I'm super excited to announce that I've launched forums on Quizlet. I announced my intention to build them back in March, but never got around to finessing the administration parts of it until recently.

Why forums? Because they're oh-so-useful. They can provide communication in a way that discussion can't. Last week, during my finals, I wished Quizlet had forums when my entire French class was studying at the same time, and we needed to talk about which words were going to be added to our test at the last minute. Before forums, we had to do kludges like this.

Each group has its own private forum, only viewable to members of its group. Group admins can delete individual posts and whole threads in their forums, as well as make stickies and close topics. These forum threads will be displayed in the group page as well as well as the main forum section.

There are also public forums, accessible to anyone. The goal with these is to become a language forum, where users can ask vocabulary questions and discuss usage. These forums will be closely moderated by myself and NeilKelty. Note: there is no "Lounge" forum, and I currently have no intention of making one.

By the way - I'm going to "soft launch" them today, meaning that they're a little green and not thoroughly tested. So you can only get there through your group page or by a direct link to https://quizlet.com/forums ... In the next few days -- possibly tomorrow -- there will be a link among the "My Dashboard" and "Create Set" links.

The more feedback you all have on this the better. Send in your comments!

P.S. Perhaps you're wondering about the new Learn mode. Well I was using it to study for my finals this past week and it's very sexy and all but it just isn't as useful and functional as the current one. The current one has problems, sure - it can get very stop-and-go when a lot of people are online - but it's proven to work well. I just want to make sure the new one is better than the old one.


  1. Thank you for spending so much of your free time to put new features into Quizlet. It´s really appreciated.

  2. mickey

    i'd just like to say thanks so much for doing all of this; you have no idea how much Quizlet has helped me. im also really impressed with the way youve improved this and made it so big. in addition, i kind of like the way the learn mode is now better than the other idea you had...it just didnt seem practical(except for the accents part). thanks again!

  3. :)

    Andrew, you're the best!

  4. Rachel Carson

    Hey, guys whats up?


  5. Awesome!

  6. BananaizaFunnyFruit

    That's so cool!!! good work I'm so excited for the new learn mode and the forums are amazing!

  7. laxboy

    how about a link in the general forums to language forums so we can have Japanese, Latin, German, Chinese, etc.

  8. Cheese person

    i found it plus where is mit?

  9. Andrew

    Just made some small upgrades:

    <li>Now features "On" icons just like on other parts of Quizlet.</li>
    <li>Ads! :twisted:</li>
    <li>Access to your symbols next to the post box.</li>

  10. micah

    booo :( ads are evil :PP glad to see they aren't all that visible and nice upgrades and features =]

  11. jahleel page

    ummm okayy?

  12. michelleawawn

    think u all 4 sending and posting these commentsn on my page

  13. Cheese person

    bad ads plus WHERES MIT

  14. humphycoconut

    I really like quizlet it helps me learn
    my spelling and other stuff
    i've been typing wierd stuff to though,
    only a few though for the past days.

  15. James

    Yay! Forums~
    Social networking next :D

  16. Bungalo

    What the **** are froums

  17. sophie

    "it’s very sexy and all " of course because any time of studying is sexy

  18. Nick

    very sweet! I would suggest maybe not replacing the current learn mode, but instead perhaps adding a secondary learn mode?

    [Learn - Classic]
    [Learn - Sexy]

    or something?


  19. Morgan

    i wanna chat

  20. RJ

    For those of you who don't know where MIT is, stands for "Massachusetts Institute of Technology" so, I think MIT is in Massachusetts.

  21. Uh, Andrew, can you please give a more detailed description of the forums? Well, what I mean is I don't quite understand the whole idea. And, what does it mean when a forum is sticky?

  22. hottgirl

    hey whatz up? does anyone wanna send me a message? i'll talk to u about anything and i mean anything! :)

  23. Chris N

    Thank you so much! I so wish I had forums for my Latin midterm. Quizlet ROCKS!

  24. kate

    how do u do em

  25. MayMay

    This site is amazing! It really helps with my grades. :D

  26. Cheese Person

    chris n alex has something to say

  27. Cheese Person

    ill tell u on the bus

  28. ok, Andrew please show me all the smileys on quizlet it would be much easier if i knew'em

  29. invader_zim

    quizlet rox! vocab help and discussion places, what more could i want?

  30. snoopy boy

    yo quizlet iz da funnest web eva! yo u should go todis website iight

  31. Anonymous

    You all rock!

  32. sportgirl123

    cool forums!
    :) :cool:

  33. elmiragirl92

    Hey im bored ne one wanna talk????

