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The Quizlet iOS team is ready with a new beta! We're looking for help testing this new version of the app before we release it to the public. Please let us know if you're interested in becoming a beta tester and giving us your feedback.

What's new in this update:

Folders - Organize your sets and save sets to study later
Upload images – Plus and Teacher users can now upload images to their sets directly from the iOS app

If you’re interested, please write into Feedback and we will follow up with the details on how to get started.


  1. cooljoethegreat

    YA FIRST ONE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rachzinka


  3. Aaron_McDonald5


  4. musicalpro

    Fifth! And first time commenting, too.

  5. musicalpro

    Thank you, Quizlet! You've helped me greatly with my history this year and I'm glad to see you progressing even more. Thank you for all your efforts to create an effective learning tool. Keep up the good work, all!

  6. Gymrat7


  7. Gymrat7

    Join my Challenge class:!!!

  8. JPA_576

    I'll try

  9. LetsStudy01

    Ok, sure. Sounds interesting.

  10. Mason_Piddock_88

    15th!!! Yea!!!

  11. frankblob

    Sweet 16th comment.
    Awesome Gif!

  12. yemisu

    17th, i think?

  13. Likenooneiswatching

    LOVE to try this out!

  14. Joe_db999999999

    sure why not

  15. DarkSonik

    19!!!!! Top 20, Yeah!

  16. GrapeSlime

    20th. Sweet.

  17. Jason-Arevalo

    21st how funny

  18. Vraj_Shah6

    Cant wait

  19. sammyar

    18th comment and 40th high five and I'm very cinfused as to what the post quizlet made is saying

  20. kmrich

    I would love to be a beta tester Joanna. Could you give me the info to help get me started on beta testing your IOS app please.

  21. Luke_Chase

    19th comment, 46th high five

  22. Vincent_Soldano

    What is the point of commenting by putting the number of your comment?

    Oh, and BTW 20th comment, Awesome Gravy!

  23. M_Rodriguez6 PLUS

    I'll test!

  24. Erik_Torgerson

    +1 :)

  25. dannycameronpellei


  26. Gavadar

    why do people care what number high five they get? anyway I got 64th high five...but like I said, it doesn't matter that much

  27. brian_at_saklan

    66 high five!

  28. Joelle_Siong_Sin

    I'd love to test.

  29. Spyro260

    i want beta tooo

  30. patricialin16

    Hi JAP_576 and 19!!!!! Top20,Yeah

  31. Austin_Miller6

    I'd love to help try it!

  32. QuTerry

    I'm game!

  33. dariabuht

    I have been using the bet version for awhile now and it is very similar to the online version. No complaints but there should be more than two ways to study on the mobile version.

  34. Trey_Dodge

    35 YES BEST RECORD so far

  35. Victor_Kalil

    lol 36th. Please tell me how to help. Is this the app that's already out or is this different. If it's different, tell me how to download the new beta. Thanks a bunch for all yall's hard work!

  36. vermont99

    Hi, I would love to be a Beta Tester. I use Quilt for almost every subject for school. I love it and would really like to be able to improve it by being part of the Beta program.

  37. MaryReynolds
  38. MaryReynolds
  39. nick_saveleski

    I'll try!! I have the current app but if there is a new app please let me know and i will jump right on it.

  40. bobt13

    I have enjoyed beta testing in the past and this sounds like a great idea! The current app for Quizlet is amazing but you guys are finding ways to make the app even better! :D I would love to be accepted!

  41. ashleynovello

    Sounds great! Let me know if I can be of any help! :)

  42. mike_mcewen

    I'd like to be a beta tester!

  43. I_M_3rd

    YEA! Been doing this for a few months now. So glad to be a part of this wonderful community.

  44. Himanshu_Kunwar

    yeah! sign me up!

  45. ryan_asgarian

    Yeah I'm up

  46. Elikosuna

    48th Comment

  47. KalePatelSFC


  48. RuberuRuberuRuberu

    Grand 50 :)

  49. turtwigpo


  50. pebblefish

    Is it possible to add the function to see the sets I've created in alphabetical order, and to see the terms in an individual set alphabetically? Just like the website of Quizlet. Thanks a lot.

