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From a Student: How Quizlet Live Supports Personal and Interpersonal Learning

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This is a contributed post by Aarian Dhanani, an 8th grade student at Greenhill School in Texas. Aarian has been using Quizlet all throughout middle school, and is his school's resident Quizlet expert.

Students and teachers around the world are falling in love with Quizlet Live — and it’s not surprising why. Quizlet Live is a fun, team based game that helps students learn and connect with their classmates. And now it also works with Quizlet Diagrams!

Why students and teachers love Quizlet Live

Students want to enjoy their classes. The teamwork aspect of Quizlet Live allows students to interact and learn with their peers. Students also love competition, which is a large part of Quizlet Live and makes the game even more fun for everyone! When a student wins, they feel a sense of victory and accomplishment.

Many teachers have described Quizlet Live as a game changer for their classrooms because their students love to learn with it. The game adds a valuable reinforcement that makes a real difference in students’ learning — and it's really easy to set up, and can be used with almost any Quizlet set. As my 8th grade Spanish teacher puts it, “The world is moving forward with technology. Teachers need to move forward with their students. Quizlet Live makes the mundane and rote aspects of learning a lively and fun experience.”

Engagement and friendship

Sometimes students are tired and it’s hard to pay attention during class. Quizlet Live is a great way to start a class and get everyone engaged! Playing Quizlet Live as a warm up allows students to be ready to learn, and reminds them of the content that has been previously covered in class. This means that the class will pay more attention and take better notes, allowing them to have the resources they need to master the content. When students leave the classroom, they are leaving with a thirst for knowledge and they will be more attentive in other classes as well.

Social interaction is another key factor in Quizlet Live. Students interact and discuss about the possible answer choices. This allows students who never talk to each other to easily start socializing. This leads to recognizing that the students have much in common, which creates more opportunities for friendship.

Academic value at all stages

While Quizlet Live, no doubt, is fun, some people question if it has true academic value — to which I say, Quizlet Live has great academic value! It can also support all stages of the learning process. When playing the game with brand new material, the students quickly become familiar with it. This allows them to go home and have a better grasp on what the vocabulary is about, so they can study more successfully on their own. When the students have learned the vocabulary, and are at the point where they are only reviewing, playing Quizlet Live allows them to see where their strengths are and where they need to spend more time reviewing. Finally, when Quizlet Live is being played right before a quiz or test, it allows the students to have a quick and fun review to warm them up and build confidence before they take the assessment.

New Quizlet Live with Diagrams

Quizlet Live with Diagrams just recently came out. I was part of the beta testing stage, and it was phenomenal to see my classmates’ faces light up as they saw the vibrant colors of the picture. The updates to the user interface were exciting to them, but still familiar. The game is easy to use and the zoom in feature helps for those students who have difficulty seeing. It adds a fun addition that can be creatively utilized for almost any subject with a visual component. Quizlet Live with diagrams is truly a marvelous way to study — after all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Last August, Aarian gave a presentation on Quizlet Live — how it helps students, how to play the game, and best practices — during Quizlet's Unconference for Teachers:

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