  34. emo 101

    you are all odd

  35. VJ

    forums are what make a website!!

  36. Roxy

    Yay, i guess..........i don't really care

  37. forgotten emo angel

    life suxs

  38. XXyerdzXX

    this is awsome

  39. dumbdrops

    quizlet is awesome! Thanks Andrew!

  40. hey andrew sorry to bot her u but culdyou make it where you can see how many peoples have viewed your set thanks KiCKER

  41. sorry its typed mistakly

  42. quizlet rocks

    i &lt;3 quizlet

  43. kat

    wat r forums?????

    wat do they do?????


  44. peter

    why did quizlet randomly go down today?

  45. VJ

    Hey all join my group, the forum group!

  46. Drummer


  47. KKK

    hola people!!!!!!!!

  48. Nik

    Fantastic, Andrew! As usual, you've put a lot of time and thought into this, and I'm sure it'll be great.

  49. Anonymous

    hey andrew, can u make it so that people can't go looking in your dashboard and viewing all o' ur groups and sets + stuff. thanks loads

  50. Anonymous

    can u make a new game?

  51. I'd rather keep that personal!

    Forums are so useful-if something is changed like the date of the big history test I'd rather not spend the day before the test studying my butt off only to find out its been delayed! Being able to poste is a life-saver!
    Thnx :)

  52. Meriina.!

    Yay i love the forums!

  53. Mad

    hi what are forums from shcs come on what are foums tell me NOW!?:?::!:

  54. :) Smile!

    FORUMS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT JOB ANDREW! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK :D :) :lol: :mrgreen:

  55. AJA01

    OMG!! Thanks SO much- LUV IT!! You're the best!!

  56. Mad

    what are forums ppl!!!!!

  57. :) Smile!

    Ok, people for the last time. Forums are like digital bulletin boards-to post news, events, etc. They are commonly used to get the word around when a date like big test is moved it helps everyone know instead of having to make into an inconvient set thing-y (see "kludges like this"). Instead you just make a forum for your group, type in what you want to say, and I'd probably put a discussion message that says to look at your new forum for updates or something so your group members know. Does that clear it up for ya??? :) :p :D :lol: :mrgreen:

  58. :) Smile!

    BTW-for an example see "forums" in the article Andrew wrote above! :) :P :D :lol: :mrgreen:

  59. :) Smile!

    It is in the first sentence-I'm super excited to announce I've launched *forums* on Quizlet.

  60. Anonymous

    i still dont get what the point of them is!

  61. nereeSmam

    good, i just made lots of different emo backgrounds for my blog

  62. epicninja


  63. cmendonc2

    too bad this is gone

  64. alejandro_quezada9

    Does Quizlet have a forum to make questions?
    The link above seems to be broken.

  65. efinahesl

    Response from clicking your *forum* link above:
    Page Unavailable
    Whoops! We have no idea what to put here!

    Great product - looking for some comments on Export/Import which isn't as functional as the rest.

  66. imran_awan

    There are also public forums, accessible to anyone. The goal with these is to become a language forum, where users can ask vocabulary questions and discuss usage. These forums will be closely moderated by myself and NeilKelty..

  67. Orndoff TEACHER

    I have just started using Quizlet in my French class. I really do like it. There are a couple of things that you may not have that would be helpful: number 1 is the ability to upload and existing audio file instead of record it at your site.

    But here is the biggest issue (and it's a bit complicated so hang in there with me):

    I started the semester using paper flashcards in boxes (each student did their own flashcards. The underlying concept I was using was the Leitner Box. I love the concept of the Leitner box with 7 levels and intermittent recall. When you are going through your level 1 cards if you get the word then you move it to level 2.

    There is a study schedule for each level. The higher the level where the card is being kept the longer the period between studying. So level 1 words you might study everyday. Level 2 every other day. Level 3 every 5 days. If you are moving a word up through the levels and miss it, say at level 6

  68. Orndoff TEACHER


    If you miss the word at let's say level 6 you go back to level 1 and you have to start through the levels again. This takes advantage of what I feel is one of the most powerful aspects of how the brain works: intermittent cold recall and a recall period that essentially doubles every level.

    Research has shown that this kind of cold recall of a word over a total scheduled period is the foundation of long term memory acquisition.

    Obviously my students need to be in control of their own deck and have a way of taking a card and moving it back and forth between levels. Is there a way to do this or approximate this?

  69. Bryan_Baz TEACHER

    Link to forums page is broken. Do quizlet forums still exist?

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