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During the current outbreak of COVID-19, Quizlet’s goal is to support teachers and students around the world. To help with remote teaching and student engagement while school campuses are closed around the globe, we are providing free access to Quizlet Teacher through June 30, 2020. If you don't already have Quizlet Teacher, you can unlock your free access here — just make sure you're signed up as a teacher and not a student — and please share with other educators who could use the engaging resources that Quizlet Teacher provides.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has an impact on teaching and learning everywhere, one particular challenge for educators teaching remotely is formative assessment — understanding where students are making progress and what they know. Quizlet Teacher includes Class Progress, a formative assessment tool that can help track students' progress and give you insight into areas of strength and those that need more focus. You'll also get access to advanced content creation tools, such as diagrams and audio, which enable you to create custom study materials for your class.

I know that learning new technologies or adding something new to your curriculum can often be challenging, so the team in our Help Center is here to answer questions and help you with any roadblocks you might encounter. If you’re just getting started thinking through how Quizlet fits into a remote learning environment, our quick-start guide is a good place to begin.

Thank you for everything you do for your students. Please know how much we appreciate you and the hard work you put in every day, and especially today in these most challenging and uncertain of times.

The fine print: There is no change for any existing subscriptions. Non-upgraded teachers will be eligible to redeem Quizlet Teacher features through May 31, 2020, no credit card required. After that, new teachers who wish to use Quizlet Teacher for free can upgrade to Quizlet Teacher with a 30-day free trial. After June 30 you will continue to have access to your free Quizlet account.


  1. mrbratt TEACHER

    How about Quizlet Live for individuals?

  2. John_Hencke

    This is great but one of my "remote" students just contacted me asking if they had to pay .... I told them absolutely not. Is there some screen they may have seen that I am unaware of in the flashcard testselection?

  3. Daniela_Larios7 TEACHER

    Thank you!

  4. Bethann_Cancellieri

    Thank you so much!

  5. Hickinbotham

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

  6. nbrzys

    Quizlet, thank you for helping us as we all navigate the new way of engaging our students!

  7. Delia_Hawley

    Thank you for this! It is greatly appreciated!

  8. Raphael_Choury

    Amazing support. Thank you!

  9. zenplace4

    Thanks for the upgrade! Very generous. I'm looking forward to seeing what's "under the hood" here.

  10. snoyce3 TEACHER

    Thank you for the free upgrade! I'm excited to try it out!

  11. patakyc

    Thank you! My students love Quizlet and this will help me track their progress while they are learning from home!

  12. Leo_LaBarge

    Thanks Matt. This generosity will not be forgotten. Andra tutto bene

  13. Andrea__Olvera_


  14. LeesLeopards TEACHER

    Thank you so very much! Be well. :-)

  15. pattilrg

    Thank You! This is a tremendous assist!

  16. Phap_Luong

    It really helps the teachers who are push themselves to the limit to help students to study. Love you all - Quizlet.😍😍😍

  17. Jeanie13

    Thank you so much. I have searched everywhere for a platform and I think yours will work! Thank you again.

  18. bobandbottle

    Thank you, Quizlet!!! Now I can make better sets and have unlimited classes.

  19. MmePhelps

    I just paid to upgrade and found this embedded on your site. This should be on the welcome page!

  20. UnciDeanna TEACHER

    Thank you, Quizlet! Assigning word sets is a snap and I can view who has progressed in their studying.
    Echoing mrbratt posted already here, will there ever be an individual Quizlet Live?

  21. dress_Dominguez

    Thank you for helping us l can searched evreywhere.

  22. deyanira_salazar

    Thank you so much, Mr. Matthew Glotzbach. I just began using Quizlet, and can see that it will be a very helpful resource for my students. I will definitely be using the Live Quizlet to help my students learn math terms. Thank you and may God bless you dearly. Blessings from Uvalde, TX.

  23. elavci

    Thank you for this great support!

  24. olga12tomsk

    Thank you so much indeed for giving us such a brilliant opportunity to organise distant learning in a more effective way! This is a really great support!

  25. quizlette634813 TEACHER

    Thank you so much for such an amazinng support to practise online learning. As a teacher I appreciate it so much and my students will enjoy this way of studying. GREAT IDEA!!!

  26. mehak2019

    This is really a very nice initiative by the Quizlet Team!!

  27. theTaro

    It's a great idea to support teachers these days, thank you !!!!

  28. Dieter_Beckers

    Thank you, Q-team!!

  29. magdus07

    Thank you !!

  30. FDoddstvincentscork

    Thank you!

  31. kei500

    Thank you!!