  51. Liza50


  52. wonder_girl2

    61st!!!!!!! good 2 see u upgradeing phone

  53. wonder_girl2

    nope... 64th

  54. Happy_Bunny1


  55. Happy_Bunny1

    (^_^) (^-^) ^ - ^ ^o^ (^.^) ♪─(≧∇≦)O────♪ ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ (^_−)−☆ (ー ー;)(^◇^)(^_^)(^O^)/(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) (≧∇≦)( ^ω^ ) *\(^o^)/*(⌒▽⌒)(>人<;)ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ( ̄(工) ̄)((((;゚Д゚)))))))Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノp(^_^)q^ ^ !(◎_◎;)(*☻-☻*)⊂((・x・)) ://: (:>)
    ╚═( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)═╝
    ..................... . ...............
    ..╔═╗.......... ................
    ..║═╬╦╦═╦═╦═╗ ..
    ..╚═╩═╣╔╩═╩╝ . ...
    ...............╚╝............. .. . .

  56. scorbett2001 PLUS

    I'd love too!

  57. slatten

    I would love to try it out. I LOVE Quizlet!

  58. tamayanw

    I'd like to try it out Quizlet is very helpful for college students like me!

  59. Neelam_Kane

    I'd definitely like to try the app as it will be easy to access when students are away from home .

  60. baileyposton PLUS


  61. TailsBoom

    I use android don't you think you should be making an app for those

  62. Dominic_2

    That app sounds awesome

  63. jhorne2020


  64. cphilip98

    I would love to get the chance to be a beta tester. Thank you!

  65. Mario_Fuchs

    I'd like to test as well.

  66. davis_karen TEACHER

    I would love to be a beta tester.

  67. I_M_3rd

    @Rachzinka: I understand your concern/annoyance. Some people can't use quizlet. It's not their style. As to inappropriate sets, Quizlet has done a pretty good job removing them, and I haven't found any whilst studying (neither have I done direct searches of them either). You don't need to "hate" on a good company which actually lets one have the freedom to post whatever, rather than having to pay for it.

  68. Jakob_R_Harris

    i cri evrytiem

  69. zachary_lord

    I would luv to help

  70. Jakob_R_Harris

    I luv u Zachary

  71. caalle61

    I would love to be a beta tester for the Quizlet app! I know it will be the next advancement towards technology at home and school!

  72. Ethan_Gearhart

    im doin it man how do you do it

  73. Queen_Elisabeth3



  74. rachzinka2
  75. nerdy_and_geeky
  76. nerdy_and_geeky


  79. Robert_Fioti


  80. wendiyan
  81. Primvictorian

    I would love to test the new beta version of the quizlet app.

  82. romankalecky

    Let me test it. BTW I am writing my diploma thesis on Quizlet

  83. NickisAuen
  84. I_am_from_oklahoma
  85. Mira_Weller PLUS

    Quizlet is the best and I'm sure it will be even better. I would love to be a beta tester.

  86. Tori_Maddock

    I would like to help test

  87. theNightHawk308

    DAT BETA DO!!!!

  88. mariaallon

    I would love to!! This this is a lifesaver!

  89. ddpalace23

    I'd like to help test. I use Quizlet a lot on the computer but I need it sometimes when I'm out and I don't have my computer so this is something that I'd love to do.

  90. Alecka_Camp

    I'd love to help test it out!


    I would like to try out the new beta for the quizlet application.

  92. Jonathan_Lloyd123

    sure ill test

  93. justin_Lange

    i'll test it

  94. carlosmbara

    For sure!

  95. S_K12

    I would like to test


  96. atg7

    thats awesome quizlet ill try it out

  97. MarinWay PLUS

    I will try!!

  98. xX_Derp_Xx

    My Name Is Jeff

  99. xX_Derp_Xx

    cun u teech mii 2 spel?

  100. vthreee

    i would love to try it out, and for a small fee I could even give some honest feedback. ^___^

  101. Carter_Kriskovich

    200th high five! =] Join my class!

  102. Carter_Kriskovich

    I would love to test!

  103. Matthew_Adams26

    YA SURE #1

  104. rmisti3

    i was first

  105. Julian_XD

    Could i plz test the ios app?

  106. pendergoose


  107. BUF1J1


  108. aidenloup

    I would like to test it out

  109. dgriffy

    Sure I'll try

  110. AbrahamandCheese14 PLUS

    Awesome! You guys need to add the choice of being able to take a test like on the website. That would be really nice to have in the app! :) I LOVE quilt

  111. Tez_M

    Me too please!! I am loving Quizlet... for my fast paced classes and pre-study for my national exam; Quizlet is quick, easy to use, and over all awesome!!!

  112. Cole_Driggs

    It would be great if i could... you guys save my grades more than any other education website!!!

  113. janeaheath

    Anyone used any notes for cert exams

  114. Flexca24


  115. VicGriffin


  116. ElisiePiece

    Let's get this started!

