Each month, Quizlet gets visitors from almost every country in the world, and every day, people are using the site to study dozens of different languages.

Until now, however, the Quizlet interface (the homepage, navigation, instructions, etc.) has been only in English.

We want to change this, to make Quizlet more accessible to people around the globe. We're excited to make it happen...but first we need some help from you!

We're looking for a few great volunteers to help us translate Quizlet into the world's major languages. We need reliable, committed, and highly capable people.

This project will require more than just a day or two, so please only apply if you know you have time to commit to working with Quizlet. You must be a native speaker who is also very fluent in English. In addition, we're looking for people who use Quizlet all the time and who we can count on to bring the passion and enthusiasm to the job that we do each day!

Why volunteer? You could have a big impact, helping many thousands of students in your country use Quizlet in your own language. And it could be fun too!

Interested? Please send us an email at support@quizlet.com. Be sure to tell us about yourself, the language you can translate, and why you want to be a part of Quizlet's translation project (note: prior translation experience is a plus).

Thanks everyone :) We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. behappyridehappy


  2. Michelle

    Wow! That's nice!

  3. ssm

    How cheap can you be? You are a business with several employees and a CEO that I am sure collects a salary, yet instead of hiring a professional translation agency, you want volunteers to do it for free?

    What a great deal for volunteer! They will spent hours of their time doing your work for free, just so you can further increase your user base and make even more money. Clever!

  4. stephen

    @ssm the volunteers are volunteers. If people don't want to volunteer they are free to not do it. Quizlet is run mostly as a service to students and not a moneymaking venture. If you want them to hire a professional translation agency then expect them to make more features that are free now under the plus accounts only and charge more for plus accounts.

    If you get my point Andrew does not want to make quizlet so that students have to pay to use it.

  5. Tim

    @stephen Thanks for killing the troll.

    I hope people are willing to volunteer to improve the quality of the website!

  6. the real KK


  7. the real KK


  8. the real KK

    ssm: yes quizlet gets a salary but it is small
    and the volunteer hours r good at catholic school

  9. the real KK

    great :D
    lol hahahahaha

  10. bob

    okay really i am not kidding this thing got me 100 % on all of my test 3 times in a row if i could i would kiss it dont joke around this ROCKS and i am not kidding teachers u want a way to help kids dtudy this is the way to go!!!!!!!!

    love it

  11. bob

    hay well i think they should just make it in a couple diffrent languges so not only can we study but so can others!!

  12. the real KK

    u know thats right GO BOB

  13. booklover31

    Wow, once I read this I would be interested to help.

  14. booklover31

    Just go to google translate and then in the text box type quizlet.com and then select the language u want it to be translated and then click the link and......BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 'mazin

    rock on quizlet

  16. juliaswims

    I think that aslong as quizlt is free, it donst matter what they do. And they need to be cheap because they don't have enough money to pay everyone. So if you don't like it, pay and help them so that they DONT have to as k for voluters!
    Thankyou Quizlet, this will help so many students all over the world.

  17. Lala

    Great opportunity for those who have access to internet to learn. I believe it is better for people other than automatic translators to have a part in this, since the translators will sometimes put forth wrong translations. We have the benefit of knowing our home-country's people and what they say today, instead of a couple of decades ago. Great job, Quizlet!

  18. Panther

    I speak Hindi i can help

  19. the real KK

    yo puedo audar tambien con los palbras que son en espanol
    that means
    i also can help with the words that are in spanish

  20. xXxnatlidaxXx

    Having this would be extremely amazing for alot of people who really might need Quizlet translated for them. I think it is a great idea along with being a great opportunity for many students. I know I might need a person (volunteer) to help me with my spanish because I'm not the best at it. I might even consider volunteering myself. Way to go Quizlet! Keep up the good work. :)

  21. Michelle

    I replied earlier but I don't know how I can really translate in Chinese... I suppose I could go on word 2010... we have chinese words we can type.

  22. Magyarovits01

    For me its ok, when it is in english, so my kids learn also english by using quizlet.
    there was never a problem.

    by the way, thank you for inventing quizlet. if there is need for german, ask.

  23. Maria Valiente :)

    Bueno, yo pudo hacer muchas cosas despues de las clses pero yo no puedo leer en ingles

  24. Maria Valiente :)

    si es muy cool

  25. this is a great Idea for them and It could really help people out

  26. Maria Valiente :)


  27. Alejandra7

    I just have to say that this is a really great program. I just started using it and it has helped my quiz scores a LOT!!! Thanks, Quizlet!!

