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How to use Quizlet classes like a pro

Teachers · Posted by Amalia  August 28, 2019
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For teachers, the start of the school year is the perfect time to set up Quizlet classes. While folders are great for personal organization, classes help you curate Quizlet sets for specific groups of students.

Read on to learn more about getting started with classes and check out pro tips from Quizlet's Teacher Ambassador community.

Tip 1: Create a class — or as many as you need

If you haven’t already done so, follow these simple steps to set up your first class:

  1. Log into Quizlet and click on “Create a class” on the sidebar
  2. Enter the name of your class and an optional description
  3. Enter the name of your school. We’ll also save this choice for any future classes you create.
  4. Click “Create class”

With a free Quizlet account, you can create up to eight classes that you can reuse year after year. If you need more flexibility, upgrade to Quizlet Teacher so you can create an unlimited number of classes.

Tip 2: Have students join your class

Once you’ve created your class, invite your students to join. While not required, having students become members of your Quizlet class means that they’ll have easier, more independent access to your material throughout the school year, whether logged into the website or the Quizlet app.

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Class members will also be notified by email and on the site when you add new sets to the class, helping them know exactly what and when to study.

Additionally, if you'd like to keep your sets private to your students, you can make them visible to class members only.

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Tip 3: Share the class join link

The easiest way for students to become members of your Quizlet class is by following the join link. You’ll find this unique link on each of your class pages.

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Share this link with your students by:

When students follow the class join link, they’ll be sent to your class and prompted to log into their Quizlet account or sign up if they don’t have one yet. Then they’ll click the “Join Class” button to be added.

Tip 4: Give clear instructions for usernames

If students are signing up for Quizlet for the first time, direct them to create usernames that are easy for you to identify. For example, “lastname_studentID.” If you’re using our Getting Started handout, you can include these instructions here:

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Or, if some of your incoming students already have Quizlet accounts, take the advice of this Teacher Ambassador and keep a backup spreadsheet:

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Tip 5: Connect with Google Classroom

If you’re using Google Classroom, connect it with your Quizlet class so that you can easily share relevant sets and create assignments. You can also send invites to your Quizlet class using your Google Classroom rosters. Learn more here.

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Tip 6: Foster class collaboration

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Want to get your students more involved? Choose to “Allow your students to add study sets” when setting up or editing your class.

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Or, add another class admin to help curate sets during the year — either a co-teacher, a parent or a rotation of students (for extra credit!).

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Tip 7: Use QR codes

In some cases, it may not make sense to have students create their own Quizlet accounts — but you can still give them easy access to helpful study material via your Quizlet class. A great idea from Teacher Ambassador, Michael Snead: create a custom QR code using the link to your class and post it in your classroom.

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Tip 8: Track student progress

Setting up classes, adding your sets and having your students join allows you to track their individual study activity and progress — so you can keep students more accountable, reward strong study habits, and understand which material still needs more review.

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Start tracking Class Progress by enrolling in a free trial of Quizlet Teacher.

Have more tips for using Quizlet classes?

Share them in the comments below (log in to Quizlet first, if you're not seeing that option). And have a wonderful start to the school year!