  117. Hunter_Marple

    why not sounds fun, how do i do it?

  118. Michael_Furman1 TEACHER

    Would be happy to try out a new beta version!

  119. anneact

    I would be intereted in beta testing quizlet on our ipads

  120. Sammy_Kirschner

    i would love to be considered

  121. Sammy_Kirschner

    lets do this!

  122. John_King47

    Yes I can test your app.

  123. AlexisYAACS

    YAY 246th high five!!! Way to improve the Apple users like me! :) Props to you guys and thanx!

  124. XxbipsblazerodxX


  125. Pengull

    Count me in!

  126. Brian_Douglas_

    I am in! I love new software! Sign me up!!!😀😀

  127. gillian_anesini

    i'm in:)

  128. Toby_Elmore

    I would love to beta test. Thank you.

  129. doggiecito


  130. Sinon-9

    Beta-testing looks great

  131. Sinon-9

    I wouldnt mind joining in

  132. HannahW__13

    255 high five!!!!

  133. HannahW__13

    ill join in to

  134. awbaird

    What the iphone app needs is for the "learn" function to be the same as the learn function on the desktop. As it is now in iphone, you study in sets of 7. If you get a word wrong, it throws in in the next set of 7, and then when you get it right, it removes it. If I get a word wrong, of course I am going to remember that word after only 7 other words, but that does not mean I have learned it. Better to wait to try that word until after I have gone through the whole list (my lists usually have 200).

  135. CommanderDuck

    I like π.

  136. dali_gallagher

    I'd be happy to try it out!!

  137. OkamiZ

    Somewhereth! Hooray!

  138. DiegoGabe


  139. emthehopelessgeek

    Que te pasa calabaza?

  140. nathan_ire

    interested in the beta

  141. Jake_Snodgrass

    I'll help

  142. Plasmablaster

    OMG can't wait!

  143. melatk

    I Would be interested in trying and giving feed back with my overall experience.

  144. Dhairya_Patel2

    285 please sign me up

  145. wturner20


  146. kmrich

    May I please sign up to be a BETA tester Joanna? I would love too.

  147. tmulv2701


  148. chanlawrencet

    Android beta?

  149. Bobby_Brooks

    I'm in

  150. ashantimaynard


  151. Sam1108

    Being a beta tester is cool

  152. epicjon321

    Number 😃😉😄😅😁😊😞😂😆

  153. epicjon321

    How do I start

  154. stassone333

    great copying and pasting skills these people have...

  155. Mackenzienorton2

    I am interested!! I use Quizlet all the time and its pretty much all I use to study!

  156. kdiddige04

    I would love to!!!

  157. victoriaaaashi

    I would love too! Especially wishing for the folders function in the app!

  158. qualityhanyu TEACHER

    I'd be happy to try it out!!

  159. thegchok

    I am looking forward .... :)

  160. Matty-the-Boy

    Yeah plz

  161. Stoffifee

    Happy to help:)

  162. tbala

    Yes - i use both IOS 8, Android and Windows we do regular beta test for various people and even language options.
    will wait for the apps i can send imei for developer code if required over email

  163. jyhan19

    I would love to :) I have an ipad and an iphone so i could test it out on both

  164. reece_113319

    happy to help Mr Vance


    Gioooooooooooo I'm callin you out😈😈😈😈

  166. asvpgolf

    U I got a frog as a profile pic tho

  167. Mark_gior

    i think it would be cool and I would enjoy trying it

  168. Ioanna_Pap TEACHER

    I'm interested in becoming a beta tester.

  169. TheGoatsMilk


  170. lindsaygreys

    I might be able to test it:-()

  171. lindsaygreys

    351st high five

  172. hengyi_liu

    im down

  173. JustinDykes


  174. nathandavis6

    Hey Joanna,
    I would totally be ready to test out the beta.
    Thanks, Nathan

  175. Amjadab

    I would be very happy to be a tester. I have an ipad mini retina an ipad 2, an iphone 5 and an iphone 6 !
    (and I am the geek of the school (using iOS / OS X)

  176. rhino226

    Join Clans Of Olympus for free admin spot!


    I would like to..


    all these ppl.. Whats the chance lmao

  179. leSpud


  180. browniepro

    I'd love to be a tester! Sounds cool!

  181. Alpacacat

    I'd like to test it please.

  182. KalePatelSFC

    let's gooooo IOSSS

  183. Ianw88


  184. IPman1 GO

    I would love to

  185. kathywho

    me too

  186. daleswanson17

    I'm in!

