September 25 is National Voter Registration Day, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by helping people register to vote.

With close races all over the country, your vote really does matter. By voting in this year’s midterm election (and future elections!), you’ll make yourself heard in decisions affecting your life and community — from education funding to immigration reform. No matter your political leanings, it’s important to learn about what’s on the ballot and add your voice.

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For that reason, we’re excited to be working with and Rock the Vote to empower voters with helpful information and make registering to vote quick and easy (it takes less than 2 minutes!).

With’s verified study sets on upcoming registration deadlines, voter registration FAQs, and key issues by state; as well as Rock The Vote’s helpful election reminders, you’ll be fully prepared to head to the polls on Election Day (November 6, 2018).

Quick facts + Quizlet study sets

  • This year we have a midterm election — and no, we don’t mean the scary exam kind. A midterm election happens in the middle of a president’s 4-year term, 2 years after the last presidential election (2016) and 2 years before the next (2020). Brush up on other key terms you’ll be hearing a lot during election season.
  • Every seat in the House of Representatives is up for grabs, and depending on where you live, you may also be voting for your next senator, governor, or local representatives, as well as on other key issues. Check out what initiatives are on your state’s ballot, and research any issues you’re not sure about before voting.
  • From checks and balances to filibusters to constitutional amendments, we know that the U.S. government system is complicated. To prepare for Election Day and for conversations with friends, master some of the basics.
  • In 2016, only 46.1% of 18-29 year olds voted, compared to over 64% of the total voting age population 😞 — it’s time for that to change. In the 2018 election, 69 million people between 18-29 years old will be eligible to vote. To be eligible to vote, you must be a U.S. citizen and at least 18 years old before November 6th, 2018. (In some states, you can actually pre-register to vote before you turn 18.) So grab your friends and make sure you’re all registered before your state’s deadline — then head to the polls and make your voices heard!

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