  32. AlavieskaKatri

    Brilliant! I've just learned the easiest ways to use these pages, but one of my colleaques knows more and I can consult her. I'm certainly going to use quizlet even more in the future, because my students have given me lots of positive feedback

  33. biancadan TEACHER

    Thank you for supporting teachers!

  34. amyknisely2 TEACHER

    Thank you for doing this! So helpful!

  35. Roberta_Herbert

    Thank you for supporting us through this. Much appreciated!

  36. ReginaReena

    Thank you for such a great opportunity! It is so helpful!

  37. KarenRobles

    Thank you for supporting us. Our students love Quizlet.

  38. Becky_Forest

    Thank you!

  39. Susan_Trent

    Thank you, Quizlet! My students love you!

  40. HSicaUretener

    I can't wait to roll this out for my students again!! Than you so much.

  41. MesterIldiko

    Thank you for supporting us! My students love Quizlet!

  42. sp4boleslawiec

    great news! thank you!

  43. teach128 TEACHER

    For those who didn't have it, it's very generous of you. As a loyal subscriber I can assure them they will like it.

    Not a complaint, just a comment for what it's worth. It saddens me that places do these "free" things to hopefully get subscribers in the future. However, those of us who have been loyal customers never seem to get any "reward" for being loyal customers. This isn't just you's many; newspapers, magazines, etc.

    Thank you for allowing me to say this, and for a great product. I truly love Quizlet.

  44. Pentecostal-Girl

    Although I'm just a student, I think it's great that Quizlet is giving teachers a free trial through the end of June to support all the kids who's schools are closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Thanks Quizlet for all the help :)

  45. FriskHasMercy

    Thank you guys so much! :D

  46. HabichuelaCook

    Thank you sooooo much! This is going to make a HUGE difference for my foreign language learning classes!!!

  47. prestonjmacro

    Thank you

  48. Rmastriano TEACHER

    Thank you.


    Merci beaucoup pour cet élan solidaire 😉

  50. MystaryPi

    I'm a student but I love how Quizlet is making sure that everyone can get an education during these difficult times. ❤❤

  51. quizlette33038292

    Thank you so very much for helping in the efforts to help us continue to educate students to the best of all of our capabilities. Quizlet changed the way my students learn vocabulary. We must teach in the way students learn or engage. Again, "thank you."

  52. anvertus2

    Thank you for helping teachers. We appreciate your help and support.

  53. ProfVanDeSteen

    Grateful for this opportunity. It's not that easy to stimulate students to learn from a distance!

  54. christina_mincheva

    Thank you ever so much for your understanding, care and support. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

  55. quizlette5049074 TEACHER

    Thank you so much!

  56. ParkerFam7

    Cool! That has got to help teachers everywhere. Hope y'all are safe!!!

  57. AguilarN20

    Thank you so much!

  58. nader222

    This has helped me so much on tests. This is what helps me keep up my grades in school.

  59. RuckelMIddleSchool

    Thank you @Matthew Glotzbach. We all teachers appreciate it!

  60. studygirl613

    Thank you so much!

  61. Valerie_Jeffers84 TEACHER

    Thank you for your assistance in helping us teach Adult Education through distance learning!

  62. LeThanhLoan-HoangCau TEACHER

    Thanks so much for your support during this hard time.

  63. Gloria_Montani

    Thank you very much! That's a very graceful idea 1

  64. cldiethelm TEACHER

    So grateful!

  65. Teresa_Edelnant

    Thank you so very much for this helpful offering!

  66. Luk_Rom TEACHER

    Could you please enable creating one-person teams in quizlet live. It would be really helpful in organising remote tests...

  67. piaahlberg TEACHER

    Thank you on behalf of my colleagues. I would have appreciated, though, that you also would have granted some advantage for us loyal subscribers, maybe by postponing the renewal date by 3 months...

  68. frauk8

    Thank you!

  69. DannaBanning

    Thank you so much for your generosity during this pandemic!

  70. bhennecy

    quizlet always helps

  71. rosssheppardscience

    thank you so much! I am trying to find a way that generates a different set of questions from the same set so that students in my class will not be a prone to share answers. Is there a way to provide a link to a set of questions and have a different test be generated each time it is clicked?

  72. AnaRaquelMendoza TEACHER

    I agree with teach128 up there. I am also a loyal subscriber. Well, my students think that I have something to do with quizlet. I really love your product. However, don't we get anything as a loyal subscriber? Regardless, I think it was a pretty gesture on your part.

  73. katie13n5

    haha im not a teacher but this is good for the teachers tho. Thank you for doing this, and hope everyone is safe from covid-19.