  187. Simon_Johnson-97


  188. ANDREA_0804


  189. dgyoung19

    Just if you don't know... U have to click the feedback button to sign up... This is comments



  191. Rae_Xin

    I would also like to become a beta tester if possible! :)

  192. MagosClass TEACHER

    I would love to be a beta tester for the app.

  193. Brijsven

    May I help beta test the app?


    Ha!No one!

  195. connorscott1

    Yes please

  196. cw2jonesoa

    Count me in! This may aid my own research (Tech in the classroom).

  197. Harrison160


  198. J_Samplatsky


  199. Senor_Scrotles

    Im down

  200. santly

    Sure thing, I love to be among your beta testers of your IOS app. One more thing, I wish you can let teachers create new user accounts to let students join Quizlet easily.

  201. Urvi_Gupta

    I'd love to beta-test Quizlet's app.

  202. Deanpapadop

    I will

  203. SouthAfrica10

    I would also like to help Test the beta app, if you're still searching for some....

  204. Jonas_13


  205. cbettiROBS

    I can beta test

  206. NightStone

    I would love too, seeing how the app is already on my phone. :D

  207. ernesto_enriquez

    why not

  208. sfonseka PLUS

    I call it: Giant explosion in the middle of sound waves! Rock on, QUizlet! Everybody beta test!

  209. dmandell

    i can
    quizlet is absolutely AMAZING!!!!!! :-)

  210. Senor_Carolan TEACHER

    I'm interested in becoming a beta tester. Quizlet is an excellent app and site.

  211. Kishan

    I'm interested!

  212. JamariEvans13247


  213. scot_kamins

    Quizlet is pretty good. It does what it does excellently. It's pretty limited compared to Duolingo in that it has no real intelligence—it just does a one-for-one comparison and sees if they match.

  214. zhanglo

    I'm interested in becoming a beta-tester.

  215. bwidener TEACHER

    Would love to test out the beta ios app :)

  216. junekwon

    I use the quizlet very well:)

  217. victoriacardona

    I think it looks pretty neat.

  218. victoriacardona


  219. lightningleopardhit

    I am joined and it is awesome

  220. KnownPhoenix

    Can I join please?

  221. DKN1GHT

    Please me !!!!!!!!!



  223. yaarob

    Hope it's not too late. Me please:)

  224. byoakam7

    Sure I would love to!

  225. Caleb_Felton48

    ill get it for sure!


    I could help if you need me. :)

  227. rishi-kabob

    me plz

  228. loloscooll

    ill test

  229. Redgenesect913

    I would like to test

  230. Jamesadobe

    I would be interested in helping test the beta versions.

  231. Mrgwelch TEACHER

    I would be interested in testing the beta with my students.

  232. melissarnibclc

    Love it :) IMAC, MAC BOOK PRO, IPAD, IPHONE owner... been using mac since 1987

  233. electricwats


  234. Leonard_Adams

    I'd love to help out!

  235. squidbillycalvin

    can I please be one

  236. LASpinner

    Quizlet is amazing and I would love to be a beta tester

  237. Troll1337_Troll

    ill try it

  238. Gio_Dig

    Im getting that app for my iphone 6

  239. bbd12

    Sounds great! I'd love to test it out. I use Quizlet for everything and it helps astoundingly.

  240. kaufsim

    I would like to test the new app, as I'm a developer myself who is learning spanish with quizlet.

  241. KomboKitty


  242. k2kae

    Awesome! I'll totally try it out!

  243. kayla_browning_1110

    i'll try it

  244. jnndewey

    Pick me too!!!

  245. KhaiQ

    I would like to try it!

  246. Reneloya1

    ill try it

  247. Eytukan_Kahelemeakua

    Add me for the group!

  248. Rachelpapetti


  249. Isaiah_Rettig

    564th high five

  250. maalaoshi

    I'd like to try it, thanks!


    Okay I would love to try it.

  252. Jayla_Rainge PLUS

    I will try.

  253. AugustaD TEACHER

    Definitely yes, I would love to be involved in this new step forward in the Quizlet Adventure! Thanks for asking :)

  254. ashgov


  255. lauren_adams_


  256. wolfman221

    Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me

  257. wak66


  258. wak66


  259. IsabelLarsen

    Yes please! Quizlet is probably one of the only reasons I am doing so well in Spanish and Biology this year, I don't know where I'd be without my flashcards :P

  260. riordanspears


  261. doni124

    How do you do this?
    PS Your the best quizlet im passing Spanish 2 because of all the hard work you guys do

  262. JonahEichler2

    Im in

  263. pl194861_class

    I'm in

  264. battlebared

    I'll do it :)

  265. Baseball_273

    Im in

  266. thing___1

    i hope i get the last comment

  267. Ben70190

    Ill do it too


  268. tpm2000

    I would like to try, Thanks! :)


    last comment

  270. Mr_Matt2015


  271. Mr_Matt2015

    Sounds good!

