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Say goodbye to student struggles to get into Quizlet Live and then stay connected with the Quizlet app. We've updated our free mobile app to make joining — and then staying connected to — Quizlet Live games easier. The number one thing teachers told us they wanted to see updated in Quizlet Live was a better way to make sure every student stayed connected to the game. And here you are!

Quizlet Live in the Quizlet app

Students can use their personal devices or those you issue for Live games. To play Quizlet Live in the app, students should download the app, log in, tap the Search icon, and then follow the remaining prompts to join the game. If they already have the app, make sure they update it to our latest version.

App users stay connected

When a student uses the app to join Quizlet Live, they’ll stay active in the game even if their phone goes to sleep — meaning games start faster, student engagement stays high and there's more time to learn.

Games can be joined via a QR code

Students can join Quizlet Live by scanning a QR code or typing the code on the screen (as they do now). Both ways are easy and you can choose whatever works best for your classroom! The important part is that it's easier to enter games.

What to do next

We recommend you encourage your students to download the app on their devices. It’s free for both iOS and Android and helps them stay engaged, whether they are playing Quizlet Live in the classroom or studying on their own outside of school.

Here's to many successful Quizlet Live games in 2019!