  28. daniela

    great idea.

  29. Maria Valiente :)

    yup :( ;) :) :D

  30. fritzyrules218


  31. SakuraHaruno8789

    kami, YES! :D this has been so helpful to me and my cousin Alex in japan! it's helping her learn english, but i think this will make it even easyier! arigatou, quizlet-sama!

  32. Wow!

    I'm glad to hear that!! COOL x)

  33. Lottie-Leigh

    I attend and IB school and Quizlet has helped me EXTREMELY with all my test. Before Quizlet came along I was receiving B's and C's on my tests, now I always get A+'s. At this school, there are a lot of native speakers who can only speak a small amount of English. I think if we found some volunteers to help translate that would probably be a great deal of help to every child around the world who needs help studying. :) Totally approved. <3

  34. annonymous

    To the person who said this was a cheap ploy and that they are using people:
    For a foreign language student, this would be a great way to learn new words and usages while providing for the greater good of helping others study better with Quizlet

  35. linlin47

    @lottie leigh ur absoluely right.

  36. MG

    This is a great tool for students and it is cheap for teacher. My students and I use it all the time. It makes a huge difference on their grade. And now with Apps for Quizlet available on iPhones, iPad, iPodTouch, etc. Audio is the works. All for free. This is getting better. I am willing to volunteer a day or so. Sign me up!

  37. tc

    Pretty Cool. Even my teachers make me use quizlet for study purposes. It's more fun than those worksheets!

  38. tc

    Except when you use google chrome you can translate the page anyways. No need!

  39. BS

    it is a cool tool, no, the best tool, to study a foreign language. I hope you can find a lot off translators to built up a big big quizlet-community.

  40. ananicola

    We should concentrate on what we can do for the others (at least from time to time), not only on what they can do for us.

  41. John

    I guess it works but I understand English pretty well. But is is a brilliant idea

  42. Michaela

    My native tongue is German ( from Austria).....could help out with German..M

  43. Afshin

    I work with an e-learning group as Instructional Designer. I work with diffrent universities, organisations and educational institutions. I propose your site to who are intrested in learning.
    my native language is Farsi (Persian) and I am ready to help you.
    thanks for all

  44. pharmaman

    Quizlet makes me wish I payed more attention to my foreign language in high school. Thank you to all who have been putting information into Quizlet to make it better because I know it has made me better at what I do. Good luck with the project I know it is possible and plausible!!


    um... well i would volunteer but I've got to focus on my studies. sorry :(

  46. door780

    Great way to update quizlet. I support quizlet alot. I am quizlet plus.

  47. im matt btw

    sounds cool, and helpful for future people. But shame on you quizlet for trying to use ur users to translate this site and make more money.

  48. Wowza

    well in order for people to do this they need to know both their language and english so whats the point anyway??

  49. Anonymous

    @Maria Valiente- It not"Es muy cool" it "es muy genial"

  50. mandy

    AWESOME this website rox my sox off


  51. sabahkirkuky

    I will contribute every thing I can to translate Quizlet to my native language which is Kurdish/Sorani Dialect, and I just started very happy to do that....

  52. twhunter15

    That is awesome! If this site could be translated into dozens of different languages, this site could be used worldwide! It also helps with foreign language classes such as Spanish! Thx!

  53. Paco

    Quizlet es impresionante y la manera m

  54. chico

    like this is so awesome and i think that you should keep making thing like this its so awesome

  55. chikie

    nice going

  56. Andreas

    Lol cool

  57. Spike

    KER BLAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROCK ON QUIZLET!!!! YUAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. lena11

    i speak fluent arabic i thing i can help i love this site :)

  59. simp

    i can help with spanish

  60. X

    @ssm you are so wrong! people use this site everyday for FREE! somebody should volunteer to make up for the great games and study activities and all of the As we have gotten thanks to quizlet, all for FREE


  61. michaelssud

    Quizlet has heliped my cousin learn englesh because she speeks Tamil

  62. melanie

    awsome i speak another language but english is fine for me. quizlet rocks

  63. melanie

    romanian is the language i speak

  64. marvel42

    Eso va ha ser muy bien para otras personas. This helps you be a linguist.

