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Too Many Distance Learning Tools? How to simplify with Genially + Quizlet

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Quizlet is proud to partner with leading educational organizations from around the world. This guest post is by our partner, Genially.

Teachers are working harder than ever to ensure a successful school year. As they navigate seemingly constant and unending changes, many are turning to educational technology tools to support their transition to a full- or part-time distance learning model. Given the sheer magnitude of tools in the education sector, I get a lot of questions about which ones to choose and how to use them together effectively. In this post, we’ll look at how Genially and Quizlet can help simplify your process by reducing the number of tools you use.

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Learning tools that make the job easier

Learning management systems (LMS) give teachers and students a place to connect the dots and keep homework, lesson plans, calendars and more in the same place. But there are also tools that simplify and consolidate the process of creating learning materials. They do so by allowing teachers and students to insert external material, for example, Google Drive files, maps, Youtube videos, audios, etc., into their creations.

Teachers should get familiar with a simple LMS to organize the online component of their classes. I also recommend finding a tool for creating attractive learning materials that allows teachers to import materials from previous years. This way, they can use the same tool to recycle and update old materials and to make new materials.

Simplify by using tools that work together

One such tool is Genially. Genially is an all-in-one online tool for creating interactive and animated learning materials that include presentations, escape games, infographics, quizzes, lesson plans, unit lessons, interactive images and more.

The functionality to insert third-party content means that tools like Quizlet can be inserted into any learning materials you make with Genially. Quizlet flashcards and activities work perfectly to preview or review important terms and concepts from any lesson, so they make a perfect start or end to your learning materials.

On the second and fourth page of this presentation, you’ll see what Quizlet activities look like inside your creation.

Below, you’ll find a quick video tutorial that shows you how to insert Quizlet flashcards or activities into your learning materials.


If you’re new to Genially or looking to grow in your skills, here are some resources for you:
The Genially Academy: Find free courses on how to get started, create learning materials, and more.
Help Center: Search for anything you want to learn.
Tutorial: Learn to make your first interactive image.

I hope this has given you ideas for consolidating your class materials into a single space. You can simplify your organization and save time by using fewer tools to accomplish more.


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