  272. PurpleKoolaid213

    Now I'm last

  273. justin3co

    I am also interested.

  274. dawn_klauman

    Definitely interested. Thx!

  275. Danify

    Aloha! I would love to help :-)

  276. xpreudhomme2

    yay last one

  277. leddle25

    I'm in!!

  278. leddle25

    would love to test this

  279. Chileylimon1

    Yes, please. Want to test it in a work-group environment. I'm a trainer for my team of 8. Thanks.

  280. Decimation

    I'm beta testing 3 different apps. I can beta test. I'm experienced.

  281. Andrew_Porter9

    I would like to beta test


    C̵̵̨͉̯͈͔̟̘̖̭̩̱͇̗̣̭̙̎͑̽̀̆͒̑͂̆̑̊ͦͬͦ̾͌̑ͫ̚͠O̡͔̹̖͔̻͚͎̳̗̠̰̤̻̠̲͈̅̌̒̈́̓͊͠ͅŔ̛̻̼̝̮̅͆̿̎̎̑͘ͅR̸̛͖̟̫̱̥͉̠̹̲ͤ͊ͦ͋ͩ̽̋U̷̵̷̻͙̜̜̱͉͊ͮ͛́ͥ͛̈́͗̓̀ͬ̂̄ͧͧͯ͠P̷͎͙̗̭͍̙̼̰͕̭̂͆̀̌͐̽̓̐ͬ̆̒͋ͫ͜T̨̡̧̜̞͖͔̥̗͎͚̲͎̻̻̖̼̯̜̓̉̊͋̽̀ͮ͋̊ͣͪͪ̒̆̽̈́̏Ḯ̵̸̧̝͉̜̞̾ͫ̀̔̇́͟Ơ̶̡̛̹̲̳͍̫̲̗̻͙͚͉̪͉̳̤̘͎ͦͮͪ̉ͤ̊͑̿ͯ̊ͣN̺̹͙̞͛͛̌̈ͯ̓̏̊͡͡ͅ ̤̼̙̺̺̟ͤ̃̐̆ͯͥ͛̓̄͌̑̍͂̀̌ͩͫ͛͞͠



  284. robcarrot PLUS

    I'm in Shanghai, China. Hook it up!

  285. NaomiBennett


  286. NaomiBennett

    Luv 2 help!

  287. pl1948

    I want to join

  288. elia_malmsten PLUS

    Me too!

  289. nk22


  290. Junior112015

    You should have a feature on the mobile app, where it allows you to take a test where you can change the format of the questions, and chose whether you want to prompt the question with the term, definition, or both. Also, put an update out to fix some speed issues when scrolling through the flashcard set. Sometimes when you scroll through a quizlet set, it freeezes for a second and then allows you to scroll again. I have the iPhone 4 with ios 7.1.2. I don't know if this is an issue for the iPhone 4 with ios 7.1.2, but it has been happening to me. Other than that everything else seems to be good.

  291. Techdude3331

    I would love to help.

  292. Sammi20151

    i will help

  293. tulsikantu

    Quizlet means so much to me. It has helped me a lot and without it, I don't know if I would have done as well as I am know. It is the most amazing creation ever!!! I want to give quizlet as much help back as it's given me! I would love to be a beta tester and help the Quizlet team! I really hope it's not to late to ask.
    Thanks for everything Quizlet

  294. Mr_Ansari

    I'd like to try it on iOS.

  295. Ashley_Aguilar39

    i love what you do the stuff are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i have a question
    how do we download iOS

  296. Kale_iz_Beast


  297. Jguinto01


  298. Zane_Covarrubias

    Hi I'm new and I need help so can u help me

  299. Ericka_Tyndall

    I am still a student, but I would love to try the newest version of Quizlet, and give feedback to the workers for Quizlet. I (very much) care about the future of technology. Having a sneak peek of a bit of the future seems pretty cool. If you ever get the chance to read this, I will be glad to be a beta tester for Quizlet. If you do accept me, I am very thankful. I never get that opportunity.

    Ericka Tyndall
    (P.S. Have a great day.) :)

  300. Jcrosscountry3

    Nice helped me get at least an b+ and higher. Thanks quizlet for that help, and you can play live against other people, to test your understanding.

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