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Looking for a celebratory activity for the last few weeks of the school year? Look no further — Latin teacher and technology coach Patrick McMillan shares how to host your own Quizlet Live Playoffs event. Check out his step-by-step instructions for how to play with teams or individually! 🏆

Pssst: If you're brand new to Quizlet Live, check out how the game works before trying this fun adaptation.

Instructions for Group Play

  1. Round 1 - Normal Play
    Play a normal round with all students in teams. If you have an upgraded Quizlet Teacher account, create custom mixed skill teams. Play as many times as half the teams you have (i.e. 8 teams = 4 games). Each time a team wins, they don't play the next game. The winning teams will advance to the next playoffs round.
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  2. Round 2 - Consolation and Playoffs
    Now you two brackets: winning playoffs and consolation. Open two windows on your projector — one game is for playoffs, the other is for consolation. Play continues as it did in Round 1. Teams that win advance until they are halved again (4 teams = 2 games). Losing teams join the consolation game.
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  3. Round 3 - Finals
    The last game is head to head with the two final teams! Tip: Reward winning teams with simple prizes, like stickers or candy.
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Instructions for Individual Play

  1. Round 1 - 1:4
    Teams line up all computers in a row next to each other. One student uses all four devices to play. Play four times so that each student gets a turn. (Optional: Students not playing can verbally help the player.) Four winners advance to the next round.
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  2. Round 2 - Consolation Game
    A consolation game won't be possible unless you have extra computers or devices, however you can limit the finals to one game to keep it short for waiting students. Students can also engage by cheering on their classmates.
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  3. Round 3 - Playoffs
    Play continues as it did in Round 1. Play twice. The two winners with have eight devices in front of them (two teams worth). Though they will only need to complete the game for one team (four devices) to win, the other computers are mixed in to make it more challenging.
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Want to share this great idea with others? Find Patrick's full infographic here, and detailed slide presentation here.

Or have your own tips and tricks for using Quizlet Live at the end of the year? Share them in the comments below. 👇

Patrick McMillan is a fifth through eighth grade Latin teacher and tech coach from St. Gregory the Great School in Williamsville, New York. Find him on Twitter at @pmtraining1 or his blog: