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Announcing Quizlet in Spanish

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Thanks to our community of native Spanish speakers, teachers, and students, we now have Quizlet available in Spanish!

Since we began rolling out translations of Quizlet (currently 8 and counting), Spanish has been the most requested language. In fact, Spanish is the most popular search term on the entire site. To select Spanish, go to the language dropdown menu in the bottom left corner of the screen and choose "Español."

As a reminder, you can also harness our powerful Spanish text-to-speech which works on ANY Spanish set on Quizlet. Check it out on this sample set.

Many thanks to the Quizlet users who graciously volunteered to help with this project, including:

  • jorgeaguirre1 - main translator
  • brittwage
  • bellemymichelle
  • 619cavalry
  • ceroussel
  • pmpg
  • Elisa25
  • danaemedina
  • chisholv
  • moram
  • Babylonix
  • Anabeluska
  • metafora
  • txusezun
  • produccióntaus
  • olgapalomar
  • ccummings432
  • danyspike
  • Mrs_C12
  • senoritaestrella
  • resparragoza
  • promu
  • NataliaBecerra

Want to learn more about the translation project? Check out our FAQ page or send an email to We’d love to hear from you!

¡Felices estudios!


  1. Allison

    I'm so glad you now have it available in Spanish!! I have a large pop of spanish speaking students!! I'm so THANKFUL!!!

  2. GI Jose

    het kids now you can learn how to do things after me in Espanol

  3. inmigrantes ilegales

    Un agradecimiento especial a Quizlet para hacer su sitio en espa

  4. ...

    Esta bien!!! lucky #7

  5. LDEAZY17

    Yea!! Espanol cool!! Great Thinkering!

  6. CinnamonRolls17

    Great update! Now if you would take a chance to read the following, I would be really thankful:
    -We should have Quizlet Friends!
    -We should be able to make someone into more than a manager in a group!
    And please consider my thoughts! Thank you!

  7. Tmazing A+ Machine

    When are you guys going to make multiplayer games? You said you were going to make it in the fall.

  8. Patrick

    that is really coooooooooool. that will help me with my spanish a lot!

  9. pkumar99

    Can you also do it in Latin

  10. Anon


  11. 173penguin

    I think this should have been one of the first languages quizlet could be in because a lot of people speek it.

  12. Tree

    Thought it was kind of silly seeing Pig Latin come before Spanish, but I guess it doesn't matter now. Good job on yet another translation.

    By the way, I agree with @CinnamonRolls17's idea of having Quizlet friends. And I don't mean just showing Facebook friends, I mean users that you can actually add via Quizlet. And I'd also love it if you'd bring back private messaging, considering it's been gone for about three years now, and I still miss it. Forums, on the other hand, actually seemed kind of useless and I'm fine with the fact that they're gone. But please consider some of these ideas.

  13. lpaigeh33

    YEA!!! my spanish teacher will be so happy! Gracias!!

  14. sandwhich

    thanks for doing this i like kinda need help with spanish any tips let me no look ,me up at SANDWHICH <3:)

  15. I am actually suprised... Latin should be another high one up language. Though i HIGHLY doubt you will translate it into Latin, but you could at least make Latin audio.

  16. Iceydude168

    FINALLY Thank you!

  17. Unknown

    You guys need better games funner games and multi player games

    and you could have a inbox and if you have a good score you can sewnnd a mail saying beat that"

  18. rrrrbitt


  19. britt

    awesome i have to learn spanis for 8th anyway!! Thank you this is a big help

  20. aznboy578

    sweet yes now spanish is easier for me

  21. collin


  22. SkyDays

    Great update with the spanish! Yet I agree with CinnamonRolls17 and Tree. We should be able to make Quizlet friends.

  23. Rostislav26Danilov

    But does it work?


    Great update! Now if you would take a chance to read the following, I would be really thankful:
    -We should have Quizlet Friends!
    -We should be able to make someone into more than a manager in a group!
    And please consider my thoughts! Thank you!"
    -I agree 100%, anyone else?

  25. HOLA

    Yayy finally!!
    Thanks quizlet youve been my go to quick and easy study tool for the past 3 years!

  26. ctyonahl

    Listen everyone,

    I don't want Quizlet to turn into a social network. Connecting to Facebook is fine, for those who want to connect. But Quizlet should not have an internal social network. Their groups are all ready "social-networky" enough, do we really need to make friends within Quizlet? Quizlet is a truly awesome place to study and connect with other students. But it should never become a place where people come to chat and waste their time, when they should be studying. That's my view on the whole thing.


    Actually ctyonahl you have a point, this place SHOULD stay as user/kid friendly as it is now but aybe there is a point between social networking and education that Andrew will be able to find.

  28. TheThirdPew

    I don't think it should become a social network, but I think that it would be awesome to have more games!
    Scatter and Space Race make it a lot easier for me to study, and it would be a lot better with more variety available!

  29. Ghjitte

    Thank you. Gracias.

  30. lunalovegood

    I agree with ctyonahl. Quizlet should remain a site based on studying. Thank you so much Andrew and everyone else that makes Quizlet possible!

  31. SODA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I agree if it becomes a social network people will stop making flashcads and I love using quizlet to study

  32. pocorn

    this is super cool

  33. one word more games

  34. Julia

    i agree with that.....