  65. nono44th

    i speak hindi too

  66. nono44th

    :) :( :) :( :)

  67. gm68164

    i can translate it

  68. Su

    If needed, i can help with portuguese. It is my native language, but my father is canadian, so english is easy for me :)

  69. Sibel

    By the way, Turkish is NOT a slavic language and shouldn't be in that category. Technically it's usually placed in an Ural Altaic group with Hungarian and Finnish.

  70. anj


  71. Copperfield

    I am a teacher of English here in Hungary. I use quizlet with my students a lot. I woul love to help with the Hungarian version. How will I contact you?

  72. joanna

    @Copperfield: send an email to support@quizlet.com and tell us a little bit about yourself and why you want to help out!

  73. xXxnatildaxXx

    Quizlet is a really amazing website and I think it's great that they want to translate quizlet for kids that don't understand english. Good Job Quizlet!!!!!! :)

  74. HarryPotterRocks

    Sweet! For the Japanese edition, 'Welcome!' is ?????(pronounced "Y?koso!") For "Quizlet", just try "Kuijiretto" in katakana, the writing system for non-Japanese words. Thanks for enhancing kids' knowledge around the world, Quizlet!

  75. HarryPotterRocks

    Yookoso is how it's pronounced.

  76. goofydood

    Tthis is awesome. Now my Chinese Friends can easily use Quizlet.

  77. coolio

    this is sooo cool... now i can learn languages as well as my friends

  78. threedoorsdown

    i think its a brilliant and helpful idea

  79. evan

    you should check out all the language sets like spanish and french and german and stuff or you could translate it all online.

    just some suggestions

  80. @SSM is so selfish.

    You should do anything you can to help support a service as great as Quizlet.

    Me? Well, I purchased the paid version - not that it cost me much!

  81. jordan

    i am in 8th grade and normally have a hard time on tests. since i started using quizlet i have gotten all A's! this is amazing!! no joke everyone should use it

  82. bob

    cant wait for it to be ready!

  83. mathteacher4ever

    Absolutely! That would be awesome. If you need anything, please contact me. I teach classes in Spanish and it would be a godsend.

  84. evan

    i love quizlet! :oops:

  85. evan


  86. yerimsallykang

    i would totally b a fan of quizlet if it's on facebook :p
    ???? ?? ??? ?.,?

  87. Ja


  88. Pyro

    i just found this link yesterday and remembered i'd like to learn spanish.

  89. HarryPotterRocks


  90. HarryPotterRocks

    Je pouvais l'aider si j'

  91. rena

    i wish i was fluent enough in chinese to help. too bad im not .

  92. __


  93. pyro

    how do ya do this?

  94. adrian

    thanks to quizlet i now have a 73 averige in english! i brought it up by five points after studyieng like 2 hours, but it was totaly worth it!

  95. Lilie

    I think that it's a great idea to translate quizlet into different languages! I would volunteer, but, as a high schooler with only 4 (or 2 if you count all of middle school as one) I wouldn't be that much help.
    It would be amazing to study Italian (and hopefully Latin, next year) on a fully Italian quizlet. Also, maybe you could try and improve the voice space race and scatter, because I tried to use it for Latin, but it completely misses.

    I <3 quizlet!


    Quyana Cakneq!! Wiinga Cupiit Kanaryarat

  97. charlie

    asome cool thats the way quizlit

  98. ilovepopcorn

    thats pretty cool

  99. ilovepopcorn


  100. sooners rule

    I think this is a great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Laynieperiod5

    omg quizlet is sooo awesome it helps me study and now ucan use different languages how cool is that!

  102. ?


  103. lalahj


  104. lolstormz

    Ssm, the reason why it's called a "volunteer" is because they "volunteer"
    They don't expect to be paid, so shut your ranting up and go somewhere else if you don't like it.
    Anyway, quizlet team, VERY good job. It makes studying ACTUALLY FUN.
    Personally, if I study with textbooks I:
    A. Doze off
    B. Get distracted
    C. Decide to stop about 3 minutes in.
    And D. Manage to wiggle my way back to the computer to play video games :P

  105. lolstormz

    and yes, I agree with Stephen.