    I've just paid annual fee for my teacher account last month. Anyway, thank you for your support.

  75. sfroedge

    Thank you for supporting teachers and students! I really appreciate it.

  76. vika_shastun TEACHER

    thanks a lot))))

  77. Ines_Cantatore

    Thank you so much for supporting teachers and students. It is greatly appreciated!!

  78. smaldonado79

    Muchas Gracias!

  79. Hilda_Buckler

    I just saw this free access. Thank you very much for supporting the teachers during these tough times.

  80. lenka_pruskova

    I can't say thank you enough as I have all my classes on Quizlet.

  81. Sandy_Gurss TEACHER

    Thanks for supporting teachers and opening this up. I am eager to see all the features!

  82. TrippyBrendon3

    Thanks so much! I can finally create diagrams to explain stuff!

  83. MrsRochon5

    Thank you! This is greatly appreciated! I already love Quizlet this is amazing.

  84. teachwarner

    Thanks--Quizlet is the best & Spanish pronunciation is great

  85. donaelsa

    Thank you very much! My students enjoy using Quizlet to study as well the games as they are learn the vocabulary.

  86. miechowna

    thank you so much

  87. ProfesoraEarl

    Thank you very much for your support!! As a teacher this is a great resources and a blessing as I continue teaching.

  88. zehava_Rotman TEACHER

    Thank you so much for your support! This tool is great! My students love it!

  89. missvarga TEACHER

    Sadly my previous comment was deleted or removed. Anyhow, we are also very grateful for your support. In our school we only use Quizlet for teaching vocabulary and it works perfectly.

  90. aliceurb3

    Thank you, it's really generous of you!

  91. thea301 PLUS

    thanks! 👍

  92. Jessiepham25988

    Thank you, it's really generous of you!

  93. Landonn1213


  94. Shalva_Seri

    Thank you! Love Quizlet always and now even more so

  95. Shadora_Abraham1

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Betty-Panagoulia TEACHER

    Thank you!!!!

  97. arniwalass

    Thank you for allowing us in this crucial time.
    Love from India !!!

  98. Niigist

    Thanks a lot!

  99. kristie42

    thank you so much for your help. we all appreciate it. Your online platform is the best. Much love from Greece!!!

  100. christinejean60

    Thank you from Western Australia

  101. ielts-jimmy

    Could you please provide people with existing teacher accounts with an extension to their membership?

  102. Muna-Amer

    Thanks a lot

  103. TourdeFrance2016

    Thank you so much!!!

  104. Martin_tysk

    thanks a lot

  105. Aimee_Kay TEACHER

    Thank you for supporting us!

  106. Langlob TEACHER

    Thank you I have always loved Quizlet and so do all my students.

  107. SraJGarcia TEACHER

    Thank you, muchas gracias. My students keep learning thanks to Quizlet.

  108. mitchsensei31

    Thank you! Will let my colleagues know.

  109. lpipmandenaut

    Thank you, as many have stated above. This is certainly appreciated and will use it tomorrow, my first distant learning class! Kind of nervous but happy to have the Quizlet Teacher so that I can track student's progress. Thank you again!

  110. Dervilla

    Thanks very much. Quizlet is a great tool.

  111. the-best-zina

    This is soooo good for me and my class!!

  112. Magnani3

    This is very helpful to me

  113. polsw

    Thanx a lot!

  114. ProgrammingCanBeFun

    Thx so much!


    Me encanta Quizlet!! is a really good program.
    specially in this blessed time of trial and new learning for all.


    quizlet me ayuda mucho y a mis estudiantes les encanta!

    My student and I love quizlet!

  117. istromak

    WOW!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I can't wait to try it! I've used the basic one and my students love it! I am excited to try the upgraded version during these difficult times. I really appreciate this!! THANK YOU!!!

  118. SraJesser TEACHER

    Thank you so much, Quizlet has always been an important tool in my classroom and even more so now!

  119. sciencetchr15 TEACHER

    Thank you for supporting us during this difficult time by providing the free upgrade to TEACHER! I have been using Quizlet for several years with my 5th and 6th grade Science students...WE LOVE IT!

  120. Teacher_Lynne TEACHER

    I've known about Quizlet for years but never taken the dive. Thank you so much for this help during a challenging time of transition. This will be a very important tool in our virtual classroom!

  121. Aminata_Toure6

    Thank you so much it is greatly appreciated!

  122. MBosquet1

    I really appreciated the free teacher access during the last lockdown. As we are back in remote learning in the UK, I was wondering if you were thinking about repeating your generous offer during this lockdown? Thanks!

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