From history to vocabulary, woodworking and tech training, educators are coming up with creative ways to leverage the new format and context that comes with Quizlet Diagrams. Check out (and play with) a few examples from our teacher community:

1) Room Labeling Activity

“My students and I are studying objects and rooms in the home. After playing with a house diagram, the students and I decided to design and label our ideal rooms! Students helped me select pictures from the internet and label them in class. Students are doing a room label activity tonight for homework to mimic diagrams. We'll also play some Match or Live with the set when they return to class.”
- Gloria Dempsey

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 11.10.33 AM.png

2) Coaching Soccer

"I just modified this diagram from one someone else posted, but I was able to adjust it down to the level of players I coach. Essentially the only part I kept was the background (although I modified that by adding the arrows) and the whole concept."
- Matthew Nickerson

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 12.44.49 PM.png

3) Learning to Code

"Because I'm currently teaching JavaScript, the granular textual nature of the coding interface lends itself well to the color-coded visual cues in the code editor. For this lesson, I took a screenshot of a simple program that incorporates the lessons they had learned over the past unit, and put points next to a few of the commands and terms. I found this method to work better than simple flashcards, because it allows students to see the concepts within the layout that they are used to, rather than just memorizing terms, which is especially helpful for students with dyslexia and who benefit from more visual-spatial learning."
- Tim Danner

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4) Technology Training

"I teach teachers to use technology, so whenever we can model combining technologies, or using one tech tool to teach another, it's a big win."
- Matthew Nickerson

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Teachers: Have your own ideas for supporting students with this new feature? Share them with us in the comments below. 👇