  106. lolstormz

    I agree, I wish I was fluent enough to actually make conversation with a chinese person

  107. Charles Lee Riegel

    Quizlet is a very great opperation and I believe that everyone has rights on the Internet. If one doesn't want to use it, then it is there fault. So if no one want to use it then they shouldn't have to, and everyone knows how English teachers can be. If you don't want to use it, don't. AKA: Your on your own

  108. Charles Lee Riegel


  109. Charles Lee Riegel


  110. lilmermaid0115

    amazing :)

  111. OMG

    Gary is awsome mabey he can translate 4 us

  112. starbucksgirl_101


  113. =D

    Hope to see quizlet in Estonian :)

  114. ::))

    i hope to seee quizlet having more games

  115. dfg

    i hope to see quizlet having more games 2 is not enoughh

  116. 143 ilove u

    gasmes more games

  117. 143143143143

    need more games on quizlet

  118. love

    143 ilove u: yes we need more games

  119. alex

    hello i am only in middle school but i was born in germany and have been seeking since i was 4 so i am great at german my father and all of my dads side live and are fluent in german
    well i would love to volunteer for a while

  120. china men

    really now i can put it in chinese or vietnamese

  121. ochocico


  122. the guy in the van

    i say u make this kinda like facebook

    facebook is really popular right so this may get more popular like that

    u could make private chats and 1v.1 games and u could have a profile page that only people in ur group can look at

    u can have a status and people could comment on ur life

    all of this is based around studying of course

  123. Paco

    Quizlet s

  124. SuperSwag

    This is what up sup up

  125. gg

    wow im into this site quizlet

  126. gym990

    Wow! This will be really helpful for foreigners! ITALIAN AND GREEK ALL THE WAY! :)

  127. gym990

    I'm fluent in Greek and I have 100% average in Italian. AWESOME, RIGHT?

    Greek: Yasou. Me lene gym990 kai eho quizlet! Einai to oreotaito pragma!

    Italian: Ciao! Mi chiamo gym990! Io sono intelligente and bella. Piacere E arriverderci!

  128. JHSwarrior

    yah thets pretty cool!

  129. wearenice

    como ti chamie mi chiamo Jesse. Como estas muy bien e tu

  130. Ellypuff

    Wow thats so cool Merci Quizlet! Auva!

  131. kendra1234

    Hola! Me gusta Quizlet. Yo soy impresionado y haciendo muy bien en la escuela. Gracias Quizlet! Gracias por toda su ayuda! :)

    Quizlet has helped me get As and A+ on my Spanish quizzes!!! :)


  132. the xoxo


  133. kristle Angel

    in my country that has different native language. kamusta ka na....

  134. Analisa

    my strategy for studying for finals-QUIZLET!!! thanks for being life savers and making lives easier for anyone who's used this AMAZING website! :D

  135. whiterose2817

    I'd love to help out the best way I can. I speak Arabic.

  136. steven

    ive me your wii number

  137. :) :( :| 8) :P :D :O is what i think about Quizlet

  138. Robbie

    it's a graet way too learn .

  139. Jossie Nora

    My first language is Spanish. As long as Quizlet is FREE for everyone I'm available.

    Mi idioma principal es el Espa

  140. hannah

    Quizlet has helped me with science and social studies so much. I am so happy with all my grades now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. fallgirl41

    Cool. :~

  142. Isabella

    love the email adress fallgirl41 :)

  143. Isabella

    I just got my new spelling 5 minutes age

  144. Isabella

    Does any body like bruno mars on quizlet?
    if you guys do put a smily face here on quizlet
    like this

    :) :) :)

  145. max p.

    very nice thanks

  146. i_am_annoying_!!!!


  147. awesome181

    haha coolio lol:]

  148. awesome181


  149. person

    that is awesome...luv u quizlet ;)

  150. herp derp

    :) ;) :) ;) :) ;) :) ;)

  151. jfjkfnfjhkjfer


  152. bmmurr

    thank you!!!! Gracias!!!

  153. lets_translate!!!

    i can talk to my teacher and we could translate this into spanish as a whole class. This way we can help you and also learn some words ourselfs. Our teacher is a native so she would catch any spelling/grammar mistake. We could even do french but that might not be as accurate because our french teacher is not a native.

    BTW my spanish teacher is IB certified!!!

  154. lets_translate!!!

    sorry MYP but same thing

  155. lovelylovely~kkklol

    duh guys.......

  156. ya this is great!!!!!!!!!!!

