Hey. No sweet feature updates today, but I do have this cool graph to make up for it:

Number of Users by Age

It shows age (years) and the frequency they occur among Quizlet members. There are a few interesting notes: It's hottest among 15-17-year-olds (the high school crowd). It hasn't gained much popularity among colleges, but then it picks up again with people in their mid-late twenties. I suspect this is because a lot of the Web 2.0 early-adopter types are checking out Quizlet, as they do with many new apps that come onto the scene. Lastly, there are still a good deal of people in the 40-60 range. I suspect these are more Web 2.0 people but also teachers and people in the education sector.

That's my basic analysis. It will be very interesting to see how this data changes over time, so I'll be sure to post again with updated graphs. Speaking of graphs, these absolutely drop-dead gorgeous graphs are courtesy of Swivel. It's a new site that graphs data you enter in a very slick way. Some of the interface is overcomplicated, but overall it's a very fine place to graph data.

And lastly, I've got some super-slick features coming in the next couple days - Auto-save, sticky accents, and private messages. Later!


  1. Kameron Kilchrist

    I'm not sure what you mean by sticky accents, but if you mean that typing a' would make á
    or typing a` would make à, that would be cool

    Another idea would be to use the LaTeX style of placing accents, thus:
    \'a makes á
    \`a makes à
    \~n makes ñ
    \"o makes ö

    And I'm now noticing that in Firefox, the "Post Comment" button stops midway through the "e" in comment. (Using FF 2.0, Ubuntu Linux)

  2. Nik

    Very interesting! Is there a limit on the age you can provide, though? Because I'm kind of surprised some joker didn't provide 1835 as their birth year, or something.

    Auto-save will be great, seeing as there's nothing quite like losing your work of the past 10 minutes.

    By sticky accents, do you mean different langauges (Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, &c.) and the ability to switch these keyboards in?

    Private messaging, of course, adds a whole new layer to Quizlet's collaborative learning style. I can't wait!

  3. Tracey

    I just plugged Quizlet on my parenting blog. I hope it helps! COOL site! As a mom, I think my kids, ages 10 (doing high school work) and 7 (about three years ahead) will have a blast here. I imagine as this expands there will be more sets for all kinds of subjects and ages.

    URL is www.womanwithmanyhats.com .

  4. Chris Grisanti

    To the creators of Quizlet,

    I noticed that you posted a graph from Swivel a while back. Thanks for linking to us! I wanted to invite you to come back to Swivel and check out all of the great new data and graphs uploaded since you last posted. Also, please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or suggestions!


    Chris Grisanti

  5. Marijanus

    Hi Friends!

    I have just found your website great
    Gunter Stammler

  6. JRRT

    101st high five

  7. MaryReynolds

    112th high five lol

  8. RyanRoom

    gg last comment XD

  9. Just_A_Regular_Ninja

    not really but ehh, cool to see how quizlet has grown

  10. Andrew-Cubs2 PLUS

    Wow,this was made in 2007,and most people are 15-17 years old,but if those 15-17 year olds still use Quizlet,than they would be 26-28.No wonder why there are so many 26-year olds

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