We make it a point to read every feedback message our users send in. Every. Single. One. And we do this as a team: all Quizlet staff does feedback on a regular basis.

Managing User Feedback

To manage all the feedback, we've built a custom Feedback Center over the years that allows us to quickly read and respond to users.

At the top of the page is a color bar corresponds to the last 100 feedback messages.

For example, Sophia, our User Experience Manager, is the color pink and has responded to the most feedbacks from the last 100. Will, who is green, is second. Clicking on a color lets anyone on the team review the feedback.

And on the far right side we track how quickly we've responded: 6.4 hours on average for the last 100 feedbacks and 6.3 hours for the 100 before. Below that we track each feedback type: Bugs, Help, Other, Suggestion, Thanks, and App.

Weekly Team Emails

We also send around an automated weekly team email with updates us on overall Quizlet usage and stats on Feedback.

The segment below shows a relatively low feedback week from August, when most students are not in school yet. We received 544 feedbacks and almost half were related to the new Quizlet iPhone app!

When a staff member does a particularly awesome job on Feedback, you get special recognition.

An Ear to the Ground

Feedback is great for keeping track of what our users actually want and problems they're experiencing. Sometimes it's a small bug fix on our end but other times user feedback helps us choose the direction for big projects.

iPhone app

For years our users have been begging us for a Quizlet iPhone app so that they can seamlessly study on the go.

So we spent the summer working on an iPhone app now available on the App Store.

Under 13

Until recently Quizlet accounts were only available to students over 13. When younger students couldn't sign up for Quizlet accounts, they let us know about it!

We're now happy to be able to say that we'll never have to turn away another student again. And it's because eager to learn students kept clamoring for us to open up.

We love hearing from users

Sometimes we receive Feedback messages that are so great, the whole team has to read them. Here's one recent example that we still like reading:

While we don't have a dedicated high-five person yet, we do have some open positions on our Jobs page.

Add your voice!

Tell us what you love about Quizlet and what we could do to make it even better.


  1. swspn

    I just want to send a big shout out to Sophia, she is the feedback Queen. She has responded promptly and with a real response and I feel heard. And I am one happy user. I have been using Quizlet for several years and am a big fan. One of the things that has made me such a big fan is that you guys do listen to us users and make changes to make it better and better. And I for one really appreciate all of the things you have done over the years to improve the site (which was awesome from the get go anyway). So Way To Go Quizlet! Keep up the good work!

  2. living4christ317

    Seriously this is amazing! I put in feedback and got a email from Will about 3.5 hours later! Thanks Quizlet Team!

  3. schiefm


  4. jmfjmf

    I am still waiting to hear anything about my feedback requesting some help regarding how the "administrator" assignment works and whether or not the password for the class gives them access to the administrator's job. I.E. Can you have two administrators with passwords? And, are they different from the passwords for the class?

  5. Irongirl18

    *you guys are be-awesome* Thanks for all of the hard work! Keep it up!

  6. Celeste_Everwhite

    I really like the feedback setup. I asked once why the "voice" command wasn't compleatly working on one of my sets, and soon after, it was fixed! Thanks so much!

  7. feld1178

    I'm not kiddin. We need a friend page. I DON'T KNOW IF MY FRIENDS ARE ON!!!!!!!

  8. feld1178

    Yah cara, PRONTO. BIG EUPHIMISIM! I like their response and all, but I don't have my other response yet. I've been waitin for FIVE days!!!

  9. sjovanoski

    I've been waiting ONE WHOLE YEAR, for my feedback!

  10. carlieewing

    I love quizlet because I can study with out noboady helping me I also won't to thank miss Cathy pittman

  11. SmileyFries8me

    I think we neeeed a friend page. PRONTO!

  12. mariahmurphy

    I love Quizlet, but I do agree. It should have a friend page!

  13. JPAN4

    good job!!

  14. studybasis

    I sent 4 feedback messages... I never got an e-mail back....

  15. Toad02

    you make me smile

  16. HistoricusArcturus

    Shout out to Sophia, I had an answer by the time I got back from school!

  17. mrscafferty TEACHER

    can you please allow sorting in the editing window. Thank you for this awesome site.

  18. deliastephens

    Yeah, thanks Sofia! Being awesome

  19. sydney-artlover

    quizlet and the staff rocks!!! this is the best studting tool ever!!!!!!!


  20. sydnersk

    This is a really interesting post, the way you track who responds to feedback is kind of ingenious. Makes me appreciate the site even more :)

  21. rattler1234

    thanks everyone! And Sophia,..thanks for being awesome!

  22. butterfly777


  23. Sparkledance1

    there are alot of people who use quizlet my teacher uses it for my class for 7thand 8th grade I am in 6th grade so cool not about me quizlet teetee

  24. bobzox

    I think the only time I never got a response.
    Was when I accidentally never sent the message.
    So mega-thumbs-up.
    The people who don't bother to high-five these posts.... are terrible people.
    Awesome studying everyone.
    Thanks Quizlet

  25. ChrissyR


  26. goshjosh

    There used to be a matching game that I could play on quizlet through my phone, and I could play this game discretely, and easily while I was in class. I really liked it, and wish it would come back.

  27. LANGgah

    Okay, I don't know where to send feedback, but I guess you guys will get it here?
    THE NEW QUIZLET UPDATE IS WICKED. like WICKED. If I excel, not even pass, school and life will be because of quizlet. The offline mode and the new Word import is so great. I just became a commuter-student so it makes it hard to study sometimes, but even harder to find time to write Quizlets while online, so I just started to copy and paste my word docs, line by line. That was however sometimes too daunting so I'd talk myself out of it, but, this morning I pulled my butt out to work at 4:30 am and discovered this new update and these features and. IT'S SO GREAT. I started using quizlet to study for Spanish back in 2010/2011, and it was good enough for me, but not to use for everything, and then I tried again this last semester and was #soproud of the changes and improvements. Thank you for continuing to improve education and improving yourselves!

  28. Katie_Morris_Scraft

    can quizlet members give feedback? because im struggling to find any way to do so.

  29. martinewelch

    I think there should be a way to play again a friend

  30. Matthew_Oh8

    Hello, I don't know if you will see this but if you don't I have some feedback.
    I don't understand why you took out the choice to play the old gravity game. I really liked the simplicity of that one and would like to play it but the option to play it has been taken out. I would really like it if you put it back in. I mean, nothing can go wrong if give the people a choice right?

    ~Matthew Oh, A student in highschool

  31. Sean_McCallum

    One feature that would be really useful for me at least is just an "I don't know" button when learning, and it would then give you the answer. For example, I'm trying to learn the notes on the musical staff right now and I want to avoid using acronyms and notes I do know to figure it out, because that's very slow. It would be great if I could just say I didn't know, get the answer, and memorize it. Otherwise I have to resort to my slow tricks and I'm not making progress on what I want to do. I could see how in other situations this could also hinder learning, so maybe just add an option when creating the cards to enable or disable the I don't know button.

    I love quizlet, it's my go-to for flashcards, and I wish I could use it for this purpose.


  32. Jacelibre PLUS

    love the app. helped me so much! i just wish you'd add the feature where I can delete more than one set at a time?

  33. Jesh03

    Would love if we could change the colour of the flashcards for colour-coding xx

  34. undercoat PLUS

    Love This on iOS

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