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How to integrate Quizlet study sets into Google Classroom

TeachersQuizlet in Education · Posted by Jose  March 15, 2021

Rory Yakubov shows teachers how easy it is to integrate a Quizlet study set into your Google Classroom. There are a few different ways to do it, and all are very simple.

First, if you have both your Google Classroom account and your Quizlet account open, you can simply copy the study set link from Quizlet and drop it into your Google Classroom class. If you do this, you have the option of posting the study set as an announcement or as an assignment.

The other option is to share your study set directly from Quizlet. You can do this if you log into Quizlet with the same e-mail that you use for Google Classroom. Simply scroll down to the share icon under the study set and you’ll notice a direct link that says “Share to Google Classroom.” Once you click that, you’ll see options to share the study set as an assignment or as an announcement. If you choose the assignment option, you can add a title and explicit directions for your students.

It’s super-simple, and that’s all there is to it! Now go and share those sets with your classrooms, directly from Quizlet.





you are all so smart.

adeyabo  teacher

It would be awesome if there was an automatic way for students and teachers to assign the 7 different activities and for it to track their progress incrementally until completion.

shirkj1253  teacher

I would love to be able to see how much time they spent o an activity in Quizlet. Right now it just says they completed it, but not how long it took them.


I would love this too since all students need to do to get the check mark on the flashcards is to flip through them as fast as they can! They don't even need to flip to the other side. This takes only seconds to do.

Teresa_Kahmann  teacher

I agree with the last two comments on time. Matching is much the same. The students have figured out that all they have to do is drag a word around until they find one where the color turns green. I have had kids complete it in under 15 seconds. When sharing to classroom, I would also like to have the option to add a topic. If that option is not there, I have to continually go back into Classroom and move it on the Classwork page to where I need it to be for organization. It would also be nice to be able to generate a report of which words individual students are having the most difficulty with. This would inform our reteaching of those words or concepts. My students absolutely LOVE Quizlet Live and I play it with them often. It would be very nice to get a report after the game of the words they are consistently missing and a list of who participated. I often give participation points for playing and it would be helpful to be able to generate a list.


i am so smart sometimes i don,t t study my exam SO thank you for helping me