  157. kush patel

    i can speak fluent Gujarati (Indian language) and i can speak fluent English. please send me so info. i would love to help

  158. LOLer

    Hey! I think what they're doing is a GREAT idea! I mean seriously, to be honest with you, without quizlet, I think I would have had OK grades for the past year. You guys are awesome and you helped kids (and teachers) around the world! <3 ya quizlet and one day this will have an impact on the world!
    Bene Fortuna! (good luck in latin)

  159. LOLer

    PS: I couldn't help cause latin is a dead language ;)

  160. 9th GRADE GURU

    I like quizlet and all and I do understand the definition of volunteer but it would not only be necessary but also polite to throw in a reward for the translators hardcore effort and time in making quizlet multilingual. It doesn't matter if the reward is big or not but prizes and rewards evidently in the past help people get motivated to do something tell me if I'm wrong

  161. 9th GRADE GURU

    i kno sign language but how the hell is that gnna help quizlet translate nything lol

  162. green peace

    I love Quizlet, because it helps to save trees. You don't have to make tons of paper flashcards, so a lot of paper is saved, and less trees have to be cut.

  163. the xoxo

    english r-o-c-k-s -iam aaliyah yeah

  164. markus

    i speak Pourtugese i can help u guys

  165. annoynomous

    @markus....kool portugese i wanna go to portugul one day :D

  166. Tanja

    Ja mogu pomoc da razgovaram na Bosanski!
    I can help translate in Bosnian!

  167. Tanja

    Ba mogu pomoc na razgvaramo na Bosanski.
    I can help translate quizlet to Bosnian.

  168. Hidy Montag

    ahhh i have a suggestion make the scatter i was just tryin 2 play it and i knew that i had 2 put it on the right one and it was but it wouldnt take it soo yeah make that easier thxs well off 2 the docters!!!

  169. Hidy Montag

    wow i am sooooo young if u guess y real age i will give u a hug sooo ya people enter that in well u type yaaaaa woooo
    i am really here peeps im in cali!! Got a photo shoot tootles

  170. Maader

    Hey if you go to williamson
    GO : Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  171. heatherfang234

    Yo tambien ablo espanol y yo creo que puedo ayudar.

  172. heatherfang234

    For all of you that don't know Spanish, my last comment said that I know Spanish and I think I can help.

  173. heatherfang234

    How many people here like Warriors by Erin Hunter?

  174. roxy5555

    who likes they movie quizlet hahahah LOLz

  175. Roberta

    quizlet es muy divertido me encanta y traductor de google porque me ayuda a verterla mi espa

  176. Roberta

    Quizlet is fun and I love google translator because it helps me to change my Spanish in English I hope to learn one day .... for now I'll just read Warriors in Spaish do not forget to be my friend my username is paisley17
    I love you all!
    Your friend,

  177. Isabella

    hhhhheeeeeellllloooooo :)

  178. heatherfang234

    Warriors by Erin Hunter is in Spanish too?

  179. heatherfang234


  180. Roberta


  181. Roberta

    Yes, actually make the warriors in Spanish! My favorite is the thunder clan clan I think most people like it because the books are mostly of them. My favortie cats are the first sandstorm your friend,

  182. JO


  183. andrew7321


  184. heatherfang234

    My fave cats are Firestar,Sandstorm,Jayfeather,Heathertail,Feathertail and Silverstream.Thunderclan is my second fave clan.Spottedleaf gets on my nerves because she's a hippie cat and she had a crush on Firestar,which is not cool because I like Firestar with Sandstorm.

  185. heatherfang234

    To JO and andrew7321:
    You guys read Warriors too?

  186. Isabella

    hhhhheeeeelllloooo :)(:

  187. Isabella


  188. Isabella


  189. supergirl

    HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (;

  190. supergirl

    HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:

  191. supergirl


  192. supergirl

    WHAT UP ISABELLA (: (: (: (: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  193. supergirl

    hhhhheeeeelllloooo (:

  194. isabella

    hhhhheeeeelllloooo 0 (:


  195. supergirl

    when i said about isabella hhhhheeeeellllo
    oo 0(:


  196. abcdF

    there is no such thing as a native language

  197. papi

    thats nice eso esta bn

  198. Ann

    Comment number 200 woaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Anyway I am really for this I think Quizlet is really amazing and has helped me ear so many good grades on my spanish quizzes. I am more than happy to help with translating in Swahili aka Kiswahili

  199. Mint

    that would be nice :3

  200. supergirl

    hay!! DO YOU LOVE MATH (:

  201. supergirl

    HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:

  202. supergirl

    WHAT ARE YOU DOING............

