We just launched a bunch of small tweaks that should make folders, profiles and classes on Quizlet a lot more useful for students and teachers. Most of these updates were requests from Quizlet users. We always want to hear more from our users about how we can improve Quizlet, so keep the suggestions coming.

Search your created sets

When we launched folders a few months ago, we combined the search for just your created sets with the search for all sets in your latest activity. Our users have been (politely) asking us to add this back, since it was simpler to have a search for only the sets you created. And so it's now back!


You can now search your own created sets or search any user's created sets on their profile page.


Organize and sort your folders

Adding folders was a great start to make it easier for users to organize their content on Quizlet. With the following updates, we've made it easier to manage the sets in a folder and all your folders.

On a folder page, you can sort by Latest or Alphabetical, search for a set, and remove sets more easily (without needing to click "edit" first).


You can also organize all your folders from the "Folders" tab of your profile page.


Sort this list by Latest or Alphabetical and your preference will be remembered and reflected in the ordering of your folders in the sidebar too.


You can also search for a folder or easily delete folders from this tab.

See your complete study history

Your study history on Quizlet is now more complete since we show not only the modes you've completed but also the modes you've started.


We also updated the design with some nice icons to make it a little more fun.

Manage class members quicker

We improved the layout of the class member list so that it's easier to scan.


We updated the look of the admin badges and made it easier to remove members.

Find sets with images in seconds

Finally, we added a camera icon to sets that have images to make them easier to spot:


Behind the scenes performance improvements

Along with all these UI updates, we made a lot of backend improvements that should make these pages faster for everyone.

Keep the feedback coming

These improvements were driven by user requests since we launched our folders re-design in December. Please keep giving us feedback on how we can improve Quizlet. We're listening!


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    nice thats cool

  3. StudyGirl77

    That's nice! Pretty amazing technology! Nice going, Quizlet!!! ^_^

  4. jvanheest_

    quizlet should make it that only the creator of the class can kick out people and class admins. I think that that would be helpful

  5. Poet_2002

    Thank you! :)

  6. pikachu168

    3 mins...
    So much post XD

  7. AnimationAddict

    Did Quizlet make it so if you are an admin, you can remove other admins because I had a friend that was in some classes and he removed the admins (he was admin) and basically took over the class

  8. bikerdude

    23th!!! Thanks for the improvement quizlet :) you rock!!!

  9. katzhang19

    wait i still can't demote admin what

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    Yolo! 24! Thank u

  11. nwalters512

    I will never understand why the people on this site are so intent on proving that they can count by numbering their comments.

  12. Horrorfan1122

    Can folders be made in classrooms, if not you should add them, if so how do you do it?

  13. pietcpt

    You are the best!

  14. jc_da_boss_

    Thanks quiz let! It will make it easier to access folders and stuff. :)

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    Ya dude! GOOO QUIZLET

  18. samonellafella

    Quizlet should stop this immature stuff like saying what hi-five u got or what comment u are!

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    Me too. Its pointless. But thanks quizlet for fixinq the folders!

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    It's harmless fun, chillax.,

    Thanks Quizlet!!

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    42! Thanks Quizlet!

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    quizlet is getting better and better every day! Keep on going guys!

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    Its about time! >:)

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    I made 37% of my class sets and that are 44 sets. I am kind of the Almighty Quizlet Master of that class

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    I so cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. rossbinder20

    nice i love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. amalianc STAFF

    @Horrorfan1122 - We don't yet have a way to add folders to classes, though we hope to do this in the future. Thanks for your feedback!

  28. Tessa-V_Minnieval

    nice cool ):

  29. rkunkel

    that's cool


    nice that is so cool

  31. cherry_pi

    cool, thanks a lot

  32. Johnny_Sh

    I don't like the layout of the class member list because it is very easy to accidentally delete somebody.

