to quizlet and would donate more for an APP for blackberry.

  45. sark528

    wow who cares ur lucky to have the option to have those feature

  46. sark528

    can they do that??

  47. Anonymous

    I was reading some of the earlier comments, and I have a few things to say.

    I am also against Quizlet Plus and agree that Quizlet has broken their promise. But, this app is NOT proof that Quizlet will not stay free (replying to Krunchyman). Like Agilis and Phil said, this app has no affiliation with Quizlet and just allows study on the go (this app still uses the Quizlet API, but still doesn't have anything to do with it). So don't say just because this app is staying free in March that Quizlet won't stay free, Agilis has the power to choose whether they would like to make their app free or not.

    I do agree that Quizlet probably won't stay free, but this is no proof of it.

  48. Josh (5hi5)

    I've been reading all of these comments and I'm wondering one thing, is Quizlet going to stay free?

  49. y.m.r

    I agree with anonymus post 50.

    Quizlet won"t be free We created our group to boycott quizlet plus but they deleted it several times. So they could ignore the fact users what quizlet to be free

  50. sark528

    same here

  51. sark528

    but dont boycott quizlet... they have been free for some time and I dont think that they would make so many people pay, people might do worse on tests, because I, like many others, rely on quizlet

  52. LaCroix13

    LOVE this app! I have downloaded a good majority of the flashcard apps in the app store and I feel this is by far the best! Thank you kindly for making it free this month. I am sure I will be making card sets to use with it far into the future!

  53. lulu


    y cant u just say thnx 4 making quizlet? if u dont like it, just go back 2 making regular, paper & pen flashcards. dont h8 it just bcuz its doing u a lot of good.

  54. Josh

    How bout android?

  55. Krunchyman

    Wow. Nice job with this app.

  56. carl

    nice job quizlet

  57. Timothy

    Hey Krunchyman, i thought you were against Quizlet Plus? this one you have to pay to, as you forementioned in post 8:
    "Oh ho ho, proof that Quizlet wont stay free. Check out what they said in the blog about this app:

  58. Krunchyman and ymr are cheap crybabies

    you need to chill out. if u dont want plus, dont buy it. everything else stays the same. have other people boycott plus, and it makes your quizlet version worse. you are just not very smart.

  59. Anonymous


  60. Krunchyman

    Why would you even say that? It's not very nice. ymr and I are just looking into the future to see what might happen to Quizlet and sharing it. If you think I'm annoying, don't read the comments. Sheesh.

  61. David

    They also made another one here

  62. T$

    Noice!!! Studying on the go.

  63. alex

    how can i download the crads the the iphone?

  64. Krunchyman


  65. Krunchyman

    Oh, there we go.

  66. Peter

    Wow thats so cool!!!

  67. Paula

    The thing is it doesn't update quickly the most recent sets are from days ago

  68. ymr

    @Krunchyman and ymr are cheap crybabies:

    Look we are trying to get more members for our group.
    If you don"t like it then don"t read our comments honestly.

    You have to be so mean and imature. Get a life

  69. Krunchyman

    Yeah. We do have free rights here. People have a right to talk, loudly or softly, and people also have the right to listen, or walk away.

  70. flomoe

    how can i make notecards from my laptop and transfer them to my iphone on the flashcard touch app???

  71. egsa

    thats in the bill of rights
    don't defy he prez ;)

  72. egsa

    sorry, the "he" was supposed to be a "the."

  73. Hi


  74. Jeff

    Andrew and Phil have earned the following:

    A Happy Meal (one for each), and a large shake (each).

    I don't live close enough to them to take them out to McDonald's. So I will be sending them the $10 instead. They can buy Happy Meals, etc, with them (or whatever they want). Then they'll even let me in on some of the fancy "icing on the cake" features they've been working on? Wow!

    I thought *I* was stingy, but now I see the haters, and I think I'm some kind of wild man throwin' all my Happy Meal wealth around. "Look out for Mr. Moneybags! Jeff is here, rollin' and stylin' with all my bling. Spreadin' Happy Meals everywhere he goes. He's gangsta-fabulous!"

    Gosh, you make me feel like a millionaire.

  75. Jeff

    Side note: I love Quizlet (by Andrew and Phil), and I hope (third party) Agilis will work towards incorporating the photos features into the iPhone App (if they haven't already done so).

  76. Christian

    Is it an app for iTouches also, or just iPhones?

  77. Remar

    Who else thinks that Russia bears walking the streets, and the vodka flows like water?
    And anyone can know that in this country the most beautiful girls?

  78. Krunchyman

    What??? That above comment isn't even is in complete sentences. You shouldn't be talking about beautiful girls, and stuff. Just not right.

  79. Krunchyman

    This is Quizlet, a study site, not a chat room.

  80. Archive Moderator

    @Krunchyman and other spammers/annoyances

    You've made a group to boycott Quizlet Plus? How old are you? I bet nobody pays for that anyway!

    Quizlet is free with all the features I need and they are here to stay. I don't care if Quizlet Plus takes over, let it! I just want my free features. If you feel to the urge to pay for Quizlet Plus, your just giving into you temptation.

    This site is for studying, I don't mind the ads and the limited group amount! Just get a Flickr account and upload any image you like. So study and quit wasting time on the archives.

    Yeah, It's Quizlet, so quiz yourself, enough about Quizlet PLUS. It's free with what I need and that's fine.

  81. Archive Moderator

    Okay this is creepy, I'm chatting with you on Quizlet. Look at the times. A minute after my post, you post? CREEPER!

  82. Krunchyman

    I'm just goina to stop typing. "Drop the quil" as they say.

  83. Archive Moderator

    Frankie? Is that you? Frankie, I know it's you!

  84. Krunchyman (The real Krunchyman

    I still did not write comment 84. But it's good those other comments were deleted. The person who wrote comment 84 was not me. Thankfully, the other comments he wrote are gone.

  85. Krunchyman

    Oh, sweet, Enlaliwhamima.

  86. quizlet i have a question. Why can we only have 8 groups. I mean what the heck! Dont punish the ppl that do not talk on quizlet. I did have more than eight study groups, but now i only have 8. What the heck. there are more then 8 subjects.

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  92. PatriciaPayne

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  94. Logan Katz

    this is not free it says month of march it is march im on the appstore it doesnt say free

  95. Logan Katz

    but very good for homework and studying good job, i still want my free app though!

  96. Todd Noorman

    I just went to the app store, and it's showing that it's $2.99. Is there something special I have to do in order to get it free? Thanks!

  97. Bob

    @Logan &amp; Tood

    It was March 2011

  98. dpadraigbrown

    The flashcard touch app is great for what it does, but if your phone is ever damaged or maybe the data from the app is corrupted, you're out of luck, because even though the developers allege that there is a way to export the flashcards to Dropbox, it doesn't work. I've asked the supposed developers of the app probably a dozen times how to do this and they never answer. Apparently it's their MO to create an app that falsely advertises some of its features and then fail to offer any form of support afterward. Ridiculous and inexcusable.

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