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7 Easy Ways Students Can Improve Focus

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The educational challenges that students face today while distance learning are overwhelming.

Day-to-day problems include:

  • Zoom classes where you can’t hear or worse—a classmate who hasn’t discovered the mute button
  • Sharing a bedroom with a younger sibling
  • Running out of data on your cell phone plan

With COVID-19 upending regular life all around the globe (in both big and small ways), it’s no wonder that it’s harder than ever to focus on school.

We know that school is so important and that also these are extraordinary[ily challenging] times. We want to make it as simple as possible to focus on what you need to get done to get through this semester with your sanity and your grades intact.

Below are a handful of things you can try from home that we hope make focusing on school a bit more manageable. And less stressful. 😊

1. Meditation

Now more than ever, it’s important to take care of yourself. The team at Quizlet loves using Headspace for when we’re feeling stressed or anxious. Starting the day off with a few minutes of meditation can help set the tone for the whole day.

2. Quizlet Plus

This week we are making Quizlet Plus available for 40% off, to support your study-from-home life, enhance your study sets and get you ready for any upcoming finals. Quizlet Plus lets you study without distractions; no ads and offline access give you more ways to focus on what’s important right now. In addition to more focused studying, Quizlet Plus also unlocks new ways to create the best sets including:

  • Rich text formatting
  • Advanced diagrams creation
  • Custom images and audio
  • And scan-to-create

3. Yoga

Luckily, yoga can be practiced anywhere, anytime. You’ve probably heard of Yoga By Adrienne before, but her videos are great for all levels–beginners to experts. They are great if you need a quick 10-minute break to clear your head before diving into your next class. Bonus points if you get your dog or cat to join you too.

4. Create a to-do list.

Start each day by writing down your top priorities to accomplish. Whether you use a pen and paper or a notes app on your phone, it’s helpful to see the tasks in front of you. If you like feeling ultra organized, download a fun template like this.

5. Get creative

Stimulate your brain with some creative time. Download and print coloring pages for an hour of coloring, turn on Spotify and have a solo dance party or pull out that puzzle that’s been sitting in your closet for years.

6. Try matcha

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Photo credit: Minimalist Baker

It’s no secret we all need a little motivation to get working these days. Whether we’re up late finishing an assignment, or hitting that afternoon slump, everyone could use an extra boost. We like this recipe for a matcha latte, which helps keep us focused without coffee’s usual crash.

7. Take a break

It’s easy to feel pressured to work all day and night with the lack of a normal schedule, but it’s important to give yourself a few minutes to get up, go for a walk or grab a snack. Break Timer allows you to set up customizable breaks and will remind you to take them.

As different as schools and classrooms look today, the need to find ways to focus is even more important. We hope Quizlet Plus can help provide that for you, and that when we return to a new normal — whenever that is — you’ll be in a better place than you ever imagined you could be. In the meantime, we continue to stay #alonetogether.

Any other favorite ways that are helping you focus at home? Share them with us below!


  1. Maria_Garces3

    Hello Aleah!
    Thank you for the great article! It's true that with this quarantine, it's very difficult to concentrate on school,family and the home. Thanks again!

  2. Noparticipation2

    I love listening to classical music before and while getting school done. It helps with my focus! Studies show that any music YOU like (as long as your parents are ok with you listening to it) will help you focus. Try it and see! Don't skip breakfast or stuff your face either, that makes focus hard. I love the checklist idea i use a Dailey planner. Also why does it say I can only comment one more time?

  3. LF_Clark

    if you like listening to music while you work, I recommend instrumental music, without the distractions words. And make list. I'm a list person and like getting the items checked off.

    And @Noparticipation2 it may only let you comment twice.

    Thanks Quizlet for everything!! :)

  4. samiya763

    Thank you!