  203. supergirl


  204. supergirl


  205. adbn

    cool. it's nice. :) :D :P ;)

  206. heatherfang234

    I hate math...

  207. agymnasticsJMT:)

    I wonder if they could translate it in Armenian?

  208. AysiahE0134

    Wat this is a joke ?!?!?!?! The fact you could pay these people to use for college is a great idea..... But no it is all about the company. Many people could get jobs at a minimum wage for more than what you are ever paying !

    Well if you do pay them you could have it in Tagalog or any one of the many Fillipino languages then if you pay peopel by 10 centa per word then more people would want to volunter. Then if you get them to promote the option to pay to have more than 8 in a group then easliy you could increse you and your company,s profits.

    See I am a smart thinker. :) (Tada)

  209. tyu67go

    Your dumb

  210. KQi

    Dude, it's obviously not a joke. Also, minimum wage is not nothing. It's 5+ dollars, if you want to talk about minimum wage. By the way, volunteers are just that: volunteers. You really want to debate volunteers? Go to the dictionary. Volunteers don't earn money. They /offer/ to work. They /know/ they're not going to get money, and that's pretty clear.

    And if one was paid ten cents a word it wouldn't be volunteering. I would also have earned $7+ if I translated this to Chinese, and most companies (especially Quizlet, which basically only earns money from PLUS accounts and advertisements) don't have the ability to give you this much money just from... translating a few words. Heck, we do translating in Chinese school for other people, and /we/ don't earn 10 cents per word.

    So there. A paragraph proof (speaking geometry ;D) as to why you aren't very smart if you think that way.

  211. Caroline

    another great way to study :D Oh and put Spanish!

  212. heatherfang234

    I know Spanish!

  213. online store

    I checked everywhere to find comments related to this field

  214. Who is the Gwai Lou?

    That's right. Who is he?

  215. nsdfpgns

    thats cool

  216. lukebeadgcf

    Although I'm not a native, I speak fluent Arabic and am very strong in grammar which would be helpful for this sort of thing. I would also have access to many native speakers who could check my work.

  217. Maria

    Les puedo ayudarte con espanol a uds. si necesitan uds. algo, saben quien para llamar :)

  218. yleKay

    I'llay anslatetray itay intay igpay atinlay. :)ay.

  219. ccc

    thats cool

  220. ccc

    ca bon paske gem moun ki pale creole epi yo bezwen parler anglais

  221. Isabella

    In my first core class(english)!!!!!!!! :)

  222. Isabella

    lovin it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  223. Isabella




  224. heatherfang234

    Hey all you warrior cats fans, please join by group! Just go to groups and you'll see mine eventually! It's a clan, so you can be a warrior, leader, apprentice, queen or elder, or deputy!Just type in Warrior Cats in groups and you'll find mine eventually!

  225. shwana56

    quizlet has helped me with translating latin coz i really hate translating native languages. i will actually help with swahili

  226. that's awesome

  227. willison

    that is so @#$%^& awsome

  228. ceopay

    (tahi malo fahu) that means I love you in tongan

  229. XENiXON

    I have Japanese parents, but they don't have the time to do this! :(

  230. Claoud

    Another site that practices crowd outsourcing... mmm.... leave that job to translators. Just arrived and good bye...

  231. Priyanka

    I like this website. It is kind of like u r taking a big test.

  232. Teacher

    This is great. Join my group, Grade 7 Science, if you are in grade 7 Science French and need some extra help!

  233. Lexi is da bomb!

    this helps me so much! now that i am in 7th grade... things get really hard! but i know how to do well on quizzes and tests. :) my mom is russian and my dad is italian so they can get strict (my mom) but now i use this so i do well on everything!

  234. csjbshawty

    i love quizlet!
    cs and jb rule! <3 <3 <3

  235. Alex

    i use quizlet all the time for the ton of english vocabulary i get...i would love to help but sadly i only speak english!

  236. Kailyn

    This is a GREAT idea. Helps me more with my spanish class and learning my own native language! Once again Quizlet, you did an awesomeness job!

  237. hhs newbie

    i am gonna love using quizlet for my midterms, finals, and other tests.

  238. Kayleigh5031

    I think it is great that Quizlet is trying to translate into different languages. Some of my friends didn't really know english and then when my French teacher showed me this site, I showed my friends and now they speak really good english. They love quizlet and so do my friends. We have a group on here. And we're always on, on mondays between 11-1:10 my time. Only monday because of classes. But Quizlet is trying to get other people involved in the website besides the people who run it. Which I think is a great idea. For everyone that thinks that they are just being cheep...ssm...They're not. Think of it as they want everyone involved instead. But Quizlet is awesome!