  35. Grove Jr. High School

    This is nice to have available for our students!Thank you to all Quizlet creators!

  36. BobSagat

    I agree with lol too. I also agree with cinnamon rolls. Plus, we should also have multiplayer games. When r u gonna make them????!!! I thought u would've made them by now!!!!!

  37. allstar

    mhm good

  38. Girl

    ya more games would be nice.....

  39. Sammy


  40. Sammy

    Nice quizlet, nice job!!!!!

  41. jharry

    Awesome it will be great for kids in Spanish speaking countries

    Me gusta quizlet mucho!!!!!!

  42. lalala

    thanks for the spanish quizlet! i just heard about this website and it will be great for me to study my spanish with!:) yaaaay!

  43. BobSagat

    It would b nice 2 b able 2 add people as friends because that way u can get to ur friends sets without looking it up evry time. But focus on more games.

  44. you need to add Latin and multiplayer games they were promised a while ago

  45. aravilui.3.7.12


  46. BobSagat

    We need more games!!!!!!!!!!

  47. sydneybates

    this is really helpful! thanks so much

  48. Sophie

    Is there a Quizlet in French?

  49. haha

    haha yeah true I agree with brockistehbest, this is just one study site and for STUDYING and so I also agree with Celluaguy. and No Offense: because latin is still a language even if it really isn't spoken, and people are taking it in high school (its highschool students that are on here most) just as much as spanish. But yes a quizlet in latin is silly because latin is a language that doesn't grow so it wouldn't have words like "quizlet" "flashcards" "dashboard" "blog" "email" or "subscribe". and haha. rant.

  50. Love Quizlet

    yeah and I love to use Quizlet to study so keep it up!!!!!!

  51. Guys. i am sure Quizlet is working VERY hard on the multiplayer game. You have to relieze that it doesn't happen overnight. People have to code it, design, test it, etc.

    and yes, Latin would not be a good language to translate Quizlet into, what we want is Latin AUDIO. It shouldn't be that hard, a lot of it is like English

  52. 100

    wahoo 100th comment

  53. aznboy578

    cool thats really cool

  54. ontopic

    Thank you, Quizlet, for creating your site in Spanish. To be honest, I would have thought that you would have had it up far sooner, but hey, better late than never. Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

  55. KennaCoconut

    disagree with having friends on quizlet, agree with having multiplayer games.

    Yay Spanish!

  56. I smile!

    Good job quizlet!

  57. Gracias


  58. please make flashcards fun for me

    hey thx for making quizlet, but i really need for yall to make it even more fun can yall make multiplayer games and make like a racing game like we are driving in a car then we have to choose the right way to go by choosing the right answer or typing in the right answer the fastest if you give up on the answer you can make it plus three seconds the question can appear on the top of the screen whoever finishes first wins i always end up sleeping on my desk bc of these boring games space race is the only fun game i know yall spend a lot of time making this web site thx for finally making this website in spanish i dont want to fail my spanish exam yall probably wont even see this comment though o well i just need to make learning fun!!!!!!

  59. Abby loves justin

    Hey so i was wondering.. like this seems pretty cool but what about one of us that doesnt have spanish but has french and would find it easier in french? Im sorry if this was already one of the comments but that would be nice to know thanks

  60. Not sure what you mean here. Do you mean if Quizlet is in French? If that is it, Quizlet IS in Frecnh. Simply click the language drop box, and select "Franicas"

  61. Hey, Latin would be great

  62. make it in latin

  63. Allie

    This helpe dme with my spanish test and projects thanks!

  64. Lola

    I could use this but wish it was in french man would that be great!

  65. Buzz

    I though French was as popular as spanish

  66. quadlanglebeast788

    I think that the friend thing isn't that bad, but it should only be allowed for letting you chat, and see the other guys flashcards

  67. Annabelle766

    @SNACKWISEMAN: I agree! It would be awesome if we could have friends...and maybe, Quizlet, we should be able to start sort of "competitions" with friends for a certian set---like we both enter and over the course of from a couple days to a couple of weeks/months (we could agree on a choice at the beginning of the competition) to see who could get the most correct answers and get them memorized best! it would be SOOOO fun to compete!

    Thanks for listening, and great work on the new Spanish Quizlet!

  68. cira

    Wow! i am taking Spanish actually! keep it up! :)


    YEAH!!! YO HABLO ESPANOL!!! YO SOY "insert thankful in spanish here"!!!!


    LOOK AT # ABOVE!!!!


  71. reddy12

    Me encanta Quizlet para poner su sitio en espa

  72. purple-cow

    Too bad I don't speak Spanish!!!

  73. purple-cow

    I agree with commentor 51 about the game thing!!!!! Thry're doing the best they can!!!!! They have to sleep you know!!!!!!!!! How would you feel if you were working really hard to finish something and people kept screaming over your shoulder to hurry up? (not literally- obviously)

  74. luvitgirl

    Great idea. If you had enough time, I think it would be AMAZING if you could come up with some other game other than the 2 we currently have. I prefer one game over the other because it provides to be more helpful. It would be easier to study if there was a different game with a different style of testing that challenged me more. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful site. It is extremely helpful.

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