  33. jellinger

    I would like to see all of the scores (and rankings), not just the top 3 scores (and top 10 rankings). I upgraded my account so that I could access the progress of each of my classes. I was disappointed to find that that was all I could access, and that each individuals' progress is not available for me to assess. The data is there... it would be nice to be able to access it. Am I missing something?

  34. kitten143

    Cool! :)

  35. CMDuffee

    You need to make it where you can drop a class easier....kinda like its easier to delete a folder!!

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    COOL :)


    That is AWESOME!!

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    Awesome! That's cool! Keep on improving, Quizlet!

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    cool quizlet thx

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  41. DrewyDecimalSystem

    Perhaps you should add folders for classes to keep them organized. It would be easy to set up and extremely helpful!

  42. hefewilhelm

    Could you please add a way to put math problems on Quizlet. That would be most helpful thanks.

  43. leahml24

    I still can not demote admin

  44. SSLegend99

    Great addition!

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    awesome improvements

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    65th, I like the improvements

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    66TH WOO!!!! i think these improvements are great...i am waiting for more!

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    Awesome! Thanks, Quizlet!

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    That is a good idea :-)

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    What do the stars mean

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    hi!!!!! new update! yay!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with horrorfan there should be folders in classes

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    Yaaaay! New Update! Hello everyone. Random Comment: Me like Pie. 0_o teeheehee.

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    Awesome! cool new stuf :D

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    Amazing what coding can do, right?!?!?! Great job Quizlet!!!! Currently, you are helping me get A's on Final Exams and general tests.... THANKS SO MUCH, YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!!!! 😊👍😊👍👏

  60. frogboy2016

    cAN WE DO private messages

  61. Tian-Jun_Ye TEACHER

    I am in line with what jellinger commented. I am wondering if there is any function that I misused or has not been found out yet?

  62. Johnny_Sh

    Could you guys at Quizlet please make some type of message board for the class administrators to communicate with the people in the class? It would be very beneficial for me because I won't be bombarded in school the next day about Quizlet.


  63. teachremion TEACHER

    Great job ! Thanks !

  64. wrenn_bahn

    i don't like how the class lists are so long... i liked them better when they were all across.... you can always make it so that you can right click and make them the admin or remove them from the class

  65. Chewed_Bubblegum

    Oh, ok! I was a little confused when I first logged on, before I saw that they had an update, but I like the new look! Great job Quizlet!!

  66. Jasmijnvdg

    Good improvements :)
    But I have a lot of different thinks to put on Quizlet and to organize it it's useful to make different folders for each subject. That is possible, i know that, but when I have more then 5 folders the quick list on the left shows only the latest 4 are shown "and 2 more". Somehow I think this is very annoying. Could you please make it so that you can see up to 10 folders in this list?
    But besides that one flaw, great site!

  67. RachelHibberd TEACHER

    Please allow the admin/creator of a group to communicate with individual members of the group. I can't see how to do this and it would be useful from time to time

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  70. woodworker01

    mucho bueno y gracias. Thanks!

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  72. Atah

    Awesome! I've been waiting for a cool feature like this.

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    Thanks for the great update!

  74. crazyfurhorses

    good job quizlet

  75. pianosauras

    I think a suggestion to improving Quizlet EVEN MORE is to make sets where you can let it be viewable to certain users.
    It's not like, mandatory, but you can keep my suggestion in mind!
    Thanks, pianosauras!


    NICE JOB QUIZLET!!!!! YOUR ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. bgontowski

    Nice changes!! Would love to see some of the new features, such as folders and favorite terms, added to the API as well.

  78. Davidmask


  79. Leah_Y_S GO

    Your flipcards should have more options. I'd like to add info on wordclass, case, singular, plural, plural endings to each word I enter in Quizlet.

  80. woodworker01

    It's a little hard to play space race with definition showing because the term moves so quickly across the screen.

  81. RhondaHailesMaylett PLUS

    Bravo to the sensational Quizlet crew again!!! Your website is fabulous and it just keeps getting better. ★
    Bust free and relax into a beautiful spring weekend 'cause you crazy cats deserve a stylish break… (>‿◠)✌

  82. Globb

    When is this thing going to be done already?!?!