  239. if52sr

    cool, nice idea :D

  240. Katie

    Questo sembra fantastico! Per favore di aggiungere l'italiano come una "madrelingua" tanto presto quanto possibile! E, a tutto che giudica, ferma per favore e piace la vita. Fare non preso attraverso odiare di vita, ma amare.

  241. heatherfang234

    I <3 Harry Potter and Warriors! I'm a Ravenclaw in the Harry Potter world and Windclan in Warriors. Twilight....

    Stinks so bad that it makes crowfood smell like roses!
    No offense to you Twilight fans!
    My fave Harry Potter characters are Loony Luna Lovegood (aka Luna Lovegood) and Hermione!

  242. BieberGirl4life

    this is a cool siteee. i ace my tests. Keep up with the good work :)
    PS i <3 justin bieber

  243. Varun the hott guy

    Translation? Man, you people are awesome! Quizlet has helped me so much! I'm acing my vocab tests! Last year, i didnt practice at all cuz i didnt know a good way! but quizlet has helped me a lot! plus the games and chatting! PS justin bieber is a dork!

  244. Varun the hott guy

    i no some german and italian and spanish and latin and telugu and pig latin. if that helps you thank you quizlet!

  245. varun who is a good-looking guy!

    keep up the good work, quizlet!

  246. varun who is a good-looking guy!

    i am awesome

  247. frenchfreak

    great work quizlet u rok ps shut up varun who is a good-looking guy

  248. War Of Ages

    white ppl :(

  249. Socrates



    GOOGLE TRANSLATE (yes it exists)


  250. Michael

    For once I have no oppositions. Congrats. :lol:

  251. Isabelle

    Hey, french freak nice comment and that dude you said to shut up you go boy! :)!!!!!!!

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    that's cool :lol:

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    Matchless topic, it is very interesting to me )))) tHANKS quizlet.com tEAM

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    The last comment on here was a year ago! She sounds like a nice hard-working woman. Hope that all the past, present, and future workers are as nice as her!

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    your cute

  258. hablaespanol

    With all due respect, please don't get me wrong - are you sure it's necessary to only look for "passionate" (not just reliable) people with plenty of time to commit long-term?

    You could alternatively cast your net a bit wider and appreciate smaller contributions - people willing dedicate a couple of hours on one UI page for example. You can still ensure good quality if you have them compile a glossary, and set up a review workflow that includes getting all translations reviewed by two other natives - where only translations that get both votes are accepted.

    Just my 5c.

    (I personally was tempted to offer help (as a technical translator and editor with years of experience in localizing web user interface strings from English to German) but eventually decided not to after reading "please only apply if you know you have time to commit to working with Quizlet (...) we're looking for people who use Quizlet all the time and who we can count on to bring the passion and enthusiasm to the job that we do each day!". Don't have that much time, unfortunately.)

    Anyway, good job about not using Google Translate and asking for natives.
    I recommend to look for people who weren't only born and raised as native speakers, but have lived 95% of their live in the country and have some first experience with using the language professionally - even if it's just one article in the local newspaper. Many people who think their xy language is good tend to severely underestimate the difference between pretty decent command of a language and editorial quality - there is a reason why pros mostly translate to their native language, rarely from it, even after decades of intense language studies; and there is a reason why e.g. technical writers undergo years of training on the job even though they use their native language.

  259. HarryPotterRocks

    How do I choose the language with the new layout?

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    Can you have Tagalog as a language?

  262. salih_jobory

    I speak English and arabic

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    That is an East African common language "Swahili", i said, Hi! it will simplify for those who don't know English very well to learn in Swahili language.

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    this is the best learning site ever thanks quizlet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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    Does anyone how to leave a mad face in comments? Is it even possible?! Please, I need it!
    from deo469

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    Can i help? I can speak very well English, while i'm from Holland

  268. Markus_Helbling TEACHER

    Hi Joanna
    Oooops, five years later. Is the translation project ongoing or asleep?
    I could help translating into German.
    Hope You're still there ;-)
    Kind regards

  269. NHW12345

    Normally I speak English. I don't like using other languages to translate my words or else I cannot understand anything I say. So I only use English. Such a shame to you guys, but it's much better (and easier) to me.

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