  5. saritrox PLUS


  6. Roscoe79

    Great ideas! (Except I'm not a tea drinker or a contortionist) I prefer listening to soundtracks, like for Finding Nemo, or Game of Thrones! Snacks and wisdom juice are always helpful; and I enjoy coloring or drawing on Autodesk for a break! ☺️😜😁

  7. lori_sam

    I agree with all of the people who recommend music you like. Don't like any music? Try making your own. I recommend GarageBand (it's free, you can get it on the app store). You can arrange your own music, and it's very easy. Just listen to your tunes whenever you feel like it!

  8. Pentecostal-Girl

    Thanks for the tips :D

  9. Grace_Brown1229

    I usually listen to releaxing remixes of megaman songs, and make matcha milk tea. Here's a recipe from HidaMari I found on youtube: 2 tbps water, 2 tsp matcha powder, 1 tbps sugar (You can use stevia or monkfruit if you'd like, btw HidaMari used a different ingredient), 1/2 cup black tea, & 1/2 cup milk. (boba is optional since i don't like the texture.)

  10. sahanyagalpottage

    Thankyou so much!


    That student mute thing is VERY true. Thanks for all the info!!

  12. Fakhira_Afzal


  13. BakingIsMyJam

    I listen to different kinds of music every day, to test which type works best with studying/doing school! With the research I have conducted, I have made a list from the best music to "the Worst" music to use when doing school!

    1. Classical
    2. Instrumental
    3. Electronic
    4. Jazz
    5. Blues
    6. Hip Hop
    7. Country
    8. Any Music With a Language That Is Unfamiliar To You
    9. Pop
    10. Heavy Metal and Rock

    These are the genres I have tested!
    And although this list is usually pretty similar for many people, it can still vary from person to person!
    I hope this helps!

    Oh. and the whole matcha tea thing, for the record, matcha tea is one of the teas that helps you relax your mind, muscles, and helps you focus a lot more! I would try it one day!

    Thank you Mrs. Aleah Feuerborn for this helpful information!

  14. ParkerFam7


  15. hetvi2928


  16. panaifangG11415


  17. Maria_Garces3

    I could agree with the music idea, just make sure you don't get distracted with finding the right music. Trust me it's tempting

  18. kangaroo108

    Thanks that really helped

  19. MystaryPi

    I highly recommend lofi - there are thousands of playlists and collections of lofi music that really get me relaxed and in the right mindset!

  20. svarona35

    Nice tips. Thanks!

  21. butrflymt

    Cool :-)

  22. ame1iagrady

    if you're going to listen to music, try to get some without lyrics. although i usually prefer lo-fi, i also really enjoy piano versions of songs from studio ghibli soundtracks.

  23. reneequ431


  24. david123e7

    thanks for this.

  25. WorldTortise20

    I just exercise and spend time outside; it helps blood flow better and really does boost focus.

  26. sophie_raniwala PLUS

    Thank you for your tips! For music try to listen to the type without lyrics so you don't get distracted.

  27. lilianna3244 PLUS

    Thank you Aleah so much! I love all of these ideas and some of them I already did. I would recommend any of these ideas to anyone. I hope everyone is staying safe during this time. #alonetogether

  28. Zahrazaj93 PLUS

    Thank you for awesome tips. my study became much easier since i found quizlet and i am really happy to be a member of this plattform .

  29. Nugget_Parkinson

    Great ideas! I know what I will be doing instead of wasting time on my laptop now!

  30. ace_space07

    its dope man

  31. Grace_Brown1229

    If it's not too hot outside, draw, or write an inspiring message on your sidewalk with some chalk. I see dozens of people stopping to look at my drawings! #Quaranteam #TogetherAlone #StayHomeSaveLives

  32. adi_laoshi TEACHER

    take care everyone!

  33. hctang

    you can stay focused by raging on quizlet learn

  34. Beautygirl54

    Thanks, I mean you could exercise, draw, benge watch TV, play video games , cook, clean, play outside, play a board game with your family, eat, ya know anything really......🤷‍♀️

  35. Genesisps9212345

    Hello nice

  36. mkit5813

    wow i like it is good nice

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