  83. Globb

    When is this thing going to be done already?!?!

  84. mesarahme

    don't ya love modern technology? i don't blame my brother for wanting to be an electrical engineer. :D

  85. fabianelimas

    Olá, eu gostaria que o sistema tivesse a possibilidade de cores nas letras, pois seria interessante grifas com corres diferentes algumas palavras determinantes.

  86. historybyhill TEACHER

    Being able to drag and drop sets in the order you want them in your class would be great. ... I suppose the best option until then is to number the sets and choose alphabetical order. And of course putting folders into classes would be nice as well.
    Great site and app! Thanks for what you do.

  87. Exlovers

    SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE; http://quickrevengespell.com

  88. kbvice

    I concur about the folders within the classes. Thanks for working on this Quizlet - this is great!

  89. aisha_oliva5

    cool. Im a teacher on the online quizlet class too! go to pca academic arts of all subjects

  90. aisha_oliva5


  91. victoriameadow

    it would be awesome if we could change the color of our page or color coat flashcards instead of just starring them.. :)

  92. crystalqwang

    Can you please make it so that folders can be made within classes?

  93. Cam_e_r_o_n

    Can you please make it so that folders can be made within classes, since my class has over 100 sets, but its hard to find particular sets with so many of them!

  94. jvit

    Please make class folders

  95. olivia_dellums

    Add folders within classes

  96. henryhahn

    Was just searching for this feature online to find that others have been recently clamoring for it as well. PLEASE DO add folders within classes. Quizlet already makes it less than ideal to quickly mix multiple, smaller sets of flashcards without creating and deleting entirely brand new sets, but the folders feature easily reconciles this issue with the "study this folder" feature). However, I need to separate my cards by classes, so not having folders within classes is a huge pain. Many thanks.

  97. lmhardwick

    Please can we have a folders function for within classes. I just spent a huge amount of time creating lots of sets for an exam syllabus, putting them all in a folder, then discovered that I couldn't add the folder to my class! It would be so useful. Thank you! We love Quizlet here, as it is much more user-friendly than Memrise whose website is completely baffling.

  98. natalierusk PLUS

    I would also love the capability to add folders to classes. I'm in a doctoral program, and there are way to many study sets in our class folder. We desperately need a way to organize them. Thanks for all your continued support on Quizlet!

  99. schoolpotatoes

    Can you please make folders within folders? That would be really helpful especially for studying my humongous vocabulary sets in my Honors Spanish class!

  100. rcszeto

    Hi, I have a class and my sets in the class are very messy. I know we can make folders but I want to make folders within the class so all my member can look at those folders and find their needed sets easier, thanks!

  101. nosanational TEACHER


    Could you please allow us to create folders inside classes? This will allow us to create lessons and sub-lessons within the same class. I don't think that it's convenient to create a separate class for each topic that you want to cover and then have to add all of the member to each topic. It should be all available within one class.

    Thank you!

  102. bwademoody TEACHER

    Yes, it would be great to make folders within the classes!

  103. SamiG234 GO

    It would be nice to have a box that tells you who has used a specific set flashcards in a class, this way I would know if making a set for that class again is worth it or not. Thank you Quizlet.

  104. yulonghuang13

    It would be really nice to be able to add folders within folders, like in Google Drive. Being a very organized person, I already have 19 folders, and I know that I will only add more and more folders until it eventually becomes hard to find what I'm looking for! Could you add a feature like this, please, in addition to adding folders within classes? Thank you!!!

  105. ShortStop_Rules224

    If you created a class, does that automatically make you admin? If not, how would I become admin? Also, how do I make someone admin?

  106. Golden_Phoenix

    It would be extremely helpful to be able to order sets within a folder.

  107. yingyu

    Would it to be possible to add a function where we can add folders in classes? Thanks!

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