For those studying with Quizlet Diagrams, you might have noticed a new addition this week to the study mode lineup: Test mode!

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 9.32.36 AM.png

Now you can create a practice test using your diagram, and study it with different question types. Click on the Test button and select Options to choose how you’ll be quizzed. With written questions:

Written questions.png

And/or with multiple choice questions:

Mutliple choice questions.png

When taking the test, review your diagram more closely by clicking into any image.

Zoom in with cursor.png

Once you’ve completed your test, we’ll show how you’ve done with an overall score and corrected answers. To make sure you’re quiz-ready, keep creating tests (we’ll randomly generate new questions each time) until you consistently get 100%. Then rejoice because you’re done studying!

Corrected test.png

Teachers: Save time by creating quizzes to use in class straight from your diagram sets. Format your test to your liking, then choose Print. You can do this as many times as you like to create varied versions of your quiz.

Printed test.png

Test mode for diagrams is now available on our website and the mobile apps. Happy studying and good luck on your final exams!