This is a contributed post by educator Shelly Stanton.

As an educator and technology integration specialist, I've seen the power of Quizlet firsthand. From boosting engagement in the classroom, to motivating students and improving their test scores, Quizlet provides valuable digital resources that strengthen every student's learning experience — and are free and easy to use!

If you currently use Quizlet and love its impact on your classroom, share it! Quizlet has a plethora of resources to help you help other teachers get started on Quizlet and liven up their learning environments, including presentation templates, handouts, certificates, and videos. Find all of these great teacher PD resources here.

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Hosting a virtual Quizlet campaign

If face to face training is difficult because of time, try hosting a virtual Quizlet campaign instead. In our district, we had 130 new teachers added at the beginning of the school year, so we used a virtual campaign as a way to:

  1. Share important information about the district
  2. Build community among staff members
  3. Give training on technology tools (like Quizlet)

A virtual campaign can be as simple as a few emails, or as complex as a 5 week challenge. Here is my Quizlet Campaign Plan, with instructional Quizlet sets, helpful resources, and sample emails to staff. Feel free to make a copy of my campaign plan to customize and use with your own teachers!

At the end of the virtual learning period, we held a live event that was great fun. We had swag from Quizlet, snacks and, most importantly, teachers being celebrated.

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Tips for running your campaign

  • To help with scheduling emails, use Boomerang
  • Ask the PTA organization to help out and buy lunch or snacks
  • If you can’t be at the event, ask a teacher to host it to show off their skills
  • Have teachers add their Quizlet sets to a shared Google Sheet for all the staff to use
  • Set up a green screen and photo booth to let teachers brag on social media that they are learning @quizlet, if you have time add a #whyiteach element
  • Just go for it! Quizlet is one of the best tools out there so share it to help our students!

Shelly Stanton became a full time Technology Integration Specialist with Billings Public School District in 2013. Before that, she was a high school teacher and Business Professionals of America advisor from 2001-2015. She is in her 4th year as a state facilitator for candidates working towards their National Board Certification and a state coach for the Teacher Leadership Institute that is sponsored by NEA, CTQ and NBPTS. Get more great tips from Shelly via Twitter, her blog and her Quizlet profile.