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Happy International Women's Day!

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In the same way that Black History Month reminds of the voices so often marginalized in mainstream narratives of history, so too does International Women’s Day — which is recognized today, March 8. This day reminds us of the importance of recognizing and lifting up a diversity of voices and experiences.

One of the most important places we can recognize these voices is within the classroom walls. For teachers, this may manifest itself incorporating a variety of authors, or scientists, or mathematicians, or historical figures on your syllabus. Below, check out some Quizlet sets on important women in history and think about how you can incorporate them and their work into your teaching.

Quizlet Sets
Feminist and Important Female Figures
Prominent Women Figures in Sports
50 Important Women in U.S. History

Today we celebrate and empower the strong, capable women in the world who have surpassed all expectations with their crazy determination and success. And, as Nike eloquently put it, we hope the next generations continue to Dream Crazier.